Get can not be unknown in the field of electricity supplier classics, playing Beijing Teng plan 3 era


With the Internet e-commerce and China’s retail industry and China’s economy into the new period of transformation and transformation, the consumer purchase model has also undergone a more obvious change, gradually showing a number of digital, personalized, diversified and socialized consumption characteristics, the new digital and new consumption era is coming. Many opportunities emerge online and offline, and brands are also suffering from the pain of marketing. How to break the island state between the data, the different marketing scenes of organic series, and the more accurate measurement and grasp of the marketing profit are the difficult problems that the brand needs to be overcome.

In April 17th, the Beijing Teng plan 3 and the Beijing Teng magic cube + product conference were held in Beijing. At the meeting, the deep cooperation partners of the Beijing Teng plan shared several applications of dry goods, which provided effective solutions for the above marketing pain points. What are the best strategies? Let’s go through the review of this article and find out what it is!

Get can not be unknown in the field of electricity supplier classics, playing Beijing Teng plan 3 era

Tencent, Jingdong important guests and deep partner customers participate in Beijing Teng plan 3 conference roundtable discussion

Case 1: “brand + business” value should be taken into account.

Brand challenge: as one of the black technology brands of the consumer group, Dyson encountered resistance in the process of marketing promotion. As the regular TA has bought many times of Dai Sen products, it has been repeatedly touched by brand information, and gradually began to show fatigue. The consumption transformation space is becoming more and more saturated. How to find and identify the new high potential users in a short time is an urgent task facing the brand.


Jing Teng’s core product, Jing Teng Rubik, has provided an efficient marketing solution for Dyson. As Dyson has put in a number of advertisements and accumulated a large number of loyal users, based on its historical data assets, the consumer characteristics of the loyal user group, the Jing Teng cube understands the user’s social and shopping path through customized data analysis, and constructs a user life cycle value (LTV) model based on the LTV model. Brand promotion and sales transformation effect evaluation, to achieve multi-channel data reflux, precipitation, and further lock the brand loyal core crowd. Then, using the Beijing Teng magic cube + social relationship chain expansion model to help Dyson first Get has a higher pursuit of quality of life of potential user groups.

In the aftermath of transmitting information to the high potential user group, the whole media matrix of the Tencent social advertisement has also played a great role in helping the brand ads to achieve the brand advertising through the various forms of advertising, such as WeChat’s circle of friends, the WeChat public, and the landing page. The exposure is effective.

What is the effect after the touch? We focus on two core effect data: first, the social relationship chain that receives brand information has relatively no access to information, and increases the first active search for the Dyson brand by 53%; second, we find that in the exposure population that has been touched by brand information, we have been touched. The user group of DA has gained 51% promotion to Dyson’s cognition, helping Dyson to gradually establish brand awareness in the high potential user group, and then through continuous marketing and continuous insight into the full consumer journey of the user group, the Gao Qian user group will be able to pass the full path of “cognitive – intention – transfer – support” through the user cultivation model. The body eventually transformed into a brand loyal user.

Case two: join the “Beijing Teng plan +IP”, Dove TA insight and traffic transformation two pronged approach

Brand challenge: Ma’s arrow card (hereinafter referred to as Ma’s) has been in China for many years, and the young brand has been an important goal of Ma’s hope. Du Xinsheng, head of the Ma’s China Digital Innovation Center, also mentioned in the 3 press conference of the Beijing Teng program that the need to establish more communication and communication between brand and young people is necessary to achieve brand youth.


The Beijing Teng plan has always hoped that Tencent and Jingdong will be able to provide a more comprehensive platform for customers to enjoy better services. Based on Marx’s desire to achieve brand younger, Jing Teng plans to help Marx move the marketing position to the digital scene.

The brand needs to be younger. In the process of being younger, products need to be integrated with marketing. Under this background, in 2016 Dove launched a small fresh series of chocolate products with three flavors of strawberry, lemon and green tea. And it has been working to make the three products linked to the two dimension. Under the power of the Beijing Teng program, the Dove small fresh series launched a cooperation in the field of two yuan. With the powerful data ability and multi-dimensional marketing scene of the Beijing Teng program, the online and offline marketing has been cleared up. The brand is quickly close to the two – dimensional culture and the youth consumption group, and the subdivision market is occupied.

At the data end, Dove uses the powerful data ability of the Beijing Teng program to customize the exclusive TA crowd of Dove brand through data analysis and insight into the crowd. At the same time, it can open the station and outside the station to carry out the reflux of the interactive crowd, and carry out the accurate two operations and contact of the consumer group in the station. At the end of the scene, Dove’s own communication resources are linked to the whole media scene of the Tencent, and it works with the IP activity scene in the Jingdong station, realizing the seamless connection of multiple scenes, making the high submersible flow smoothly transformed.

In this cooperation, Mars harvested quite satisfactory results. During the activity, Dove’s ROI has greatly improved, the ROI in the station has increased by more than 130%, and the ROI upgrade outside the station has reached 75.1%. After reaping such results, Du Xinsheng also played Call at the Beijing Tengen 3 conference site for the Beijing Teng program. He said, “the Beijing Teng program can help us to further optimize it and make it easier for us to judge the whole marketing path more scientifically, let the brand have more perspective and space.”

Jing Teng plan 3.0& Jing Teng Rubik’s cube + provides integrated marketing concept for the brand.

After combing the cases, it is not difficult to find out that the core of the 3 direct marketing pain points of the Beijing Teng plan is to break through the three dimensions of data, scenes and links. In the data aspect, the data capabilities of brand merchants, Tencent, Jingdong and data service providers are fully integrated and precipitated, and then through decision-making, application and final return, a complete closed loop data ecology is formed. In the scene level, the Beijing Teng line marketing scene almost realizes the full coverage of Chinese Internet users and product matrix. In connection with full network traffic, the landing of the scene is no longer limited; on link, not only creates a “brand promotion” and “sales transformation” of the advertising revenue assessment system, but also forms a “full link analysis -> the user life cycle value (LTV) model -> the product business effect measurement -> multi dimension marketing decision and feedback” methodology. Through the integration of consumption characteristics, we can understand the relationship between the brand and the user, construct the LTV model, optimize the cultivation and management of the consumer relationship. Under the premise of fully understanding the user population, it is reasonable to dismantle the marketing targets and make more efficient marketing strategies, so that marketing can be targeted.

In addition, on the basis of the Jingteng cube, Beijing Tengen project 3 also launched the “Jingteng magic square +”, and first created the “PIAC” four capabilities matrix: P (Private) private brand assets, I (Intelligent) intelligent orientation strategy, A (All-round) comprehensive data application, C (Customized) custom data analysis, transmission brand new upgrade in one. The concept of marketing marketing.

It is the ultimate meaning of every participant in the industry to grasp the opportunity and realize the brand and the commercial value of the key nodes of the reform of the retail industry. The existence and derivation of the Beijing Teng plan is an injection of a strong heart for the arrival of the new consumption era. We may as well hope that the combination mode of “social networking and e-commerce” will enlarge the value of digital marketing in the future.

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