Rapid growth of drop taking: “yellow chicken” style takeaway Kingdom


Today, the drop of a high profile announced the Wuxi market share of the first, but the news has been brought in an uproar, a lot of media questioned the presence of a single act of drop out. How did the drop out of 4 months start so far to achieve such an arrogant achievement? Is it a natural user base or another? The reporter focused on several businesses in Wuxi, trying to explore the truth behind the “industry myth” of the drop out.

The “takeaway Kingdoms” supported by the Yellow stewed chicken type small businesses

In order to ensure the diversity of businesses, the reporter selected the high-end business district to test, and there were more than 150 restaurants on other platforms nearby. The reporter opened the drop out menu, and found that the stewed chicken rice, bridge rice line, Shaxian County snack and other small merchants accounted for the mainstream, chain fast food has such business as chaos, Zhang Liang spicy hot and hot and so on.

Rapid growth of drop taking:

To this end, the reporter visited Wuxi’s Chong an temple San Yang business circle, South Zen temple business circle, the site of three people in front of the station and business city, found that the number of merchants on the drop out platform is surprisingly low, and the quality of the dishes is greatly identical, especially the braised chicken as “recommendation of the card”, and some places are as many as 4 and 5. But the high-end catering business is rarely found.

Obviously, the business resources are an important threshold for the takeaway industry. The initial takeover of the industry does not seem to have an advantage. According to the statistics of the reporter, the fast food brand represented by the braised chicken is 80% of the total number of the drop out merchants. It can be said that the single amount of the drop out is basically supported by the braised chicken, and the well-known chain brands are seriously missing.

The qualification examination of merchants is not strict enough, and there are some problems in the hygienic environment.

Earlier, the Jiangsu city channel “zero distance” column in the interview found that some of the business information on APP is basically a copy of the United States and hungry pages, and the lack of strict qualification examination process, so that some businesses may even have a lack of basic health licenses and business licenses.

Reporters also visited some “settled” businesses. A regular merchant expressed his concern to reporters: as a result of the current “low threshold” of takeaway, a group of “dirty and messy” merchants have entered. In the long run, there will inevitably be an impact on regular businesses. Reporters also learned that some shop operators without shops were taking off online, and obtained a high number of orders at low prices.

The merchant resources are one of the most important doorsill of the takeout industry. The reporter hopes to get a thorough understanding of the “internal work” of the drop out, but the result is not satisfactory. How to connect with the merchants, to meet their demands, to better draw the flow of traffic to the target merchants, and to do the responsibility of the examination and service, is not a day and night. This is the drop of the drop out need to sink heart slowly research.

In the long run, business resources and user scenarios are fundamental to the takeaway industry. The soldiers are not expensive and expensive, and the drop out of the initial entry industry should make great efforts to establish the reputation of the brand in the selection and service of the high quality merchants, instead of seeking the so-called “market share”. How can consumers really feel relieved if they are not responsible for the “user health”?

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