ECharts votes through Baidu open source project first enter Apache incubator


Recently, the world famous open source community Apache foundation announced that “Baidu open source ECharts project passed through the Apache incubator”. This is Baidu’s first entry into the world’s top open source community. It also marks the opening of Baidu’s open source into the fast track of open source development.

ECharts votes through Baidu open source project first enter Apache incubator

Before being the Apache incubator project, ECharts has been the leader of the visual ecological field in China. In recent years, it has been selected as the “most popular Chinese open source software of the year” by open source China, and has been widely used by various industry enterprises, institutions and research institutes. Related industries include finance, education, medical care, logistics, climate monitoring and many other fields, including Alibaba, Tencent, HUAWEI, Lenovo, millet, national grid, Sinopec and so on.

ECharts, the head of ECharts, said: “ECharts is an open source visualization library with rich visual chart types and deep interaction capabilities, with easy and easy to configure, and thousands of configuration items and different layers of extension mechanisms bring flexible customization. ECharts base on the open source rendering engine ZRender, support the Canvas and SVG and many other ways of rendering, support PC, mobile terminal, data large screen, server rendering and so on a variety of equipment scene.

At the moment, new version ECharts , released in early 2018; (4), some commonly used charts have supported up to ten million level data visualization and provide support for small programs, accessibility, and so on. ECharts-GL based on WebGL can support all kinds of 3D graphics rendering and acceleration of massive data rendering. At present, all kinds of extended libraries based on ECharts and related visualization service systems have formed rich product system and active community environment. ECharts currently has 25k+ concerns and 2k+ related projects on GitHub. A large number of community feedback and contributions have made ECharts evolve iteratively.

People in the industry believe that entering the Apache incubator means that ECharts is closer to becoming a top source of open source community products, but at the same time it has to take on a more inclusive mentality to meet more opportunities and challenges.

Baidu, the head of the Baidu open source group, also said: “Baidu holds various open source activities with participation, feedback, and impact on the community, fully respecting and understanding the rules and spirit of the open source community, and making the ECharts Apache Foundation’s hatching project only to start, and Baidu will continue to do more with the various open source communities. Extensive and deep cooperation. “

“It’s a great honor and very happy as Champion to participate in the incubation process of the ECharts Apache foundation project, and ECharts as a leader in the visual ecology of China,” ECharts project Champion, and vice president of the Apache foundation, said. “ECharts is a leader in the visual ecology of China, pursuing the extreme, expanding the functional boundaries, and helping more and more ECh. Arts enterprises and users enjoy the convenience brought by visual data analysis, but also promote the prosperity and development of visual ecology in China. Joining the Apache foundation further shows that ECharts embraces the determination of open source and builds a more neutral, open and pluralistic community culture on the basis of “the Apache Way”, allowing more people to enjoy the visual technological revolution brought by ECharts.

It is understood that as a world-class Internet enterprise, Baidu has now become a gold member of Linux Foundation, a gold member of the CNCF foundation, a platinum member of HyperLedger, and a CockroachDB Chinese community. At present, in view of the entry of this project into the incubating process of Apache Incubator, Baidu will strive to promote the incubation of ECharts, and will contribute more to the Apache open source ecology, and will continue to promote the open source culture, maintain close contact and cooperation with the well-known open source community, and open open source more excellent projects around the developers. Create a more abundant open source ecology of Baidu.

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