A deep visit to thunderbolt CEO Chen Lei, we asked him 13 questions


A deep visit to thunderbolt CEO Chen Lei, we asked him 13 questions

As a company founded in 2003, thunder has been known by netizens as the “best download tool in China”. But just about 3 months ago, thunderbolt started a vigorous Revival: the share price rose from $2.9 to $18, and the stock price rose to 800%.

The reason behind the huge volatility is also very simple. The thunderbolt combines the cloud computing technology such as the Internet CDN and the block chain technology to launch a new “play guest cloud” and the corresponding digital assets “chain gram”. For a while, it has become the “first strand of block chain” among many investors.

How does thunderbolt think about the block chain? What do you think after the chain? How does Chen Lei himself see the future of thunder? Last week, at the CES scene in Las Vegas, Lei Feng (the public: Lei Feng net) had a time of 1.5 small times with thunder group CEO and CEO Chen Lei. The following are the details and details of the whole interview.

A deep visit to thunderbolt CEO Chen Lei, we asked him 13 questions

1. The extremely tired Chen Lei, and the goal of coming to CES?

Las Vegas, rainy night and 11 o’clock in the evening, I finally met Chen Lei at the famous Hotel Caesar Palace. This is 1.5 hours late than the scheduled interview time, because Chen Lei has just returned from another event. He also attended a similar event during CES. He also spoke on events, and even talked with hosts.

The most direct result is that Chen Lei’s entire mental state is extremely tired, and is the kind of tiredness that can be seen on the face. In the subsequent interview, he dozed more than once, and even had a feeling that he was sitting but asleep.

Why do we need to work so high density? Chen Lei’s reply is:

The main purpose of this coming product is also to introduce the concept of shared computing to the industry and prepare for the entry into the international market.

2, at present, the overall situation of playing the guest cloud?

Since October, after playing the “cloud” fire, there has been a hard situation in the market. Then after all the many foreign sales, how much is the overall scale of playing guest cloud equipment at present? Chen Lei also gives three reference numbers: the overall node reaches a million level, the storage medium capacity exceeds 100PB (equal to 100000TB), and the overall reserve bandwidth exceeds 10T bps. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the new game of cloud devices, including the former money making equipment.

Chen Lei also revealed to Lei Feng: “the thunderbolt is also making progress in the cloud computing business, and we are trying to implement the Container (Container Service), which has already been tried.” At present, enterprises have already used 100 thousand sets of cloud scale.

3. Summarize the 2017 of the thunderbolt?

Because thunder happened many things in 2017, Lei Feng also threw a question to Chen Lei: briefly sum up the thunder 2017 in a short sentence. Chen Lei replied in this way: “2017 is the year when the thunder transformation results.”

He continued to add: “the actual transformation of thunderbolt started at the end of 2014, including cloud computing and block chains, and in fact thunderbolt has also made a lot of internal adjustments for the transformation, such as the CEO job adjustment you can see.” He followed a point of view, “but if from the adjustment, the most important thing is that thunderbolt knows what it is going to do, and it starts to focus.”

“Thunderbolt has always been” chasing “draught, such as VR in previous years, or even before, what hot pursuit. But now, whether it is the “live CDN” in the first two years or the “block chain” in 2017, we are all prejudged and stepped on the “cloud computing” and “block chain”. Moreover, this is not the outlet we built, but is really suitable for thunder. To know that thunder has been ploughing for 14 years in P2P download, CDN and distributed cloud computing.

4. What is the next plan of thunder?

Because thunder in 2017 has clearly defined its future development road, so Chen Lei also directly talked about the next thunderbolt must be done to do the next 3 things: download, share computing, block chain.

  • Downloading business must be done well

First of all, download, Chen Lei explicitly said: “many people think that the download is down, including some of our employees. But there are still many scenarios and needs that need to be downloaded. In fact, the thunder is also the only company in the country that has ever focused on downloading. So thunderbolt has a great mission to continue the accumulation of 14 years. The more important thing is that we can’t live up to users. If the thunder can’t download it well, what users believe you can do other businesses well.

  • Shared computing: fast growing new business

After downloading, the current thunderbolt is doing the sharing of computing and block chain, Chen Lei continued to say: “as for the shared computing model, in fact, in 2015, in 4, May, the positioning of thunderbolt on the official network has been changed to the” cloud computing service provider “, in fact, it is also marked with thunderbolt formally entered the transformation.

Chen Lei also gave a share of the thunder’s share in Computing: 1 billion yuan (US $more than 100 million). By comparison, the total revenue of thunder in 2016 was only 157 million dollars. In the past few quarters, the overall size of “value-added services” (including Cloud Computing) in overall revenue has risen from $8 million in 2015 to $21 million in the third quarter of 2017.

“On the one hand, we will continue to speed up the existing CDN business, while we will follow up on more areas, and the sharing of computing and cloud computing will continue to increase the revenue of the entire thunderbolt.” Chen Lei added.

  • Block chain: we want to do real block chains

The last one is the block chain, Chen Lei said to Lei Feng: “we are doing the block chain and the block chain represented by the chain, we want to do the ‘real’ block chain. There are two key points, one is to have the actual landing scene, to bring the actual value to the user; the second is the thunderbolt hope to use the block chain to improve the whole content of the relationship between production and supply relations. We believe that if we combine the block chaining technology with the shared computing, we will also produce some very important chemical actions in the application scenario.

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