Big guy’s brain hole: new retail and unbounded retail


From thousands of years of traditional marketing to the rise of e-commerce, we can see that in the past, marketing objectives were independent and dispersed. For example, through advertising attention, through physical desire, to the final purchase, to go through many links. Since Ma Yun’s concept of “new retail” is practising the concept of “new retail”, the way consumers get information and purchase goods is changing rapidly. The popularization of two-dimensional code has become the entrance of the mobile Internet. The development and application of AI make users the core of the marketing system, and the change of the habit of eliminating expense and the change of technology are also being promoted. The changing marketing model. Not long ago, Liu Qiangdong also proposed the concept of “unbounded retail”, so people are a bit confused, and what is this? What are the two big guys talking about? What’s the difference?  

On the new retailing of Ma Yun

In 2016, Mr Ma proposed five new concepts in the cloud habitat conference. The new retail was officially launched. Its core: the combination of online and offline retailing. Through opening up logistics, using big data, cloud computing and other innovative technologies, we reconstruct “people, goods and markets”. At the same time, Ma Yun also put forward that the traditional retail industry is impacted by e-commerce, and the era of pure e-commerce will soon end. The future new retail will integrate online and offline, combined with modern logistics together, in order to create a real “new retail”, new retail will bring new shopping experience and improve business efficiency. . Over the past year, Ali’s enclosure movement has been forging new retail territory as he wishes.

On Liu Qiangdong’s unbounded retail

Not long ago, East brother put forward the unbounded retail, the idea is: relying on the Tencent’s social, content system and Jingdong trading system, to create a retail solution of online and offline integration, service depth customization, and high integration of scene transaction for brand merchants, and fully empower brand merchants to solve the unbounded retail solutions. Liu Qiangdong believes that there is no change in the nature of retail, so there is no new and old retail, and the core of retail is still the escalation of cost, efficiency and user experience. Unbounded retail will realize the upgrading of cost, efficiency and experience, so as to achieve win-win cooperation among users, brands, media and Jingdong.

The essence of the two concept

The new retail, the unbounded retail, said the big guy’s pattern and eye, and said it was a name for the O2O that had been blown up before, and it was all about market value or valuation. To come and go is to try to improve the efficiency and efficiency of every point and win the attention of investors and consumers. In fact, they did nothing more than the following:

1, IT. Including delivery, inventory, sales and logistics. The retailer delivers all kinds of goods together with the sales forecast to the supplier everyday, and the supplier promptly produces and delivers to the retailer’s warehouse. Sales, scan what code to achieve Cash Free transactions, enhance safety and internal control risk management level, in order to improve the efficiency of all parties.

2. Inventory visualization. Each warehouse is clear at a glance, constantly adjusting the best stock, giving priority to replenish high profits and run fast, with high user satisfaction. Logistics butt warehouse and express all kinds of automation.

3, unmanned or less human. Reduce user input through user’s own and sweep code payment.

4. Best inventory and minimization of SKU. With the minimum area to meet the largest consumer demand, big data is relatively easy.

In short, no matter what the name of the electricity supplier is, “unbounded retail” or “new retail”, retail is ultimately selling goods from businesses to customers. Whether you walk like a lot like a lot of low price, or the three generation of music like a membership, or a red book like the way to share the line, in the Internet age, have to go through the network of goods on the shelf and sale, other goods, warehousing, after-sales and other links are still not much different from traditional retail, but more than one Logistics link.

With the popularity of the Internet and the introduction of new concepts, e-commerce integration of large data, intelligent robots, intelligent logistics, shared storage and other technologies to improve the efficiency of all links in e-commerce, and ultimately to improve the level of e-commerce services. These technological improvements that enhance user experience can not be expressed separately, but can only be expressed in the form of encapsulation concepts. What do we do? Let’s name it, so the name of “unbounded retail” and “new retail” appears.

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