CEO: 500 million of debt, only 50 million of the account.


CEO: 500 million of debt, only 50 million of the account.

Gao Weiwei, founder of rode bike

Fenghuang science and technology “Fengyan” column

Journalist He Shulong

In a tea house 3 kilometers from cool bike headquarters, the “eye” reporter saw Gao Weiwei, the founder of the cool bike ride in the center of public opinion. He sat on the sofa, tired and smoked. Gao Weiwei didn’t seem to be patient to answer every question about riding a bicycle. The answer was shorter than the question, and his thoughts had gone out of the air, but the habit of professional managers made him as smooth and polite as possible.

At this time, Wanda Square in Tongzhou, Beijing, where cool bike headquarters is located, there are more and more users gathered, because they are unable to refund the money on line, so they run down to the line to register and want to return their 298 yuan deposit for fear that the money will suddenly shut down with the company. Of course, there are many cattle in the team. “50 yuan for queuing” is their soliciting slogan.

Cool bicycle is standing at the crossroads of life and death. No one knows whether the company can live to tomorrow. The source of all this is that they owe their users and suppliers a total of more than 500 million yuan, but the company accounts for only about 50000000. Since July this year, Gao Wei Wei has sought investment intentions everywhere. He even wants to sell the company to ofo and no one is willing to take over.

Because of the shortage of funds, cool cycling has been slow since mid August, and it has gradually evolved into a user’s panic run, leaving Gao Weiwei less and less time. On the morning of September 28th, Gao Wei Wei received a call from a major shareholder when he talked about financing with his last hope in Shanghai. A few hours later, a cool bicycle official issued a notice announcing the removal of Gao Weiwei’s CEO duties on the grounds that he was “inadequate in management”.

Gao Weiwei claimed that he had no objection to the recall. He said he was in a complex mood, “no strength and anger”. He faced a dilemma and needed a person to take responsibility. That man was sure to be him.

Cool cycling has also had a good time, and the golden bike that they launched in June this year was very popular, but it also quickly expanded their ambitions, making cool cycling on the road of disorderly expansion. Bad financing, strategic mistakes and vicious competition have led the company to slide into the abyss, and deposit runs have become the last straw to crush them.

“The whole business circle is kidnapped by capital, and the reality is very cruel.” Gao Weiwei told the eye that he had wanted to create a great company to “change China and influence the world”, but now his ambition was lost in the inflow of incomprehension and abuse.

Lost the meaning of the struggle, Gao Wei has not wanted to start a business, he said: “then I may do investment, stir fry stock, why is not the heart of the world? I do no trace, no one care of ordinary people, it is good.”

Yesterday evening, cool WeChat cycling official WeChat forwarded the following content: “a group company in the Republic of China has agreed to fully purchase cool ride. At a price of 1 billion yuan, they took over 900 million yuan worth of assets, including 1 million 400 thousand cars, before cool ride, and will be responsible for handling the refunds of the cool ride.  

No one knows how reliable the news is. Cool bike ride is hanging on the line. A nearly 1 billion yuan gambling game is showing its final card.

The following is a dialogic record, slightly edited:

500 million capital gap, only 50 million on account

Eye of the wind: what are you dealing with at present?

Gao Weiwei: I returned to Beijing just today (September 29th), and I talked about financing in Shanghai three days ago. I slept very little recently. I could only eat a loaf of bread a day, and even I didn’t drink any water.

“Eye of the storm”: in September 28th, when the company announced the removal of your CEO position, what was it doing? How did you feel?

Gao Weiwei: at nine o’clock that morning, I received a phone call from a major shareholder. At half past eleven, the company issued a notice to recall me. I have no opinion and no energy to anger. I am in a very complicated mood now. In fact, these things are not important. The most important thing is that the current problems can be solved. I am still doing some aftermath for my cool bike, and I have to finish my work.

At present, there is a bad need for a person to come out and take responsibility. I bear the brunt of it. The shareholders’ dissatisfaction with me is that I did not do it well. I did not have enough management experience. The experience of public relations and capital is not very good. Most of my energy is on the product, research and development, and the supply chain.

“The eye of the wind”: why is there a situation today?

Gao Weiwei: two reasons led to the situation today, one is that money is not enough, after July, our funds began to have pressure, because the investment in buying new cars is relatively large; two is the manipulation of the competitors, even if our refunds are handled in time, the current situation will appear, because the whole process is competitive. The opponent is plotting behind his back.

At the beginning of the peak, there are three, forty thousand users to return the deposit each day, we have to pay a lot of channel fees, so each month will produce about one million of the cost of the channel, we think that the company can not take such a long time to bear the burden.

So in August 25th, the cycle of cool ride back was changed from 1-7 working days previously marked to 7 working days. After this node, things start to go in the bad direction, the competitors find the opportunity, and continue to send some hints, guide the user to refund the article, and then began to spread some malicious rumors, such as cool riding to collapse, death, volume one billion, after the most intense, the formation of the current deposit squeeze. The condition of the exchange.

CEO: 500 million of debt, only 50 million of the account.

The user queued down at the cool cycling headquarters

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