Exclusive interview with Li Nan: the brand of the blue brand should be the 3 Department of BMW, and the first line shop will be opened before the Spring Festival.


Exclusive interview with Li Nan: the brand of the blue brand should be the 3 Department of BMW, and the first line shop will be opened before the Spring Festival.

Li Nan, the senior vice president of the Meizu and the president of the Meizu blue

Phoenix Science and technology Liu Zhengwei

“If you are looking for a car brand comparison, we really want to do something similar to BMW’s 3 line brand.” Li Nan, senior vice president of Meizu and chief executive of enchanting blue, said in an interview with Phoenix technology recently. In his view, the BMW 3 Department is also the price of the public, but in comparison with the younger users, the “young good product” of the charm of the blue, the main hit is the young market.

In May this year, Meizu technology carried out a new organizational structure adjustment. The biggest change was that the Meizu and the magic blue were divided into two brands independently operated. After the adjustment, Huang Zhang, as the chairman and CEO of the Meizu group, was directly involved in the operation of the company, and was personally in charge of the Meizu business department, leading the related business of the Meizu and Meizu high end brands.

As the president of the Meizu, Bai Yongxiang accepted the reports from various functional centers and worked with Huang Zhang to manage the new Meizu business department, the enchanting blue business division and the Flyme division. Li Nan is the senior vice president of Meizu technology and the president of the Meizu blue business department. Besides the important functions such as the brand, market and sales of the Ministry of Meizu, it also includes the function of product planning.

The founder, who is behind the curtain, is often seen by the outside world as a big crisis, or if it is a moment of life and death, and is it true that the Meizu is the same? “He solves the problem of development.” For this, Li Nan said. He told Phoenix technology that Huang Zhang once again set out to build his dream of Meizu 15th anniversary, because he believed that the quantity of high-end products of Meizu was not enough.

According to his introduction, the personnel, supply chain and finance of the Meizu and Meizu are shared, and the product planning, product definition, product design, market sales and brand are separate. “We are looking for our own brand, so from this level, the charm and the future of Meizu will be more open.” Li Nan said, according to his disclosure that next year, the two brands of Meizu and Meizu will have two different product design languages, so as to avoid “the baby machine”, and before the Spring Festival this year, the Meizu will open its first shop.

The blue line store is different from the current Meizu store and Xiaomi’s home. It is a mode of tide shop. “We will pay more attention to lifestyle issues rather than professional cell phone retail issues.” Li Nan said.

Founded in less than 3 years, the blue brand has now carried the banner of Meizu sales. In 2016, the total delivery volume of the Meizu phone exceeded 22 million units, of which 70% contributed to the total number of shipments, and its cumulative shipments had exceeded 45 million units.

Unlike last year’s crazy new products, the new iteration of Meizu and Charm Blue slowed down a lot this year. “The Meizu brand will issue two times a year at most. In spring and autumn, we will pour a lot of energy into making great products.” Meizu President Bai Yongxiang said in an interview after the PRO7 conference.

As for the charm blue, because of the brand and positioning different, the product and rhythm will be a little faster, and the price will go up again. Li Nan wants to walk up to 2000 yuan. At present, the product strategy of Mei Lan has been cleared up, and the Note series is the main product. “It is the most important product of any brand on the front battlefield, it has to win, in fact, Note6 is good, that is, we do not fear any price, any brand of any product.” Li Nan said.

And last month, the number of new series of new series of new magic blue 6, in Li Nan’s view is to clean the battlefield products, E series is the main force, the X series is similar to the glory of Magic mobile, an experimental, exploratory series, in technology, technology and prices and other aspects of follow-up, more improvisation to do.

In Li Nan’s view, the blue moon is in a period of adjustment this year. It needs to adjust the rhythm to the right product at the right time point. The target of this year’s sales is to stabilize the volume of last year.

“We will solve the problem of life and death this year, and solve the data problem next year, step by step.” Li Nan said.

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