How do PHP and Python choose? Perhaps these three questions can be considered


How do PHP and Python choose? Perhaps these three questions can be considered

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2017 is the year of web applications and API, and developers do not reinvent the wheels every time, but use scaffolding and third party libraries to ensure that the project is deployed in real time in a few days.

Although RESTful API and cross platform libraries have made web development easier, there is still no solution to the age-old problems that impede and divide developers, managers, and consumers: PHP vs. Python, which language to choose from?

PHP vs. Python?

Due to the consideration of R & D and project budget, this issue is still an important point of discussion. However, this problem is especially important for beginners who want to be bigger in webpage development. PHP and Python are the most popular web development languages nowadays, and the vast majority of websites in the Internet are compiled.

How do PHP and Python choose? Perhaps these three questions can be considered

Compared with experienced developers, the needs of beginners are quite different. Experienced developers learn almost no effort in new languages. In contrast, the beginner needs to cross two difficulties: they have to understand the programming structure and learn to implement them; they also have to master the meaningless syntax for the beginner.

One related question is to develop the prejudice of the old hand. Speaking to PHP developers, they will say that there is no better language than PHP. The same is true with Python developers. In general, few developers praise the language they do not use.

Therefore, this article will not mention the advantages and disadvantages of PHP and Python, but explore the three questions that beginners should consider when choosing language. Yu Wen will focus on these 3 issues around PHP and Python.

Epidemic heat

There is no doubt that both PHP and Python are popular. Even if PHP and Python do not support a project, some project managers and customers still prefer to use them. PHP is taking an overwhelming advantage to dominate the 80% share of the Internet market.

Some famous websites, such as Wikipedia, Flickr, Tumblr and YAHOO, are all written by Python. Since then, social giant Facebook has begun to turn to the PHP framework, which can be integrated into all functions required by the Facebook platform and APP development.

How do PHP and Python choose? Perhaps these three questions can be considered

When Google used Python to write some famous projects, Python laid its popularity. As the Python gradually became popular, many giant companies, such as YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, and Spotify, were used to write product platforms (partially or completely).

Therefore, in terms of popularity, PHP and Python are very different. Every day, the two languages are writing a lot of new projects.

Available frameworks and CMS

A framework is written by community contribution and maintenance code, which allows developers to quickly apply the application without starting from scratch. The typical framework contains hundreds of functions, and developers can call them to add specific functions to the application without reinventing the wheel.

PHP provides a large number of frameworks that developers can use to create generic and industry specific applications. PHP frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony, have written popular applications for millions of people. PHP developers have the advantage of mature frameworks maintained by passionate community workers.

Python does provide a choice like the PHP framework. Although the use is extensive and powerful, the options of the Python framework are still limited compared with PHP. Django and Flask are two special choices for users to build web applications. The number of Python frameworks has increased because it has gradually become the language choice of mainstream projects.

CMS’s content management system is a software platform, which provides a very flexible foundation for the project. Whether it’s a simple blog, e – commerce store or company portal, CMS can provide a comprehensive solution that ensures that developers and end users can focus on business cases rather than start a platform from scratch.

The most popular CMS and WordPress in the world are built by PHP. Similarly, the two largest open source e-commerce platforms in the world, Magento and WooCommerce, are built by PHP. In addition, Python built a limited number of Django supported CMS.

Under special circumstances, PHP has obvious advantages, because it has something that everyone needs. In many cases, PHP provides more and more general choices on the framework and CMS to match project requirements.

learning curve

This is the first premise of this article. The learning curve defines the difficulty of mastering specific languages. In programming languages, learning curves tend to flow smoothly, and then use tools to transform design into functional code.

Here, Python has a little advantage over PHP. For newcomers, Python code is easier to read and easier to understand. PHP is always more difficult, not to be liked by the novice. But because of the difficulty of the rules, there are also few mistakes.

In format, Python is highly tolerant, and the code does not collapse due to minor errors. So it’s very exciting for beginners. This is why many schools give priority to Python as an introductory language for programming.

The PHP community is also trying to make the language more friendly to beginners. Through courses and tutorials, PHP experts are making it as easy to understand as Python.


Choosing the first programming language is one of the most difficult decisions. PHP and Python deserve our attention. The two languages provide many learning opportunities, including user friendly grammar checker tools, making learning process easier and getting a solid language foundation.

I suggest beginners try out two languages and choose one according to their personal goals and industry. Although Python is the easiest to master, PHP has better job prospects and technical resources.

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