Why can only a few people learn to program?


Why can only a few people learn to program?


Then let’s talk about the motivation of entry. Some people think that computer viruses are fun, and they can also get money. Li Jun has taught himself to cook a panda burning incense. Indeed, in this respect, Li Jun is a talented person, and driving is your deep foundation. We have been learning programming for a long time, but not for most of the reasons or motivation. Some people say they have read the C language for a long time for 21 days and have done a lot of practice. The teacher said that he would practice writing all the time. We did the same thing, but what the real meaning was, it was always a piece of work. There is a big gap between realism and realism, and writing prose is nonsense.

Why can only a few people learn to program?

First, I think the best way to learn is to learn what to do.……什么学习编程先C语言,21天学懂C语言……都是扯淡。

So the primary problem in programming learning is your motivation, what you want to do with it, and where you don’t want to write the prose in the direction, we will think of a lot of ways for our purpose, for example, in the process of learning, we find a small goal to finish it. For example, I’d like to know why the program can be a real graphic window, and then I’ll see if I can realize it with our basic language, and then I find it possible to use some libraries like MFC under windows. QT can display something under Linux.

Why can only a few people learn to program?

二、That’s the interest,往往一件事情是我们越感兴趣我们就越会更用心的做这件事情。如果我们对编程这事只是好奇,那入门也是比较困难的,因为过了这个新鲜劲,一切又会归于平静。有好感有好奇心是开始,然后就是能用它来解决一些问题,逐渐的建立信心然后就是兴趣了。要想入门快,我们当然离不开一些这方面的成功案例,多看多读一些编程方面的牛人牛事。培养基础感情。

Why can only a few people learn to program?

Three, the introduction can not rely on watching to rely on practice

Programming is not only the familiarity of language, but also an abstract way of thinking to deal with problems. It is not important to use any language in this way of thinking. Without a certain degree of accumulation of programming, and the systematic study of the basic theory, this way of thinking can not be established overnight, must continue to write and continue to learn.

Besides, it’s not just to do exercises. Why did you learn programming at the beginning? So the purpose is to learn how to build a station?

Set yourself a goal of building a station

Read and learn, and constantly improve your website in the process of learning.

Encounter problems that you don’t understand and go to Google to learn the relevant knowledge

Do these things around

Why can only a few people learn to program?

Directly speaking, you are not too interested in programming, instead of forcing yourself to learn, learning for learning. Programming is just a tool and a tool. There is no desire to use tools.

Ask yourself why you can’t get started. Why don’t you first ask yourself why you should learn programming?

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