Black technology, Python script to help you find out on WeChat deleted your friends.


Editor’s note: This article is compiled from Github:0x5e/wechat-deleted-friends , a rare earth nugget.

Black technology, Python script to help you find out on WeChat deleted your friends.

“   clean up [smile], don’t go back. Your circle of friends should be clear, open the settings, general, function, group assistant, all selected, to paste my information, it can be sent to know who you deleted, convenient for you, not clear, clear, a clear jump. ”

I believe you will be brushed across the screen by the above paragraph on WeChat. The mass message should be the most widely found way to delete friends from WeChat. But the news of the group doesn’t just harass all the friends in the address book, and you have to delete hundreds of chat records to reply to your doubts and disdain. As an Internet practitioner, can there be no more efficient way of not disturbing friends besides sending messages?

The answer is, of course, when WeChat is pulling friends into a group chat, if this person deletes your friend, you will be prompted to “send a friend to verify the application first, and then add you to a WeChat friend, then you can invite them to join the group.” “There is a way, then I will pull a large group of WeChat friends, and then silently delete WeChat group is not good.”

So on Github, a developer named 0x5e wrote such a Python script instead of you to manually pull groups and kick people. After testing by the author, Mac operating system can only be supported at present.

In  , 0x5e , Github’s code warehouse description, his specific implementation steps are to use Python script to process WeChat’s pull group and kicking operation. The concrete steps are as follows:

Download the code file  open the Terminal input: Python and drag the just downloaded to the Terminal window to enter. The command format is similar: Python followed by step scan operation.

The query results may cause some psychological discomfort. Please use it carefully.

The author has tested two times, and this Python script still has some minor problems. Welcome developers to send Pull Request to the original author:

The two result is slightly different. It may be that the question of returning the data from WeChat’s web page is eventually a legacy of a group of WeChat, which needs to be manually removed from the script and does not support the search for black.

The screenshot code is as follows (complete code can be downloaded according to the above steps):

Black technology, Python script to help you find out on WeChat deleted your friends.

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