A gathering of 120 million dollars behind CDH investment


The Internet Co is innovative in business model innovation. Recently, a new force has emerged in social exchange.

In April 23rd, the cloud collection announced the completion of the $120 million B round financing, with CDH investment, Huaxing new economic fund and other continuing investment, and Thai capital as the sole financial advisor for the round. Capital always speaks with reason, why at this time, the well-known investment of CDH has been gathered.


A gathering of 120 million dollars behind CDH investment

A gathering of capital and big caffeine

There are Bole in the world, and then there are thousands of horses.

In recent years, the Internet industry has been looking for a big horse with high light. Under the “helpless” investment, the capital cluster bomb went to the shared field of ofo, MBI, and the small share charging treasure, the scene was spectacular, hundreds of billions of money arched the seemingly impossible shared bicycle, and of course, the red Zhu Xiao tiger. Not bad. The shared period almost ended with the joke of sharing girlfriend.

Later, star investment projects are unmanned stores, unmanned shelves, and singing bar, tea and other vertical segments, even so, the investment circle seems to suddenly have no goal and direction, staged a living “hungry wolf legend”.

Why is the investment in CDH investment in the retail and consumption sectors gathering? The story of Bo Le Xiang Ma should return to the origin of the gathering mode.

“From the nature of business, it takes two words to look at an enterprise: making money, that is, its business model can make money logically. The development logic of the Internet enterprise is very simple, in fact, it is the capital on top of the water, the faucet is a close, the enterprise is basically killed, if the business model can not create value, burning more money will not be used. Ying Wei, a partner in CDH capital operation, tells him his investment logic. It is clear that capital is not hungry.

Today, when capital looks at an enterprise, there are two views: first, we must look at the trend; two, we must look at the essence.

Speaking of this, we must first broadcast an advertisement to the song network. There is an engine principle in the training of underground network. For example, the brake system is very important, the transmission system is very important, even the rear view mirror, the skylight are very important, but if the initiative is not, the other is also become a set, embarrassing and use. That is to say, to think and find the engine can find the essence of things. Making money is the result of business mode, and the engine is still found in essence.

Obviously, the cloud has its own engine. First of all, it has its own quality control system. Secondly, it has gathered the way of unified income distribution by the platform. Its engine lies in the platform, which creates value for itself. Social networking traffic, the platform’s main service transformation, jump out of traffic, the transformation of the electricity supplier rule. Whether it is traffic or transformation, gathered at this time to show the power, is the capital of big coffee.

In March this year, the cloud gathered a V type reversal. It was awarded the list of “Hangzhou Unicorn enterprise” with 26 enterprises, such as ant gold clothing, word-of-mouth net, Ali cloud and so on. From an official perspective, the collection has risen strongly.

Social play at the core of “human”

“Sell 30 seconds to sell 3000 latex particles massage pillow; 3 minutes sold 70 thousand groups of German sports milk powder; 5 minutes sold the big siderfield steak 225000 tablets, sales of tens of millions; 2 hours plain wild polypeptide live repair suit sales break billion…” such an electric power electronic pulse on the flat platform is “Dabao see every day”.

The sale of explosive money is the skin of social networking providers, and the gathering is no exception.

As for the social e-commerce, Xiao Shang has its own understanding, and he believes that, as information production, production, and access to information are in change, especially in the era of shifting the Internet, 80% even more information is not from the search, not from the portal, but from the subscription and the cancellation of attention. When a peer to peer connection is established between individuals and individuals, social networking should be based on moderate or even severe communication.

In fact, Xiao Zhong’s emphasis on moderate communication is to achieve precision and focus. Focus on a cross section of people and goods, improve the efficiency of exchange.

The traditional electricity supplier mode is to build the house first, then find the seller (the shopkeeper) and do business together. And gathered a different situation: build the house (platform), get the goods ready, and then find someone (the owner is the equivalent channel) to do business together.

The gathering is just like what Zeng has described, the most likely leading S2b2c business model in the next five years.

It can be understood as a large supplier, it is like a comprador parent, building the logistics, IT system, platform and other retail infrastructure resources, and then to the individual store owner is the small B side, small B is usually a field of KOL, or with a high hand, the output of docking C end, of which the social distribution won the prize. Encouragement is a relatively big stimulus, and it is widely said that every shopkeeper can earn money.

I have a lot of shopkeepers around them. They can earn 5. 6 million a year. According to the introduction, there are nearly 3 million shopkeepers on the cloud collection platform. It can be seen that the pulse on the cloud platform is amazing. But then again, if you want to earn money, you have to learn more. Otherwise, join the ranks of nearly 30 million VIP consumers, enjoy the explosion is enough.

The butterfly dress is a collection of shopkeepers interviewed by Di song net. Once she had changed 9 nannies, she had to resign and take care of her children at home. After a chance to get in touch with the clouds, she chose to be the owner of the shop. She said she was the best choice for her life except to marry a lover. It brings her another way to realize her life value.

Back to the gathering place, it is easy to see that people and goods are separated from each other. Its mode can run through, and quality control is very important, because the category not only directly determines the cost of operation, but also decides whether the explosive payment can be done. The logical nature of the explosion is the cost performance. A LV and Dior can not be detonated in the circle.

The main family consumer goods, it generally adopts direct selling, direct supply and other ways. At present, the collection of SKU control in the 4000, and also gradually start to hatch the brand.

Gathering VP Zhang Tiecheng, he is also the head of the agricultural product brand project. Since joining the cloud collection, not only has trained the habit of buying and buying, but also often goes deep into the field to find good goods. For example, Shaanxi Mizhi millet, Deqing yuan eggs, Yanliang melon and so on are the booty of him and his team.

Zhang Tiecheng and di song net share the five axes of building agricultural product brands: selecting products, finding spots, endorsement, dissemination and operation.

In the selection of products, we choose products with good price performance. In the search point, the point is that everything is the story, through the story to find links to the point of consumers, such as health, ecology, even the poverty alleviation, the other three board axe endorsement, communication, operation are in the explosive efforts, together to form the brand fan effect.

The front end is a high price ratio commodity, the back end is the accumulation of all aspects of quality control, infrastructure and so on. However, the real protecting city is still focused on people, with “human” as the center. At present, 50% of the traffic is automatically transformed on the platform of Cloud Collection.

Ying Wei, the managing director of CDH investment partner and director, told the web that big giants could not appear in Internet companies, but there were still many opportunities in the cross section or vertical segment, such as the gathering and upgrading of the consumption upgrades that were close to the middle level. There is still much room for imagination in the future.

As long as the clouds continue to be vertical, its track will be longer and more robust.

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