A comparative introduction of three fast foreign VPS hosts


Many novice stationmaster know that foreign VPS host can not record, high configuration, high cost performance, but face different brands of VPS host, do not know how to choose their own. In order to give a reference to the novice friends, the host detective small editor here collated three fast foreign VPS, they are very popular both at home and abroad. It is also a service provider worth the priority of the stationmaster.

    cost-effective California RAKsmart VPS

    RAKsmart is an American comprehensive service provider with more than 10 years’ operating experience in the machine room. Its VPS server is located in the California machine room. The significant advantage of the VPS brand is the high cost performance, and the lowest price is about RMB 19 yuan. RAKsmart California VPS adopts SolusVM control panel. Users can start boot, install system, modify root password and monitor VPS operation.

    RAKsmart American VPS advantage:

    1. server is located in California computer room, and its access speed is very fast both at home and abroad.

    2., the management is simple and adopts a powerful SolusVM control panel.

    3. optional high degree of freedom, provide multi configuration host scheme, according to the needs of free choice;

    4. high cost performance, the minimum is only 19 yuan / month;

    5. has the Chinese official website (http://cn.raksmart.com) and Chinese technical support to communicate with zero barriers.

    has a multi – room VPS service provider Linode

    Linode is an American service provider that focuses on the VPS host, and has its own machine room in the United States, Japan and Singapore. The VPS host is welcomed by many foreign trade enterprises. Linode VPS uses SSD hard disk, and the speed of startup and reading is fast, which ensures the access speed of the host. Linode VPS hosts are also cost-effective, with a minimum monthly cost of only $10 a month.

    Linode foreign VPS advantages:

    1. has the computer rooms of the United States, Japan and Singapore, and is suitable for foreign trade stations in different regions.

    2. management background powerful, easy to achieve IP binding, data migration, hard disk expansion and other operations;

    3., stable performance and few downtime problems;

    4. provides room speed measurement, each computer room has provided 100MB files to download, to understand their actual network conditions.

    SSD hard disk high performance VPS DigitalOcean

    the United States cloud host supplier DigitalOcean, founded in 2012, occupies a certain market share in the foreign VPS host market with its high-performance SSD solid state hard disk. Even Linode service providers will upgrade their products to SSD because of the emergence of DigitalOcean, and the strength can not be underestimated. DigitalOcean VPS can be selected in the US, Europe and Singapore, and the US San Francisco computer room is faster.

    DigitalOcean VPS host advantage:

    1. supports Paypal payment to facilitate domestic users to purchase.

    2. upgrade packages, users can upgrade their packages at any time according to their needs.

    3. real time billing, billing is real-time statistics, users do not have to worry about the refund problem.

    4. Snapshots snapshot function, backup all data of current VPS, and restore data when needed.

    of course, there are a lot of foreign VPS hosts, and the host detective small editor only collated the three VPS service providers on the basis of active in the Chinese market and the feedback of the users in recent years, for the reference of novice friends only. In short, when we choose foreign VPS hosts, we should pay attention to speed, stability and configuration size as far as possible.

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