Originality is productivity, the cultivation and opening of baby tree family content ecological platform.


There is no doubt that China has the world’s largest mother and baby market, and who can fully serve Chinese babies and the mothers of milk dad behind, can cultivate an online mother and baby ecology with high loyalty and vigorous activity and purchasing power.

According to Yi thousand sails published in April, “Chinese Internet mother to baby market comprehensive analysis 2018” report shows that baby tree baby tree breeding APP in the mother and baby community in the scale of users, activity and other stable first. Why is the benefit of the flow adsorption of the mother and child community so strong? Why in other Internet fields such as travel, takeout, e-commerce, etc., the first dispute in the industry is all the same. In the field of mother and baby in the Internet, baby trees always sit tight.

Mother and baby family Internet industry is “evergreen tree”, also is “slow” can “win” industry.

Although the young people’s fertility will actually have a downward trend, the mother and baby Internet industry has developed rapidly under the policy of “all two children”, “consumption upgrading” and market double wheel drive. It is a typical characteristic that Chinese mothers get more online consumption of knowledge, content and products. Although the market environment is good, the entry threshold of this industry is very high. The professional mother and child content knowledge system, high quality breeding population exclusive products, early childhood education and so on, really need to do, not only need to invest in a huge cost, but also need long time intensive cultivation to accumulate the trust base and operation ability of this user. That is to say, in this industry, we can’t earn fast money.

For the mother and infant field of the Internet, the new generation of young mothers not only rely on the platform to solve the problem of universal birth, but also more diversified and personalized needs. And baby tree breeding can achieve more flow than other products of the same kind, it is because it builds the integration of content, community, consumption, health is one of the one-stop maternal and child family service platform.

Originality is productivity, the cultivation and opening of baby tree family content ecological platform.

Why only the baby tree has built a one-stop service platform for mother to child family members? I think there are three main reasons:

First, time is a barrier. Long-term deep tillage is essential. Only in the line of mother and baby industry for many years can we form a complete product form covering the era of PC to the mobile Internet era. Mother to child community is the baby tree gene, from seed users to active users, and to loyal users, a little accumulation of millions, tens of millions of orders, after the platform has precipitated enough user active data, can be combed out of a relatively complete knowledge system, the back of the newborn baby encountered problems in front of the problem It has been combed out of the knowledge base. With such user potential, it will be enough for the community exchange platform to make a more detailed community based on tens of millions of live users.

Second, there is no shortcut to cultivate user trust emotion. As long as the user needs to be effectively solved on the platform, it will trust and rely on the platform, which requires a clear knowledge system, a complete portrait of the user, and a “gas station” for the mothers and mothers to be trained before pregnancy, accompanied by pregnancy and return to the workplace after pregnancy. Agglomerate the temperature of the product. Many Internet start-ups in the field of mother to child try to do business at the beginning, but the cost of the flow is very high, and the transformation is not satisfactory. In fact, the mother and baby e-commerce is based on “trust business”. This is the original cause of other mother to child vertical electric business to do a certain scale “complement the lesson”. It is due to the birth of the baby tree. There is a sense of trust, Bao MA in the mall consumption decision making cost is lower, more assured, this kind of consumption consumption is difficult to copy.

Third, product closed-loop is better able to meet user needs, order can not be reversed. Baby tree breeding and baby tree little time fully meet the baby mother in the process of learning, recording, communication, sharing spiritual needs; for the baby to purchase satisfactory goods, services and health service is just needed, baby tree in its own flow system to do e-commerce, medical and health model is logical. The user experience of this direct 2C model is actually better than the advertising model. As long as the goods and services are good, the users are willing to buy the bill, rather than think that the platform is making their money, so the commercial road of the baby tree has been stable and stable, accumulating a fairly stable user base.

Baby tree launches “treasure tree” open platform, empowering mother and child, family content industry

At present, the new technology of the Internet is reshaping the consumption scene, and the trend of consumption upgrading is likely to usher in a new development turning point for the mother infant industry. With baby tree as the representative of the online mother and baby community platform to practice the “baby tree +” open strategy, expand the early education (Education), maternal and child medical (Health), parent-child service, new retail business scene, to build the “product, business, content, education” whole industry chain.

In April 16, 2018, “WOW! MOM! Enjoy home + energy” baby tree open platform conference held in Beijing, Bao Baoshu officially launched the open platform “treasure tree” and announced the investment of hundreds of billions of resources to layout family content industry ecology. Some excellent creators who have long been ploughing in the mother and child industry have won the baby tree award. Encouraged, the content of the baby tree has become a new direction of the maternal and infant community and maternal and child industry in 2018.

Originality is productivity, the cultivation and opening of baby tree family content ecological platform.

1. support quality creators, rely on big data technology to push accurate release of traffic dividends.

At present, the content of the mother and the child and the organization are mainly distributed on the public number and on some common platforms. The users are not accurate, the reading is also lack of scenes, and the change is more difficult. Even the good content is difficult to gather the loyal fans.

Baby tree has a full network of massive, accurate mother and baby population, in the baby tree community ecological itself has born a number of native mothers and quality of the original big V, the baby tree of the “treasure tree” for a lot of mother and baby industry from the media, mother to the mother and baby manufacturers are “timely rain”, “Treasure tree” recommends personalized high-quality content to mothers’ users based on users’ big data, and can better become the traffic platform for mother and baby content producers. It is understood that the treasure tree will hatch and invest in a number of high quality mother infant circle IP, and give the community’s all media resources support and business cooperation recommendation.

2. complying with the knowledge draught, the open platform of treasure tree makes the content more professional and humanized.

The payment of knowledge pay in the field of mother and baby is more rigid, more clear, and more willing to pay. With the concept of “science inoculation”, the baby tree is introduced into the platform of Obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, psychologist and so on, and the content of health knowledge such as “talking”, “expert question answer”, “ask doctor quickly” and so on are produced. The products are welcomed by the mothers and are more urgent and convenient solutions than their young parents often go to the hospital.

The “treasure tree” open platform will still be the main content of the quality of KOL, in addition to providing professional knowledge of mother and baby, family care, female fashion and other content will also be the key to support. The original audio program, “murmur”, launched by the founder and CEO Wang Huainan of the former baby tree, is widely praised. “Bao tree” is both a content open platform and a family content platform. The content of female fashion, the content of the mother and the content of the temperature and the female sex return to the workplace will be “the treasure tree number”. “Traffic recommendation”, in addition, algorithm matching can also solve young mother’s long tail UGC content well.

3. content and consumption closed loop to get through, C2M electricity supplier “customized” from user needs insight

At present, the shopping decision of Chinese mothers is often influenced by information, KOL recommendation and social word-of-mouth. After the launch of the “treasure tree” open platform, a number of platform mothers have closer ties with fans, and their interaction in the community can also be a better basis for the production of content, which provides soil for the deepening of the maternal and child industry chain.

Through the mother baby comprehensive ecological platform between the content and the consumption of the baby tree, the mother of the United States is also the first to transform from the B2C self operated electric business to the social C2M e-commerce model. Compared with other e-commerce platforms, its differential advantage falls to the ground “new retail”. Bao Shu “special” series of products, in order to accurately understand the design of the user needs, the price of the price won the market favor, and this is closely related to the community users’ ecological precipitation of large data and analysis ability.


The online mother to child community platform is developing towards a one-stop mother and child life service platform. The mother infant community has a golden age, and the trend of the Internet mother and baby product community-based is quite obvious. The mother baby industry is essentially the user trust connection and emotional cohesion. It is necessary to abandon the impetuosity and quick success of the business, as long as it takes root in the service. Chinese babies and Chinese mothers can continue to innovate products, technology and model, and the one-stop mother and baby platform, which is increasingly open in the content ecology, is benefiting Chinese mothers, creators, mother and baby industry chain, and its open ecology is full of infinite vitality.

Author: a star (Li Xing)

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