Dialogue 360 girls Chen Feifei: I am not black PR, please Zhou Hongyi to face up to the problem.


Dialogue 360 girls Chen Feifei: I am not black PR, please Zhou Hongyi to face up to the problem.

Wen / Tencent “deep net” Wang Pan

Recently, “92 years of girls” Chen Feifei in the media platform accused of the 360 banner of “water drop live” to the restaurant, Internet cafes and other monitoring cameras direct live online.

At 13 noon on December 12th, a merchant page recommended on the home page of water drop live show that a restaurant in Hami Hongxing Building is still in the scene when the customers eat. Soon after, however, the water droplet broadcast soon went off the business page.

In fact, a similar event occurred in March this year, when the media said that on the “water drop live” platform, the pictures were broadcast live in different school classrooms across the country. At that time, the 360 response said that all the classroom pictures on the water drop platform were installed by the school and the teachers at their own expense, and they were shared by them on their own initiative.

At noon on the 12 day, the 360 aspect indicated that all the live pictures on the water drop platform were installed by the owner of the small water drop camera by the owner and shared the live broadcast by the user. The default state of small water droplets purchased by users is security state, that is, the function of live broadcast is not opened. Only when the security state is manually adjusted into a live broadcast state, can the picture taken by oneself be shared.

At noon on the 13 day, the chairman of the 360 company, Zhou Hongyi, issued an article, pointing directly to the other party’s black public relations, saying that 360 had broken other people’s financial path, and that someone was pushing the money behind his back.

On the afternoon of 13, 360 summoned many multimedia people to the 360 building. Zhou Hongyi explained the matter in person and interviewed the media.

On this matter, Zhou Hongyi summed up the following five responses: first, 360 sold a few million cameras, only a few thousands of open live; second, live broadcast is the initiative of the camera owners, the need to pass five steps, including real name registration. There is no possibility of inadvertently touching the opening; third, 360 free video cameras send only a few dining restaurants’ CHF (live monitoring kitchen hygiene) and kindergartens (parents monitor children’s safety); fourth, the vast majority of the water drop seeding owners are open to attract passenger flows and do not generate income for 360. 360 early on the shop gave the “being live in the universe” sticker, but many shops have not posted; fifth, for controversial unwitting passers-by, customer live issues, will soon have a technical solution (such as a face hit a mosaic, or video can not detect a sticker on the video).

However, Chen Feifei, the other side of the event, said he agreed with Professor Liu Junhai of the Renmin University of China: monitoring in public places for security and other requirements does not mean that it can be broadcast live and open unlimited, unless all people who have been broadcast live.

In an exclusive dialogue with Tencent’s “deep web”, Chen Feifei said there was no black public relations in the incident and no interest was received.

About whether to hype up their own problems, Chen Feifei said that surveillance video was broadcast live itself is more important than its hype. “I hope everyone will throw all the questions into the nature of things.”

“Since he said he wants to solve the problem with technical means, first he has admitted that he has a problem. He feels that the direct seeding passer-by has caused a tort to others’ privacy, so he has proved that he has a problem. So before, I said that I have not broken the malicious slander and black public relations.” Chen Feifei said.

The following is the Tencent deep network dialogue Chen Feifei:

Tencent Deep Web: 360 and Zhou Hongyi personally think you are black public relations. Is there anyone behind the money that is consistent with the facts?

Chen Feifei: No, we don’t have any black public relations. There is no problem of collecting interests.

Tencent “deep web”: how to think about doing this topic?

Chen Feifei: when we did this, it was also a professional instinct, because we were doing the Internet lifestyle. It was also because of the kindergarten incident that Zhou Hongyi published an unlimited number of cameras in the 360 company’s official public number. Then we found the water droplet live along this clue and found some problems in the live broadcast of water droplets.

I think it’s important for me to stir up the problem, and it’s not about myself, but I want everyone to throw all the problems into the nature of the matter, that’s what I said to monitor live, Zhou Hongyi and 360, to admit the fact.

Tencent Deep Web: why didn’t you update WeChat after 10 months, and publish two articles related to 360?

Chen Feifei: the public account is not updated for a long time, because we are mainly doing video. Our video is spread across the whole network, including some cooperation with each other. It has been done for more than 80 periods, and the whole volume is almost 200 million. As for public numbers, we do not specialize in public numbers. Our main business is video, not articles, and I hope they will know. I wrote this article because I found this topic only written, but also used articles to help video.

Tencent Deep Web: Zhou Hongyi made five responses yesterday. What do you think of it after you finish reading?

Chen Feifei: I don’t agree with the first one.

I do not agree with the second, I think monitoring is monitoring, live broadcast is live, monitoring direct broadcast is clearly in the confusion and concept, and the complicated steps can not hide the problem of his own platform, that is, the concept of monitoring live.

Third, 360 sent to the kitchen to make a bright kitchen and kindergarten, I think his intention is good, but I found a lot of businessmen to customers live, I do not know how many people really made a bright kitchen, I think the kindergarten is right, they are right, but the monitoring of the kindergarten Live broadcast is only for parents to see, rather than open to the public.

The fourth, he began to publish the notice from 2015, but it has been more than two years now. I don’t know why there are still a lot of businesses that are still not complying. I think it’s not just a notice, but a real return to the product itself.

Fifth, for technical solution, first he has admitted that he has a problem, he already felt that the direct seeding people have caused the privacy of other people’s infringement, so he has proved that he is a problem, so before I said that I maliciously libel and black public relations have not broken.

Tencent Shenzhen network: in the survey, apart from restaurants and Internet cafes, were there any other places that might invade personal privacy on the live drop of live broadcast?

Chen Feifei: hotels, hotel receptionist, including some dance training classes, are all there. These are relatively secretive places.

Tencent Deep Web: there are many cameras in public places. Why do you think there are problems with small water droplets?

Chen Feifei: the public camera in the country has a protective effect on us, but 360 of the cameras are used to monitor, and then you use it to live, and I think this is a problem in itself.

Tencent Deep Web: did you get any pressure after this happened?

Chen Feifei: a lot of people have been looking for us to delete the manuscript, but I didn’t do it. After no deletion, there were people who said I had black public relations, including the water army to discredit me, so I felt that I had to return all things to the problem of the product itself, not the attack on me or my own. follow

Tencent Deep Web: how do you think 360 of this matter should be handled?

Chen Feifei: first 360 should look at the problem of home products. Second do not push all the problems to myself, and avoid and transfer the public view, not to respond to their own products. I think they should first deal with their own products, including public apology, including libel to me. An apology is also needed.

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