Open source long distance race for 20 years! The business of the e-commerce circuit is overtaken again

In February 3rd this year was 20th anniversary of the word “open source software”. Open source software is becoming more and more popular. We see Microsoft in open source, open source Android, open source IOS, LG open source WebOS… Yesterday, ECstore, a well-known domestic e-commerce platform, announced that it was about to launch an open source version. As “open source” has become an important part of life, what is “open source”? Why do you want to “open source”? Open source long distance race for 20 years! The business of the e-commerce circuit is overtaken again I, what is open source? “Open source” originates from the development of software, which refers to a special form of software development. “Open source software” is the source code of software, anyone can review, modify and enhance it. Early creators were allowed to be accepted by newcomers and businesses in the software field, because they wanted to expand to a wider range of users, and most of the Internet was built on open source technology. For example,  , Linux operating system and  , Apache Web server application, it can be said that anyone who uses the Internet today benefits from open source software. Two. What is open source for? ACG Research, in a white paper for the Linux foundation, pointed out: “open source is a key driver of change and a catalyst for digital transformation that many operators are doing. Operators and suppliers will benefit greatly — perhaps the most important thing is that only diversified groups can provide collaborative innovation. “Open source” is to open up the ecological chain, and work together to achieve win-win cooperation. But in fact, in the process of using software, most ordinary computer users and “source code” do not have a chance to meet each other. Generally, the programmer can change the way a software (“program” or “application”) works by modifying the code: the programmer can improve the software by adding the function or repair problem to achieve the software customization and function extension if it is able to contact the source code of the system program, which is two Second development. At the same time, the opening of the source code is also conducive to the independent control of the enterprise, let the user understand the internal composition, greatly improve the security of the system, so that the “black box” into “white”. Whether in the field of development or in the field of products, “open source” is a topic that can not be avoided by technology upgrading. GitHub is also standard. But the technology and time cost of development and two development are very high, so using open source systems, in two, will save a lot of cost of building the basic framework. Friends who are familiar with the business industry should know that ECShop and ShopEx, by virtue of their years of service experience and technical advantages, maintain the level of accurate data, fast speed and high cost performance, which is the two PHP online store system with the highest share in the domestic market, and even the Tmall supermarket is a shopex system. Three, what can ECstore open source bring? It said Shang faction early open source ECSHOP and ShopEX two systems, these two systems mainly for single store requirements of B2C enterprise users, the implementation of the open source B2C system is also based on ECSHOP modification, but at the same time the merchants hold another trump card – the technical framework is better, more functional and expansibility ECstore. In the new retail era, the competition of electronic business has entered a period of intense competition, and the business school has launched the ECstore open source version. Some industry members exclaimed, will the business faction move a new revolution in the ecological chain of the electricity supplier? According to ACG, growth comes mainly from network control and layout software, but marginal plates will also flourish. According to the report, the size of the network control and layout software market will double by 2023, while the annual growth rate of the marginal network will exceed 100% during the forecast period. According to the white paper, hardware accounts for nearly 64% ($7 billion) in the $11 billion market. “The development of electric business has brought many open companies to open source, but it is meaningless to start from scratch. The development of the electricity supplier industry requires concerted efforts and resources and technology sharing. Business school is willing to share the experience and technology precipitation of the 16 years of electricity supplier, so that enterprises and service providers can develop rapidly on this basis. The state insists on opening to the outside world, and enterprises also need to have an open spirit, which is a pleasure to everyone. ” For open source ECstore, Liu Jinguang says. The upgrading of consumption drives the upgrading of electricity providers, while technology is also upgrading. Business school software and business enterprises and service providers are mutually successful. What’s more, the open source of business school software has broken the stalemate of this ecological chain. According to the template hall CEO recalls, “in 2007, also participated in the ECSHOP official first template production competition, won the best application award, so it has a more profound relationship with the ECSHOP.” In the 08 years, ECSHOP was open source, and template hall became the chief partner of ECSHOP. The enterprises find the service providers such as the ECSHOP template hall, and develop and build the template two times on the basis of ECSHOP open source. The market begins to use software that is expansibility, function and security stronger, and improves the operation efficiency of the enterprise. Turning to the future of business school, Liu Jinguang, vice president of business school, said that “open source” is also a way for business schools to express their willingness to share. By sharing and collaborate with partners in the industry, even if they fail, they can be improved together. Businessmen are willing to play a positive role in the better process of the e-commerce industry, and hope everyone has the opportunity to participate, and the merchants expect to be able to embrace more service providers and businesses together to find better possibilities.

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