Zhou Hongyi dialogue Liu Qiangdong: in addition to class, face blindness and entrepreneurship, I talked about these things.


Zhou Hongyi dialogue Liu Qiangdong: in addition to class, face blindness and entrepreneurship, I talked about these things.

Author   Wang Xuanxuan

The November 19th afternoon “subversive: the subversive: Zhou Hongyi autobiography” was held at the Jingdong headquarters. The 360 Group founder and CEO Zhou Hongyi made a keynote speech and opened a dialogue with the chairman of the Jingdong group and the chairman of the board of directors and Liu Qiangdong.

“Subversive: the Zhou Hongyi autobiography” is Zhou Hongyi’s only personal autobiography so far, recording Zhou Hongyi’s experience from childhood to forty years, a challenger’s twenty years of entrepreneurship. It was opened in November 7th.

Zhou Hongyi dialogue Liu Qiangdong: in addition to class, face blindness and entrepreneurship, I talked about these things.

On “subversion”, Zhou Hongyi said in the preface that 360 free antivirus software is a test of “free theory”, subverting traditional charge killing, but also a subversive innovation of 360 companies and Zhou Hongyi himself.

In today’s speech on the theme of “life is constantly subverting”, Zhou Hongyi said that 360 and the Jingdong were under the heavy pressure of the giant to subvert the giant. “Someone asked Liu Qiangdong why he didn’t write this book. Liu Qiangdong said,” I’ll write again in ten years. ” “This is a traditional saying,” Zhou Hongyi quipped. “After 00, all of us have come to the stage. Why can’t we write a book about ourselves after 70?


“Bear child” Zhou Hongyi talks about stratum curing

In today’s speech, Zhou Hongyi specifically referred to the idea of “class solidification”. He believes that if we can use some correct methods, such as setting long-term goals, this goal is different from desires, sometimes even contrary. If we can do that, everyone will have the chance to break their ranks.

“A lot of people are wrong. They are born out of the ordinary, but they are wrong when they grow up. They aim to make money the only goal.” Zhou Hongyi said that extra-curricular reading had a great influence on him, especially the heroic legend and their ideals, which infected Zhou Hongyi. He concluded that curiosity, interest and extensive reading are the three most important things that have brought him to the present.

Zhou Hongyi was born in 1970 and grew up in a large courtyard in Zhengzhou. His parents are staff members of public institutions. He recalled that when he was a child, he was a standard “bear child”: speaking in class, doing small movements… Being called by the teacher and calling to the front of the classroom is a common practice. Zhou Hongyi described the growing environment of childhood as a typical “scattered breeding”, and the action and imagination were not fettered. “It can be said that the nature has been greatly released.”

At the age of 15, Zhou Hongyi first read the children’s computer newspaper. At a second class meeting in high school, he went up to the podium and told his classmates his ideal: “I want to be a developer of computer software in my life.” Later, Zhou Hongyi was sent to the computer major at Xi’an Jiao Tong University and began selling “antivirus” cards during the study period. He struggled with excellent creativity until he became the 360 group CEO.

“I don’t want this to be an inspirational chicken soup,” Zhou Hongyi said. A lot of things were packed. In the process, they felt stone across the river. Many times they were very scared, but they couldn’t show them. The difference between a warrior and a coward is that a warrior controls his fear. Zhou Hongyi hopes that this book can truly show his entrepreneurial experience.

Zhou Hongyi dialogue Liu Qiangdong: in addition to class, face blindness and entrepreneurship, I talked about these things.


Discuss who is face blindness with Liu Qiangdong.

Liu Qiangdong and Zhou Hongyi are different. He grew up by his grandmother, and his grandmother could not read and study.

Liu Qiangdong said at the scene, do not always stare at the mountain ahead, remain ignorant and fearless, and see the distance. He was admitted to Renmin University of China at the age of 18. After his first contact with a computer, he bought a computer book and wrote code on paper because he had nothing to do with his major.

In 1994, the program was very profitable. Liu Qiangdong wrote many computer programs, earning 50 thousand yuan a night, which was astronomical data for him at that time. In 1995, Liu Qiangdong wrote two years’ program and made a total of about 200000. After that, the story has been well known to the public. In 1998, Liu Qiangdong rented a small counter with 12 thousand yuan in Zhongguancun, and began to make the wholesale of optical and magnetic products under the line. In 2003, the counter was moved to the Internet before there was a Jingdong.

It is interesting that Zhou Hongyi referred to the hot discussion of “the beauty of the beauty” of the netizen, and ridiculed that Liu Qiangdong said he was a real face blindness, and that the face blindness was just not to remember who it was, but not to judge whether the other was a beautiful woman. Liu Qiangdong responded that he was really blinding and didn’t have a good judgement about whether the other side was a beauty. “Maybe this is some of my flaws.” He said that, just like his own five tone, he was a kind of “defect”.

Zhou Hongyi dialogue Liu Qiangdong: in addition to class, face blindness and entrepreneurship, I talked about these things.


Entrepreneurship is not just “from 0 to 1”

About entrepreneurship, Liu Qiangdong believes that entrepreneurs do not necessarily have to go to large companies to experience, whether or not to go to big companies depends on everyone. When you have a completely new business model and proven to be successful in a small area, you can go straight to business. But if not, you need to be careful.

Zhou Hongyi said that many people always say they want to start a business, but they always say no, and that is the most important thing to do. In China, because of the complex business environment, entrepreneurs are more stressed than American entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs must have their own team.

He believes that entrepreneurship needs a common heart. The understanding of entrepreneurship can also be more diversified. “From 0 to 1 is very important, from 1 to N is also very important.” Zhou Hongyi thinks he is from 1 to N himself. If you define entrepreneurship as from 0 to 1, it will be very narrow. Doing more things 1 to N, such as going to a big company, can also be seen as a stage of entrepreneurship, accumulating and learning, which is also very important for entrepreneurship.

“I don’t want to admit my fate. I don’t want to talk about my competitors. I will never beat him.” This is his character, Liu Qiangdong said. 70% of Jingdong’s employees come from rural areas. He hopes to lead these brothers and not to accept his fate.

Zhou Hongyi stressed that the goal of young age is very important. By accumulating training and forming a loop in the brain, we can quickly judge the situation. Many so-called “bright spots” have accumulated for a long time. This is also the core of the book “the subversive: The Autobiography of Zhou Hongyi”.

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