Year-end inventory: ten major events in the programmer world in 2015


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A year of 2015, a floating year

With the advent of the Internet cold winter, there are uninterrupted financing mergers and acquisitions, frequent accidents, and codes that are still endless.

Looking back at the end of the year, let’s take stock of the ten major events of the 2015 programmers.

React Native release

At the React.js Conf 2015 meeting in January 2015, Facebook released React Native to develop iOS and Android native App based on the current open source JavaScript library React.js. Moreover, React Native has been used in production environment — — Facebook Groups iOS application is developed based on it. According to ProgVille’s article, the principle of React Native is to use React to abstract the original UI components of the operating system in React instead of DOM elements in JavaScript.

Pwn2Own competition in China

Pwn2Own world competition as the world’s recognized highest level of hacker competition, each Pwn2Own will attract the world’s top hacker team to come, “ well known ” attack ie, chrome, Safari, Firefox and other browsers. In many of the Pwn2Own competitions in Vancouver, Canada, in March 19, 2015, 360Vulcan  from China’s security research team; Team took the lead in 17 seconds to break the Microsoft Win8.1 system and the latest IE11 browser. This is the first time the Asian team has broken the IE in the world competition for the first time in 9 years, thus breaking the dominance of the European and American countries in this project.

Year-end inventory: ten major events in the programmer world in 2015

Google adjustment of mobile search algorithm

In April 21, 2015, Google formally implemented the mobile search algorithm. When users search on the mobile phone, those websites that do not move the web will be moved to the back. As early as February this year, Google announced the move, which said the algorithm changes will affect mobile search services in all languages around the world and will have a significant impact on the search results. Google spokesman said: “ in the mobile search era, we hope that the search results will be easy to read and interact on smaller cell phone screens. From April 21st, mobile web friendliness will become one of the factors that influence the ranking of mobile search results. ”

12 hours of Ctrip paralysis

From 11 o’clock on May 28th, Ctrip’s official website and APP could not be used until 23:29 that day. Through Ctrip technology investigation, confirmed that the incident was due to staff error operation, delete the execution code on the production server. Since May 2015, the NetEase, Alipay wallet and other network service is not the normal use of the phenomenon of short. Among them, at 8 p.m. on May 11th, the NetEase suddenly appeared in a large area of service paralysis. NetEase news, cloud music, easy letter, cloud notes and other mobile applications were unable to refresh normally. The NetEase names of the Games were all paralyzed. The users could not refresh and log in for a long time, but the second days had been restored at 2 a.m. In May 27th 17, Alipay wallet failure. Alipay 1 hours to find the reasons for the failure of Hangzhou, Xiaoshan is a cable waduan.

Year-end inventory: ten major events in the programmer world in 2015

The hacker organization Hacking Team was invaded by an attacker

In July this year, Hacking Team, a hacker for acquiring, selling vulnerabilities and privacy data, was invaded by an attacker, storing a lot of loopholes and &ldquo of sensitive data; the Arsenal &rdquo, which was also ransacked.

The leak has almost become a disaster for the entire Internet industry. The leaked 400G data contains a large number of code — — covers the entire platform, with multiple 0day, including remote execution, local power raising, etc. Therefore, a large number of devices and platforms are facing a threat.

Year-end inventory: ten major events in the programmer world in 2015

The shadowsocks source code is deleted by the author

In August 2015, clowwindy, a Beijing wise man under the world science and Technology Co., Ltd., was asked to delete all the source of the shadowsocks project on Github. All of the subproject pages are currently showing “ Removed

According to regulations”. Clowwindy’s Twitter account has also been set up as a privacy mode. Unauthorized followers can not view their past remarks.

Node JS 4 is released, and Node.js and io.js are formally merged

In September 9, 2015, Node.js was reinstalled. After half a year’s division, the community finally released the first version of Node.js and io.js: — — Node.js 4.0.0 version. Node.js 4.0.0 fused the code base of Node.js and io.js projects for the first time, so this release not only contains all the improvements that io.js has made to Node.js, but also all the subsequent new features in the Node.js’s 0.12.

Google release Android 6 system

The Google Corporation held the autumn 2015 new product conference in San Francisco, Beijing on the morning of September 30th. At the press conference, the Android 6 system, officially named &ldquo, Marshmallow (cotton candy) &rdquo, was officially launched, and the software experience and operational performance have been improved. The overall design style of the new system still maintains a flat Meterial Design style.

Year-end inventory: ten major events in the programmer world in 2015

December 3, 2015 PHP7 release

PHP 7.0.0 Alpha 1 includes the latest version of Zend Engine, including the following features:

Lifting performance: PHP 7 speed is two times as high as PHP 5.6; supports 64 bits; many significant errors can be abnormally handled; old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions; null merge operator (??); combination of < =>; scalar type declaration; anonymous class

Swift open source

In December 4, 2015, less than a day after Swift’s open source, the swift project received 13087 star and 1351 fork in GitHub. And it’s also growing fast… This shows that many developers have been getting a lot of attention and enthusiasm for the swift language, and that all the developers around the world will contribute their code and power to swift.

2014 at the end of the year   think the future will not be worse

2015 at the end of the year   looking forward to the future will only be better

Illusory changes in rivers and lakes

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