30 years old, the old programmers in the programmer, where to go after 30?


Note: I am a programmer and an old driver. I have already passed away, and I have not yet passed away, but when I am old, I have not yet established, whether it is Li De, Li Yan or meritorious service. You ask me not to panic, I ask you where the road.

30 years old, the old programmers in the programmer, where to go after 30?

I have worked as a programmer to count days, and I have more than eight years. The old self driving driver is not too much. At least, I wrote more code than salt. The bedbug, the demand for assignment, the web page of the request, and the problem of search are the scenery along the road. You asked me the beauty of the scenery. I asked you where the road was.

I wrote clients, made websites, wrote back-end services, trampled holes, and buried more mines than others. Web development is boring, client adapter is boring, server high concurrency can only rely on restart. You asked me if I was anxious and anxious. I asked you if the keyboard was loud at midnight, is it like the restlessness of the frog outside the window?

30 years old, the old programmers in the programmer, where to go after 30?

You ask me confused, not confused, I ask you whether to move left or right.

30 years old, writing code for ten years and eight years. When the old crew was coding, they were familiar with the left and right shifts, but drove to this age…

Think about reading Hou Jie’s book and watching people’s “left-handed procedure right hand poem”, envious of his fame and success, writing style. Until now, the “left hand right hand slow motion” has become popular.

The way after 30 years old, how should I go? Is it the continuation code or the transfer management? Or left-handed program, right hand to do other livelihood? In those years, should the left hand craftsmanship be put down? Or is it brave to start a business? The road after 30, should I move left or right?

Can code be written for a lifetime? This is a problem. Shakespeare in England did not tell us the answer. For 85 years, I have many programmers around 30 years old. Let’s take a look at the anxiety and confusion of the old machine on this road of code writing.

Left: the code in the end? Right: resolute management?

Many friends, about 30 years old, began to consider whether to transfer management. Left or right?

What’s the advantage of turning to the left? Let’s take a look at it.

  • The code in the end, life is simple.
  • Promoted to senior engineer, promoted architect and promoted senior architect. From the technical rookie to the technology giant, to the technology God, all the way up and upgrading, it is also a technical person’s way of sealing the gods.
  • Management does not come, communication is very tired. It’s a pity that we can’t appreciate it.
  • It’s boring to have a meeting. All kinds of meetings all day long, life is a waste of life.
  • Some people like to write code. They always feel that the time to write code is the most pure and happiest.
  • The management is rather weak, and the back is not good for the job. Technology accumulates one step at a time, this one hangs, and the next one.
  • CTO that does not write code is not easy to manage others. People who write code, and the world of martial arts, whose level is high, who is more likely to be impressed. The process of leadership is the process of bringing people into practice.
  • The level is not good. How do others practice from your actual combat? Look at the hero Chiu Feng, the crane upstairs shows its achievements and fame; apricot forest shows its courage and strength. We have been leading the gang for seven or eight years.

30 years old, the old programmers in the programmer, where to go after 30?

The picture above shows Baidu’s salary from the Internet. You see, the technology level is quite numerous. Many people limited to Tianchi, probably to T7 or so to the end.

But don’t lose heart. The T7 package cap can reach nearly one million. Beijing’s housing price is more expensive, but buying a small house is not a big problem in a lifetime. How many people in the non tech industry can get the annual salary of millions?

What is the good to the right? Let’s look at it.

  • When the code is written to a certain level, it will be the same.
  • Technology transfer management, new challenges, new interests, contacts with all kinds of management and expansion of connections.
  • I am so outgoing. The management is quite challenging and interesting.
  • Managers are art, and writing code is just technology. Art is alive, code is dead.
  • Management, future entrepreneurship can be CEO; and technology, entrepreneurship in the future, more CTO.
  • If we manage well, we can manage more people, so that more people can make products around their own ideas. The wiser a person is, the more ambitious he is, the more he wants to control more.

Many times, technology can not determine the recruitment of technical team, can not decide the direction of the product, can not decide too many things.

You can manage a team, a technical team, you can manage a department, you can manage a business department, you can manage a company, you can manage a group – that is, technology, product, sales, operation, you can manage, you can manage all directions. War, naturally, has all-round growth space and opportunities.

There are similar puzzles among friends around me and those interviewed. Some friends, in a company of 35 hundred people, are managed by a company similar to a director, a few dozen people, a medium technology, a salary and a senior architect similar to a five or a six hundred thousand.

Friends feel that the development of the company in general, occasionally feel like a fool. A lot of colleagues around him have switched to Microsoft Baidu or something like that.

It is not easy to do management, to find direction, to do products, to carry out, to recruit, and to get employees’ welfare, and so on. They are all your things. They may not be busy writing code, but the heart is also easy to get tired.

If a technical post is placed in front of him, the annual salary is 1 million, do you ask me if he jumps? I believe I’m sure to jump.

From this kind of technology people can see that technology is not necessarily low wages, management does not have much money and less care. When choosing a path, you should see good sparkle and see potential trouble three thousand.

Some friends, medium technology, can probably know the technology selection and solutions. First line guidance can not be done, but the next direction, several technical discussions have no conclusion, the film making decision is no problem.

The friend is very good at managing, knowing how to recruit, knowing how to find talent, knowing how to give a technical space, knowing how to activate the team atmosphere, knowing how to reward good people, and knowing how to deal with the relationship between the team and the boss.

In a word, people with good technology do not feel that he is poor in skill, and that he is not worthy of his own leadership. Instead, he feels his ability is easy to use, and some even have a sense of kindness.

This kind of person is quite suitable for management. He has been a CTO of two or three companies. He can speak, speak, be good at encouraging morale, and is quite popular among his friends. This kind of person is naturally suitable for transfer management.

Some friends grew up in the start-up company, became architects, became senior technical managers, took teams of ten or twenty individuals, and gradually transformed management.

Technology is also slowly desolated, not want to waste, but countless meetings all day, partners to find you, the boss looking for you, the product find you, the market look for you, the team of technical friends to find you, a long time, technology has to waste down. The number of people in the management is much, and the salary is not much. After all, it is a company trained, not a highly paid foreign employee.

The annual salary of 5. 6 million, not high or low, then bored, quit job to BAT or Microsoft, but relaxed. Maybe no more people, maybe less people, two or three, 35, people are less, the people with a higher level, high output, simple communication, and write the code really cool. This kind of friend is quite suitable for the expert line.

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, others are suitable for management. It does not mean that you are suitable for leadership. When you are 30 years old, you may ask yourself a few questions before thinking about transformation.

  • Do I really like to be in charge of people?
  • Are you good at managing yourself?
  • Do I often write code when I have a meeting?
  • Do I hate meetings?
  • Do I realize my code, realize product functions, or problems in my life?
  • When I meet people asking myself all sorts of difficult Bug, do I like to solve them?
  • Are I good at helping others to solve the problem?
  • Are I good at communicating? Do people like to ask me questions?
  • Have I been a class cadre in my school age?
  • The more people in management, the more sense of achievement, or the less comfortable it is?
  • What is the value of management? What are the values that bring to the team?

If you want to know some of the above questions, maybe they are not suitable for transfer management, you have your own answers. There are thousands of roads in time, all roads lead to roads. I hope you can all get to the right way.

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