Do not read English documents, can write code?


Do not read English documents, can write code?


Good projects or software are perfect documents. Though reading documents without looking at source code, they do not have any eggs for software learning. However, if documents are in the hands of God, there is a way for gentlemen to love money.

Reading documents, such as reading, reading is a kind of thinking memory. Everyone reads different ways, resulting in different understanding and depth. How to read documents more efficiently is a way to solve this problem.

Do not read English documents, can write code?


First, read it over

The document first looks carefully at the use of some documents. You want a document for architecture, and you read a API specification. Extensive reading is to see whether it is your own needs, get some concepts from it, and what content the document will have.

Two. Read it again

After determining the availability of documents, I can no longer be satisfied with the examples in the book. I will divert my own thinking and try to use the code for example. They will also look at the exercises presented in the book, and then try to solve these problems on their own. The grammar of each chapter is familiar to the heart.

Three. Do it again

In reading or reading documents, there will always be specific ideas, which will help us understand. In addition to the exercises and demo in the book, you can also try to do your own project. In addition, you must write your own code. Don’t take it for granted that reading and understanding the code is enough. Good memory is not as good as knocking on the keyboard.

Do not read English documents, can write code?


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