Dialogue Luo Yonghao: Hammer comes back to life, I bought the first suite of life.


A new cell phone and a purifier, Luo Yonghao should have come up with his sincerity. The design of LOGO fusing fingerprint unlocking function after Pro 2 is a little surprise for hammer powder, and the new brand “smooth breathing” purifier has officially announced the hammer into a “new era”.

Mobile phone manufacturers do air purifiers, millet is a forerunner. In the highly competitive mobile phone industry, Luo Yonghao and Lei Jun relations were once very ambiguous, even before rumors that “millet wants to buy hammer”. Luo Yonghao has publicly praised millet and salute to millet on micro-blog. The thunder army responded by praising the vast majority of his heart.

Dialogue Luo Yonghao: Hammer comes back to life, I bought the first suite of life.

The relationship is ambiguous, but the smell of some gunpowder is still there. In the hammer press conference (entrepreneur & I black horse note: previously a clear hammer will release an air purifier) the day of the morning, rice officials slightly announced the next day to release new air purifier. There is a big positive call.

The hammer launches its own air purifier, which we can see as “brother climbing”, and it can also be seen as the expansion of competition with millet from mobile phone business to more business level. According to Luo Yonghao, after the purifier, more types of products will be introduced in the direction of air purification. In addition, the hammer’s intelligent sound box products are also being pushed forward.

There’s no doubt that hammer technology is shifting from the past to the quality of life by focusing on the mobile phone experience. It is no longer a company that can only build a mobile phone, but to build its own hardware ecological chain like millet. The difficult time of the hammer is over. It is learning to make a consumer electronics company that has been established for more than 5 years. The weathered enterprise is now in urgent need of refreshing its awareness of the outside world.

In the past two years, hammer technology has been in a difficult position, and once it could not afford wages, it was in danger of bankruptcy. Under the pressure of funds, Luo ran around to borrow money and finance. Rumour has it that Jia Yueting gave money to Luo Yonghao 100 million yuan before he appeared to be in danger. After that, Ali, who had an investment intention and signed a letter of intent to invest, broke the hammer. Zheng Gang, an early hammer investor, later expressed his dissatisfaction in his circle of friends: “Ali almost dragged the hammer away.”

It is on the brink of extinction. This reflects the most valuable part of hammer technology company and founder Luo Yonghao. For many people in the world, hammers are always like a child who is stubborn and twisting and refuses to grow up. In the past or so, but now different from the past, its child like temperament has not changed, but has learned to accept growth.

2017 is a year when the hammer came to life. In the year, it successfully completed 1 billion financing (entrepreneur & I black horse note: 600 million of them came from the Chengdu municipal government). Nut Pro has also made gratifying sales. Luo Yonghao said the hammer sold 2 million phones in the first 5 years, and sold 1 million in the last 6 months. He bluntly said that the hammer was no longer the “serious loss” hammer in the past. Now it is “ready to steamed meat and potatoes”.

“According to our current plan, there will be about 4 meetings next year, and 4-5 products will be released.” Luo Yonghao interviewed entrepreneurs &, I and other media interviews about the unusual planning for the coming year. A few months ago, Luo Yonghao said at the geek Park conference that the hammer technology after financing would hold 1 billion 900 million cash.

The change in the company over the past year has been exhilarating. Obviously, Luo Yonghao’s performance at this conference seemed more relaxed and more optimistic.

As we all know, Xiaomi experienced a downward dilemma, and after Lei Jun’s reflection and Reform in person, he could recover the decline and achieve growth. At present, there are still some golden sentences on the Internet, such as “the mobile phone industry is not a human being”.

As the hammer went through the ordeal, Luo Yonghao gradually became humble from his mouth. He still stresses the pursuit of feelings, but he also begins to consider the balance between pursuit and commerciability. When he answered questions from netizens in the Taobao headline quiz program, he said: “to be an enterprise, it is always necessary to balance the pursuit and commercially. The product does not pursue, is the vulgar merchant; does not consider the commercial entrepreneur, is irresponsible, unless the enterprise’s capital is all own, that is different.

After getting the “help money” invested by the Chengdu municipal government, the hammer moves frequently in Chengdu. According to Luo Yonghao, hammer technology headquarters will be located in Chenghua District, Chengdu. At present, its office area in Shimao building is being renovated, and it is expected to be put into operation by the end of this month. Luo Yonghao, 45, also bought the first house in Chengdu. He took this case to convince more of his colleagues in Beijing to move to Chengdu. He said that the actual progress of “Persuasion” is much better than expected.

“Young people are willing to come over, do not want to come, you led them to see, almost two or three days also” surrender “. At present, hammer technology headquarters in Chengdu has more than 170 employees. At the end of the year, the R & D team will also be located here.

I hope Chengdu can give it good luck.

The following is an excerpt from the interview, edited by entrepreneur & and I.

Q: why should we start from the air purifier? What is the logic of its cooperation with mobile phones?

Luo Yonghao: purifier compared with mobile phones, there is no leading brand, two there is a huge price space. There are many startups in the field of purifier, and more than a dozen people will be able to get a 1 billion valuation. We collapsed. The hammer was split into 5 teams, each worth 2 billion, and now it is 2 billion. If we can rush out, it is expected to become one of the top brands in the field, which will be easier in the future.

We sell nuts Pro, 1499 to earn more than 7, 1799 to earn 35, 2299 for more than 200 of the profit, but this is probably only 1/3 of the sales of the single product.

We also want to make smart speakers, which will not make money right away, but in one direction. It’s not that it’s a hot spot for investment, so it’s a direction, but in the process of trying to go from a touch screen to the next generation of computing platforms, voice and AI must be an important part of the interaction. The sooner we do the better, the better it will be, and we’ll do it.

Q: how to evaluate the 2017 of the hammer technology?

Luo Yonghao: 2017 is for us to “bring death back to life”. This year is more frank than the imagination. The technical threshold and manpower threshold for mobile phones are quite high. If you want to maintain a team of 500-800 people, you need hundreds of millions of dollars per year. In this case, if a lot of machines can be made more smoothly, such as the three product lines of high and low grade, the product can be iterated out steadily according to the reasonable sales cycle, so that it will go on a virtuous cycle. But we have never released products on time due to various reasons and conditions. This time we rushed out in front of the double eleven. Actually half of the people were worried, but now they are walking smoothly. According to our plan, there will be about 4 press conferences next year. I think 2017 is a very important turning point for us.

Q: what is the layout in Chengdu now? What are the layout and ideas in the future?

Luo Yonghao: the head office is moving here, now in the Shimao building in Chenghua District. The office area is being renovated. It’s almost in the end of this month. When we settle down, we will do a lot of school. I think an enterprise should settle down in a place where both sides have to match. In Beijing, even in a relatively backward area, if you want to get a technology policy, the annual sales may be 15 billion, and we are only a few billion a year. But the city outside the city is relatively low.

I think an enterprise to settle down in a place, both sides must match, in a specific stage to compare each other. Let me give an example, for example, the state has a lot of support policies for technology enterprises. If you are in Beijing, even in a relatively backward area, if you want to get a technical policy, you may sell 15 billion in a year, and we are only a few billion a year. But to the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the threshold is lower.

Before we came to the household, there were 11 cities to attract investment. Considering all aspects, we felt that the government of Chenghua District was the biggest and most attractive to us. In fact, the outside world is also saying why such a serious loss of business has been introduced to Sichuan. What they do not know is that we are in very good condition. Frankly speaking, any local government has introduced us as a hot potato, and it is fast cooked. The steamed people know that they are fast cooked, and only if they don’t cook, they think it can be cooked.

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