Which kinds of programming languages can make programmers earn more money?


Which kinds of programming languages can make programmers earn more money?

In many industries, programmers belong to highly paid jobs. The salary level of programmers is generally higher than that of other industries, whether in foreign countries or in China.

The temptation of high salary and challenging work make programmers a popular career. At the beginning of this year, a survey released by Glassdoor pointed out that in the United States, the employment situation of programmers is still improving. According to the report, more than half of the top 25 jobs in the top ranking of the most profitable and demanding jobs require job seekers to have programming skills. Therefore, to get a high salary is not an easy task. You have to have excellent skills.

14 programming languages that have the most “gold sucking” ability

According to an article published in May 2015 by Rasmussen College (Rasmussen College), in the hundreds of programming languages, the following 14 programming languages have the most “gold sucking” ability. The article points out that the result was a collection of 18 million recruitment ads published in 2014 by Rasmussen college, which was analyzed on the basis of the two indicators, “average annual salary” and “job position”.

Which kinds of programming languages can make programmers earn more money?

(data source: Rasmussen College)

According to the survey data released by Indeed.com this year, according to the number of programming work, the top nine programming languages are as follows:

Which kinds of programming languages can make programmers earn more money?

Image source: www.indeed.com

What kind of programming language can make more money?

Different programming languages are suitable for different systems, and different engineers also need to master different programming languages.

Backstage or server side programmers usually understand Python, Ruby, PHP, Java or.Net and database knowledge. The programming languages of front-end or client programmers are mainly HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and comprehensive programmers are also capable of designing.

The language of the programmer for mobile applications is the Java for iOS’s Objective-C or Android system, and the HTML/CSS for mobile sites, and some of them know the knowledge of the server. 3D or game developers know C/C++, OpenGL and animation, and programmers with artistic abilities will have more advantages. Efficient programmers know C/C++ and Java, and others have the ability of mathematics and quantitative analysis.

If you don’t mind the type of engineer, Python, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are five languages worth learning. Because each year they will appear on the list of the most popular programming languages. In addition, as a programmer, you should also learn some databases, such as MySQL, MongoDB, and learn how to use it to program.

Which kinds of programming languages can make programmers earn more money?

Livecoding website screenshot

If you want to know more details about each programming language, you can browse the website of Livecoding.tv. In the 2.5 edition of the latest website, there is a special plate that introduces all kinds of programming languages. It covers basic introduction, reference books, tools, live broadcast and video of 266 languages.

Livecoding.tv is a social platform dedicated to programmers in the past two years (the core function is live write code), and it has also been introduced by PingWest. In addition to widely user familiar live programming and social functions, the website also provides talent recruitment services. Programmers can promote their own development projects by writing code live, and strive for more part-time or full-time job opportunities for themselves.

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