Fu Sheng talks about the boundary of cheetahs: if self limitation, growth will be affected.


Fu Sheng talks about the boundary of cheetahs: if self limitation, growth will be affected.

Phoenix Technology News (author / Wang Xuanxuan) December 3rd – 5, the fourth World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen. During the meeting, cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng received interviews with Phoenix technology and other media. When Fu Sheng talked about the leopard business from tools, to content, and to the layout of the robot, all walks of life are accelerating convergence, and we think a lot of things have boundaries.

Fu Sheng further explained that the logic of the business development of cheetah is the tool attribute + the next 20 years of the big scenario. In the future, AI can only be developed if we want to make our labor force richer and tool attributes.

The production of product hardware products in March next year

In June this year, cheetah’s AI company, Orion and Himalaya launched the Xiaoya AI speakers, using the voice recognition technology of cheetah. In addition to the intelligent sound box, the cheetah is also doing some other attempts and layout, “I think all the equipment in the future is intelligent, to tear a mouth in a big opportunity, and then extend slowly.” Fu Sheng said.

Compared with other enterprises that also put forward the strategy of “all in AI”, Fu Sheng thinks that the advantage of leopard lies in products, and the advantage of products is to make up for the shortage of technology.

“AI essentially has a core key word – Transboundary, it’s not a simple technology point,” Fu Sheng said. Now people emphasize the performance of AI unilaterally, and the landing scenes and data are also important. AI is a systematic technology. You have to find a scenario, which involves landing at all levels. It is a systematic project. If you make algorithms, the general company will have no intrinsic meaning or business integration.

And, Fu Sheng believes that the threshold of the algorithm is difficult to set up, the company can use two methods to make up for the shortcomings of the AI technology, one is better product design, and the two is to use the advantages of hardware to make up the short board of the software. These are the advantages of the cheetahs.

The cheetah team has also considered whether to be a platform and operating system for a long time. Finally, Fu Sheng still thinks that the era of being a public platform has passed. Now, software technology needs to be transformed into a real entity and AI technology is incorporated into a product that consumers can reach. In the post mobile Internet age, robots and smart devices are coming to the stage. Cheetahs will also launch their own hardware products.

“We will launch a press conference in March to release products.” Fu Sheng revealed that the cheetah is making an intelligent product of to C, a product that can achieve mass production, rather than a simple concept product.

Letting go of New Republic is to better focus on the focus

Today’s headlines announced the acquisition of news of the cheetah’s News Republic and participated in the B round financing of the cheetah mobile subsidiary Live.me.

When it comes to “letting go” of News Republic, Fu Sheng said that New Republic has made cheetahs from a pure app company, a client company, into a company that really has some AI technology, which is of great significance.

However, it is still very difficult for content products to gain scale advantage overseas. The time for headlines to grow up in China is no longer replicable. Cheetahs need to build new thinking systems from tools to content development, which will take a lot of time and energy.

In this process, the cheetah did encounter some difficulties. “In this case, we have seen the opportunities like AI and robots, and I think we can invest in the updated battlefield, and the headlines are so good, so let’s reduce our input.” Fu Sheng believes that this cooperation with today’s headlines can make cheetahs better focus.

In addition, as to whether China’s stock market is underestimated, Fu Sheng said that there is indeed a message gap. In the United States, enterprises with benchmarking mode will be more easily understood. For example, the stranger and the United States, there will be a premium. Other companies need to continue to grow to verify their own mode, the pressure will be even greater. Fu Sheng’s current pressure comes from products. “As long as the products are made, there is no problem.” It should be said that the most difficult time has passed.

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