After the consumer escalation ebb, where should the beauty business go?


Because of the expansion of the new middle class, many people think that 2017 has become the first year of consumption upgrading. Looking back at the speeches of many entrepreneurs and investors, you will find that you almost need to upgrade your consumption. You don’t seem to mention this word. You can do things like Low. Overnight, consumption escalation has become the “golden oil” of all walks of life.

But as shared economy was applied to all sectors of the industry last year, the concept of consumption upgrading is also being abused, which has long exceeded its original consumption changes. We think that we have entered the era of consumption upgrading, but in fact, we just fell into the carnival of the concept of consumption upgrading. Including the once popular Internet red milk tea shop, it is said that queuing for hours is very common. Many people say that they are good to drink, but the real situation is that you are thirsty and tired for two hours, and drink everything well.

Many people call this illusion of consumption escalation “pseudo consumption upgrading”, which is the inevitable result after the concept of consumption escalation. With the passage of time, the bubble of consumption upgrading has gradually dispersed, and the consumption after the ebb tide has become more rational and returning to its essence.

Consumption upgrades ebb, the touchstone of the beauty business strategy.

In the wave of consumption upgrades, a large number of cosmetics have been spawned, especially for the “high-end”, “boutique” cross-border beauty makeup electric business has been considered to have great opportunities – consumers are willing to invest more money to pursue large cosmetics, at the expense of making themselves more beautiful.

Tmall, Jingdong as an e-commerce giant, has always attached great importance to the beauty of the cosmetics business; a number of small and medium-sized vertical beauty and makeup e-commerce, taking advantage of the market, from the market part of the consumer. Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera and many other app explosions have also launched the first beauty experience electric business in China.

Various beauty dealers have developed different market strategies based on their own platform attributes and enterprise values.

A kind of beautiful makeup e-commerce platform emphasizes advertising marketing, exposing the consumer’s vision with an extensive advertisement, some exploding H5 even has the potential of brush screen, constantly attacking the mind of consumers; the other kind of e-commerce is good at making its own potential with large and low price cosmetics, emphasizing that he is a big and full platform, with an average of two months. There is a kind of e-commerce platform, represented by the United States and the United States, will focus on the quality and safety of the goods, and improve the consumer’s trust in the commodity peace platform through the cooperation with the inspection agencies.

The above three strategies are often not isolated. The beauty makeup business platform often plays a combined punch in different proportions.

But now the phenomenon of counterfeit consumption escalation has been revealed, and the hot businesses have gone bankrupt, and the upsurge of consumption has become a process of eliminating the false and preserving the truth. What consumers emphasize is what consumers value most, and only market choices can answer them.

For the beauty suppliers, the most important problem is how to cut down the real consumer demand after the upgrade.

After the ebb tide, quality and character are emerging.

I personally think that after the upgrades of consumption, the real needs of the users should be a two-way standard of quality and character, which is the most important pursuit based on the upgrade of the user’s mind and the upgrading of the product. In the past, in order to catch up with the concept of consumption upgrading, e-commerce platforms tend to choose shortcuts, such as inadequate products and marketing. But time has gradually proved that consumers will not only compromise the quality of prices, but will pay more attention to the consumption experience and the quality of products.

It is precisely based on the accurate judgement of consumers’ demand that beauty has always focused on commodity quality assurance.

The word “quality” is not difficult to understand, representing a more high-end, healthier and more convenient consumption. Some suppliers have put the quality economy on the direction of more big brands, hoping to build a high-end platform with the brand, but this is not the foundation of quality. A better way to hit the pain point is to return to the original “craftsman spirit” to ensure quality.

In April 18th, the United States National Monitoring Center launched the national monitoring center to start “admission inspection”, that is, before the cross-border goods arrived in the bonded warehouse, and before the storage of the warehouse, the United States and the national monitoring center of the United States and the national monitoring center to check, strictly control the information on goods and inventory on the goods: for example, whether the packaging is unified, the batch number is accurate, If there is any damage or not, after strict inspection, the goods will be brought back to the package and put into the system to prepare for the next more strict quality inspection.

After the consumer escalation ebb, where should the beauty business go?

Such a process does not seem to be complicated entry inspection is very necessary for us, even for consumers. For the United States, it is the first step to build up the word of mouth and gain the trust of consumers, and the meaning can not be ignored. At the same time, we should not forget our original intention in the environment of consumption upgrading after the ebb tide. For consumers, in the face of the current cross-border electricity supplier quality problems frequent, quality assurance has become the most concern. Although the process of warehousing inspection is not complicated, it is also one of measures to enhance consumer trust.

After the consumer escalation ebb, where should the beauty business go?

In addition, the United States and the United States in the past more than a month with the national monitoring center, the Zhejiang Provincial Academy of Sciences and the central inspection Zhejiang reached a strategic cooperation. With the help of three testing organizations, the control of commodity quality in different dimensions is intended to improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the test results, and to convey the determination of quality assurance.

Besides quality, another important point of upgrading consumption after the ebb tide is to enhance taste, which represents personalized, customized and technological consumption. Throughout the entire cross-border e-commerce industry, no one really made the service to the extreme, many e-commerce platforms based on large data “guess you like”, can not really understand the needs of the user. Private custom and technology skin care are the new places of beauty and makeup. The business model of C2B is really a taste of the electricity supplier from the user’s perspective.

Based on AI+ big data, the United States specializes in personalized and technological needs of young consumer groups. For example, AI skin testing, as of now, the beauty of   AI skin testing has nearly 50 million people use, and the conversion rate of skin users is 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary users. This is because AI skin testing can solve the problem of what the user really needs, and recommends the most suitable goods for the user. Through the AI skin testing function, the beauty of beauty cosmetics has perfectly improved the user’s consumption experience, making it a close user beauty skin housekeeper.

Facing the ebb tide of consumption upgrading, putting aside the marketing coat, and testing the internal strength of quality and experience, it is possible for those who can grasp these two cores to go further. Mei Tu Mei makeup is precisely because it does not blindly follow suit, grasping the quality and grasping the taste at the same time.

How to protect the quality of the business?

The concept of consumption upgrading can be traced back to around 2015. At that time, China’s economic growth continued to decline and the supply side reform had not yet been achieved. In the light consumption field, a series of new business models, represented by experience, quality and net red economy, were packaged by the concept of capital consumption upgrading. This round of consumer upgrading should be carried out around “class upgrading”.

Calculation time, beautiful makeup vertical e-commerce or cross-border e-commerce business from the beginning is the product of the trend of consumption, but the fact that it is difficult to ignore is that the quality of consumption upgrades is higher than the price every day, and the beauty and makeup business is still a disaster area of counterfeit goods, so the key point of the industry is to find a quality model. In this regard, as the first domestic beauty experience style electricity supplier, the United States Tu Mei makeup has certain industry reference significance for the protection of genuine products.

As a whole, it establishes a coherent guarantee mechanism in the front, middle and back end of the cosmetics trade chain, for example, to cooperate with the brand directly to achieve brand authorization, to guarantee the quality from the source through overseas direct production and other forms, and to provide a ten false claim for the user at the back end. The guarantee measures of genuine products.

In addition to routine quality control measures, the innovation of self testing and self testing is also becoming a new quality control standard. In this regard, the creativity is stronger than the sample cabinet. From a lot of customer feedback and market research, it is found that consumers have more doubts about the batch and appearance of the beauty products, and may even be identified as fake because of the difference between the appearance and the special cabinet. Based on the related perplexity of the consumer, the US graphics and the United States make up the sample of many countries and regions, which can make the consumer compare. At the same time, the samples are checked by the Department of inspection and customs, and can be checked with the relevant departments at any time.

Self regulation itself is a “hard to be thankless” thing, but once a complete set of mechanisms is formed, it can not only obtain the trust of consumers, but also the self protection of the brand. For example, the supply chain traceability can clearly identify responsibilities, help the platform record clues, and reduce the cost of developing inferior commodities.

Since its launch in October 2017, the pace of American graphics has been very fast, and it shows its determination to be strong and characteristic in the e-commerce field. After the upgrades of the consumer upgrade, the United States and the United States can accurately seize the market pain point of quality and safety, continue to improve the quality control system, and also for the development of the beauty of the electronic commerce has come out of a road of reference.

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