The “border” that will keep the US group going to war will be rewriting the new retail competition.


Once a bell has been ringing

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In April 13th, the US regiment announced that it had stopped the subsidies to Nanjing users in April 12th, and then 14 days later, it announced that it was the first to cancel the normal subsidies in the Shanghai region.

In addition, in the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission law enforcement team, the intervention of the city transport management office, the United States Group taxi business has been “rectify”, 6000 billboards have recently been withdrawn.

The five interests of the stakeholders are mixed. The goose factory loosened the breath, after all, the two parties burned more or less money for the Tencent; the driver, the passengers were slightly disappointed, the desire to take a fights of the gods temporarily lost; the high – up high German is not too happy to sit down the profit.

And the war left far more than that. The US group, which buys and sells the group buys, has to drop in drops in many Internet products. It also spared no expense in its original version, reflecting the logic of the territorial and border wars behind the Internet. The same moving new retailing has already begun a rapid replicating war with this boundary logic, and the boundaries between “seals” across the Internet Kingdom have become recognized as a new retailer.

Under this logic, the US regiment and the drop of war will not stop, for example, the next step is to announce that the next step will be sent to 9 cities, such as Beijing, Changsha, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Chengdu and other cities. In the same way, competition in the past mode of exploration and optimization of new retail has also been transformed to rapid replication.

Taking inventory of new retail cases, “quantity” has grabbed the “pattern” of the limelight.

On the one hand, Alibaba, Tencent and other bigwigs scramble for retail sites, which are still heating up. In April 12th 2018 China “Internet plus” digital economic summit, BBK Group Chairman Wang Tian in an interview to talk about Ali Empire and allies of the ecological ecological Tencent (according to Mr. Wang’s character, he chose the latter). Just the day before, Taobao’s biggest threat is a new round of financing of around $3 billion, which is led by Tencent and Sequoia.

On the other hand, under the background of horse racing enclosure, retail brands are still striving to upgrade “new retail”, trying to catch up with or lead the trend of the times. At the 2018 retail conference in April 12th, the 2018 retail brands, such as big run hair, pleasure City, Jingdong and other retail brands, commercial real estate, e-commerce industry, 2000 senior executives, to the strategy to “stand team or self-improvement”, the trend will be “duke or oligopoly” to discuss again. It is worth mentioning that the “good Chinese store” award of the conference has been awarded to the music language Brookstone of the new retail layout, which has neither a standing team Ali nor a standing team of the Tencent.

Figure: new retail layout under the background of Ali and Tencent competition (source: Xu Rongcong research group of China Merchants Securities)

And just the same award that won the same prize last year is also the music Brookstone. So, looking back on the history and status of the new retail brand named Brookstone, we found that the new retail competition has shifted from whose concept, the pilot model is better, and who can quickly copy the relatively mature model. Up.

In the beginning, Yue language and Dixon Tong were almost the same, leaving behind the impression of ordinary people, that is, the mobile phone store with DJ Trumpet Music on the street. In 2016, the music language that felt the pressure of transition in Beijing’s Aegean Sea was the first to start the experiential new shopping, and the effect was better. At this time, Mr. Jack, who liked to create a new concept, had not yet thrown out the new retail theory.

Later, the music language and the American Newcastle brand Brookstone brand integration, upgraded to music language Brookstone, and the combination of   “wonderful health” service eventually finalized the “handpick cell phone + new music + wonderful health” new retail model. After the completion of the model, Yue language began to take a fast copy of the road, 2017 national day, Christmas, 2018 New Year’s day, and other nodes of a large number of stores, it is said that April will be opened to 100 new retail stores, to open to 500.

In fact, in fact, most of the typical cases of new retail are similar to the development trajectory. After the pattern exploration is almost the same, it begins to use rapid replication as the core of operation. The most primitive “quantity” comparison logic of business has begun to cover the “pattern” and become the leading role of the new zero sale.

Now, what is the new retailing, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong, millet, music, and other opinions are not unified, but this does not prevent them from doing a quick copy of the model to quickly copy and seize the market. However, the replication of the new retail form may not be the same as that of the traditional retail location. The mode of merging with the Internet has its own rules and requirements.

Fast replicating new retail, breaking the boundaries between SKU and Location

The United States and the trickle down, the new retail began to replicate quickly, all originate from the same Internet logic.

1, there must be three boundaries in the mode of integrating with the Internet.

Why is the American group intended to expand its territory and dripping, rather than with WeChat, the headlines, the quick, the more, the PK? The answer seems simple, they are not a category, eight poles can’t be hit. But is it a category for the US group to do the takeaway group and the drop of taxi?

From the three boundaries of Internet products, the answer is yes.

Any Internet related model can belong to three categories: A, the supply and performance of the pure line; the B1 class, the SKU centric offline supply; the B2 class, the Location centric offline service.

Class A, which is done online, doesn’t have much to do with the line. For example, we chat with WeChat, play the king’s glory to buy Diao Chan’s new skin, and Ge You lie on the sofa and brush the micro-blog.

B1 class, in line with the product (SKU) demand, in the server background processing various types of transactions, and finally through the logistics and other ways to complete the network transaction requirements, such as Tmall Jingdong shopping to product as the center, all can be reached.

The B2 class, around the fixed address (Location) Internet service, needs to be used accurately to the user or the supplier of Location in the process of providing services, such as the takeout near the point of the United States, a drop taxi to a nearby office building, and a second-hand house in the room.

Any Internet related model can be classified into these three categories. The meaning of the boundary lies in the common business model logic, as well as the possibility of competition in the same border. The reason why the United States and the United States will dry up is because in the same border, the logic of the underlying logic of the model, early and late will be eroded each other, not the initiative of the United States, is the initiative, and the opening of the so-called “flameout” will not last long.

As a result, today, the headlines and WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu even know the rip, the four sides of the enemy, seemingly different products between the discord, and even make the Tencent very nervous (all is a), and the same guy Ali, Jingdong are out of the B1, it is not difficult to understand.

2, fast replication means that new retail should be both SKU and Location.

As far as retail is concerned, traditional retail is not in the Internet system. Pure electric retailing is a typical B1 category, and new retail is different from them. In fact, most of the Internet brands such as Tmall (group B1) and the US group (B2) are light models only for platforms, and others are buying and selling money in the middle. The new retailing of the store’s storefront is a few of the heavy mode products in the Internet, which is not only a platform (meaning the potential of replication and scale) but not a platform only (but also an entity store), which means it is doomed to cross the boundaries of the Internet model.

New retail can not only belong to the B1 class, provide rationing for SKU on the Internet, but also belong to the B2 class, and serve in the Location range of the store. The former, representing the capability of the platform, is a large-scale guarantee, allowing all stores to have a unified online entrance (around the products that the retailer can provide); the latter, representing the quality of a single store and its association with the overall layout of the retail store (after being drained to provide services after the drainage), is effective replicating rather than a short term closed shop. Jill’s premise.

In turn, why the new retail must be “SKU” and “Location”, this is because if only SKU e-commerce alone can not and Jingdong, Tmall PK, there is no living space, but also out of the offline entity stores; if only Location service, in essence, the O2O model, this model can not be said to fail, but the failure, but this mode can not fail, but Its business model has proved to be impossible to replicate very quickly.

Therefore, the new retail must break the boundary between the two modes of SKU and Location, not only to make the entity retail stores based on the service of the offline address range, to support the operation of the brand full network SKU business city, and to form the personalized advantage of the Jingdong and Tmall relative to the wireless store (I am not just an e-commerce, I also provide various types of stores under my cable. ” The local service); also set up its own SKU mall to make the retail brand synergetic and not just a single store. (my store is open at this address, but I have a huge member, a SKU platform behind me, my service can bring traffic, and it can be brought in the flow).

Integrating SKU and Location, there are two underlying capabilities requirements.

Of course, both SKU supply and Location services still need many basic capabilities for new retailing.

1. The complexity of Supply Chain Capacity

Under the rapid replication, the new retail supply chain must ensure the traditional distribution from warehouse to storefront, as well as ensure that the platform and storefront reach consumers’ distribution. Take the millet home for example, the supply chain of the light demand side involves the direct delivery of the millet shopping mall users, the millet home inventory dynamic guarantee, the millet home line ordering on the line, the online order in the millet home extraction and so on, these cross SKU mode and Location mode supply chain distribution becomes very complex, if added, There are various kinds of different sources, shortage of goods, warehouse transfer, and so on. The new retailing of the whole millet home SKU needs a strong integrated supply chain capability.

2. The ability to turn the process into a goal

In the US League and the drop wars, many people are optimistic about the US mission because consumption is always the ultimate goal, and travel is just a process of consumption. People are more sticky about consumption demand, and those who travel in process do not matter.

It also gives a revelation to new retail: if buying and selling is the only goal for consumers to go shopping, the difference advantage of the new retailing will become very low, and where the consumers buy all the same, it is only a process.

As a result, the new retail is one of the purposes of making the process of consumption into the store. The B2 class in the new retailing is always the “service” as the center of the Location, not the “supply” (selling), otherwise the simple online order will fall into the mire of O2O.

Take music as an example, although the supply chain of Brookstone is monopolized by its parent company group, consumers may not be able to buy new products if they are only buying new products in the sea. The style of the music language is more of the service, with the experience of the novelty product (the guide of the staff to help the consumer experience), and the local health service under the good health platform, which has gradually become one of the reasons for the choice of consumers. The health service area has brought a large number of incoming passenger flows. Otherwise, even if music’s novelty can attract a large number of customers in the short term, with the mining of other purchasing channels, a quick copy will surely lose the market base.

In a word, no matter how the United States and the Internet star products do not run away from their borders, the war between the new retails is better than who can truly cross the two big internet business model categories of the SKU supply and Location services, thus laying the foundation for the large scale replication, and the rest is the capital. The source of the problem.

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