Interview with MI Meng: whether it is knowledge payment or tax collection, she has taken the first step in anxiety.


The importance of knowledge payment to the future of Imam is self-evident and will profoundly affect this start-up company.

IMON is accustomed to being at the cusp of public opinion, and her real anxiety lies in the future of the company. Now, she took the first step.

In mid November, she launched a new knowledge payment course called “pay raise class” on the new public number “cheese coming” to teach fans how to get promotion and salary increase. At present, the $99 knowledge payment course has sold about one hundred thousand copies on the cheese Lai Lai and Himalaya platforms.

Interview with MI Meng: whether it is knowledge payment or tax collection, she has taken the first step in anxiety.


In the promotional message at that time, MI Meng wrote: “if subscribers earn no more than 50% in 3 years, the cost of the course will be refunded in full.” This commitment once again sparked controversy in social media. Some people laugh at “putting money in the bank and raising interest rates”. Others criticize Mi Meng for collecting the “IQ tax”.

After fighting back with fierce language, amon decided to increase the full refund to double refund. “I don’t think they have used my products at all.”

However, Internet controversy is not a problem that immont will focus on in the first place. For her, the 30% commentary by a month and a fan in an article is like a two alarm clock: the “pain point evolution” of the distribution channel is too single and the speed of the content iteration can’t keep up with the fans.

Mi Meng’s sense of crisis also comes from the constant renovation of technology and products. “It’s an easy way for me to do the content, but will it be like NOKIA missed the smartphone and Kodak missed the digital age?”

Such a sense of crisis once permeated the field of content entrepreneurship in 2017. The producers of head content, including mmont, need more extension and provincial-level business models after attracting large fans through the original content of recognition. In other words, the stage of large-scale production and the emergence of a single channel of advertising cannot meet their needs for rapid development in the future. Supercontent needs to be further fission to connect users more closely and build barriers.

Knowledge payment is the first new track selected by Mi Meng in the fission stage of content. “In the past 2 years, I have completed the emotional accompaniment and values of fans. Our values have been highly unified, that is, women must be independent and have their own businesses. Next, the fans will ask, “how to be independent and how to deal with the problems in the workplace?”

This choice is not only determined by the strong content gene of the immont team, but also in the future of her knowledge payment market. “Our benchmarking is the 600 billion volume training market.”

Make a “raise class”

Interview with MI Meng: whether it is knowledge payment or tax collection, she has taken the first step in anxiety.

“Pay class” course page

In the new office, MI Meng recalled to the three voice: “the reason why we decide to pay for knowledge is that we first consider it from the advantages of our team.”

The advantage of MI Meng’s team is that the partner Wang is not upset. Wang does not bother to have a doctor’s degree in human resources of the people’s University and a vice president of the listed company. He has served as a management consultant for China Merchants Bank and Sinopec. For more than two years before joining the immont team, IMON has been consulting Wang about his management problems.

“I think the best thing about her is that she can immediately provide practical solutions to your problems.” In the introduction of IMON, she emphasized the experience of Wang’s experience in managing women. “In the past, women would be considered to play a negative role in the workplace, such as emotional, excessive attention to interpersonal relationships and so on. Now the west is very concerned about how to play the advantage of femininity.

Wang no bother has become the core of the knowledge payment curriculum: a professional expert with professional background and experience. “When I invited her, I had thought about it and asked her to do it,” IMON told me.

Mi Meng also commissioned third parties to conduct research on their fans. Hundreds of thousands of people were investigated, of whom more than 80% were female. “In our imagination, the biggest pain point of these women should be love, marriage, and man’s derailment”, but the final conclusion is that “they have two biggest worries, one is work, and the second is money.”

This means that the core pain of MI Meng fans is the need for complete workplace methodology. “The problem that my fans were thinking about before may be whether it’s not right to be in love or not, but now the question is how to make money, and their pain is escalated.”

Through his own knowledge payment course, IMON hopes to “systematically and completely” answer many difficulties that fans may encounter in their careers. “For example, how women should start a business, how to job hopping, how to manage their career goals, and how to deal with the balance between family and business, I want to provide to the fans.”

After the project, midmont set up a group of 6 people, including her “assistant” director, Huang Xiaowu and Wang, to develop a new course for 4 months. This course is designed to be 15 sections, 7 minutes per session, and Q&, A links will be inserted by Wang Bu fan and Huang Xiaowu. The opening of such a short period of time, and the release in a month, is to make trial and error costs lower, more flexible adjustment.

During the design process, micmon and the team first recorded many different versions of the demo tape for their own experience and hypothesis, inviting fans to score and survey each demo band. Imamun values the feedback process very much, the design of the survey is also very detailed, “dry goods, freshness, speed, even feel friendly or serious, all to fill.”

The production of the midmont team has always had a “industrial process”, with different staff responsible for different materials, and then unified to her – “chefs chefs” – she uses her own style to write a text “one hundred thousand +”.

According to immont’s introduction to the three voice (WeChat ID:tosansheng), the process of knowledge payment courses is still the same. “Topic selection, framework, dry goods, and then continue to be a story…” But now dry goods will be put in the first place, and the sense of acquisition is the most important.

In the interview, MI Meng emphasized the practicality of the course, which is her understanding and new knowledge payment. “What I sell is not the change of thinking, but what I should do after changing my mind. So our target is not the publishing market, but the training market.

Therefore, immonde should be able to “package the church” in its own knowledge payment course, so that the practicality of the pursuit can be embodied. One of the designs is to assign homework to each class, so that users can complete specific actions according to today’s “course learning”.

For example, a person should ask his boss for a salary raise within an hour before he leaves work on Thursday. “Because people are anxious on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but Friday is going to take a vacation soon, and he is not patient enough to listen to you.” IMON said that this is the result of professional emotion research.

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