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A good example is the best publicity.

Starting last year, Ali pioneered the new retail cyclone, and now the wind is blowing into the classroom. In from March 29th to 30th, 2500 sellers from Tmall fast and clothing industry gathered in Hangzhou, walked into the Tmall open class and listened to the new results of Tmall’s new retail sales.

The Tmall open class is called the new retail vane. It is sponsored by Tmall’s new retail platform business department to help Tmall businesses build a new retail paradigm, once a month, each time on the theme of different types of business, until all businesses are covered. It is reported that the Tmall open class issued 800 places of attendance, the actual number of applicants breaking ten thousand.

After more than one year of exploration, Ali’s new retail layout has set up the four army allies in Zhejiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Before day, 9 billion 500 million dollars have been starving. No matter in theoretical height or in practice itself, Ali new retail is undoubtedly an example of the industry.

However, Tmall president Jingjie said in an open class: the new retail open class is not to tell you the standard answer, but to create value together. This is the style of the Tmall class.

Tmall new retail class

A “new retail class” should be the case: the teacher (new retail expert) stands on the three – foot platform, “irrigation”, from the top three to the next three, and the merchant listens to the bottom of the door. However, Tmall’s new retail open class is quite different. Its main business is business.

“When we decide to start the new retail business, the first thing is to transform the company’s internal organization.” Lin Qingxuan, the founder of the beauty brand, Sun Laichun, gave the businessmen here a trick. In addition, business representatives from bestseller, Wyeth, and good shop share a successful case of a series of business changes after joining the new retail business.

In fact, the core of the Tmall open class is not a purely theoretical sermons, but a display of Ali’s new retailing from theory to practice. It is a kind of experience sharing and transmission.

Two years ago, Ma Yun focused on the strategic height, shouting “electricity business to change the day”, the new retail is an inevitable outlet for the development of e-commerce, a year ago, Zhang Yong’s eyes of new retail still stay in “the world has no road” in the groping period.

However, over the past two years, Ali’s new retail landing offensive is very intensive.

In theory and concept, it sets up a new retail point of “reconfigurable cargo yard” which is widely used in the industry, that is, it can be recognized, analyzed and touchable by large data, and propelling universal content in the perspective of goods, making flexible supply chain level through large-scale C2M customization, reducing the efficiency and improving the efficiency in the middle link. Consumer experience; in the scene to form a transaction, delivery or even interactive consumption environment.

In a word, the essence of new retail is actually building a user centered online offline integration system.

In the transformation of digital commerce, Ali forms the new retail Road, the retail industry with Suning as the main body, the line department store of Yintai, the box horse, the big run hair leading food and beverage elimination field, hungry, the word of mouth under the line of catering, the home field led by the family, the farm naughty naughty, Ali retail Tong and other divide the seven routes Tmall is the main force in online retailing.

Since “Tmall”, not only has the new retail network red birth, such as the box horse fresh and raw, the smart stores, the flash store, the intelligent mother and baby hall, the intelligent fitting room and so on.

Ye Guohui, the general manager of Tmall’s new retail platform, revealed that over 1000 new retail cases have been accumulated in Tmall’s new retailing process, and it is also the largest and most comprehensive commercial data and case database in the world’s new retail sector.

However, the new retail business ecosystem can only grow from point to side, businesses and platforms resonate, and knowledge and experience must be shared.

It is quite surprising that every time Tmall’s new retail open class is not a platform, but a business. After each class, businesses spontaneously form new retail exchange groups to share the fruits of the new retail recommendation. As Ye Guohui, head of Tmall’s new retail platform, said: Tmall’s new retail open class has both platform integration and business creation and mutual help. Tmall is happy to form a new retail practice mechanism through training, communication and autonomy.

In fact, this is a platform with businessmen, partners and other growing teachers, and from the genes of Ali culture.

“Teacher bearing” mechanism

The scene of Tmall’s new retail open class is different from that of Taobao.

At the beginning of Taobao, business and business, business and business, through continuous expansion, penetration, e-commerce enlightenment, the education market stage to complete, this ecommerce ecological growth, also formed the inevitable paradigm between the platform and the business. Now, from the eco ecology to the new retail ecology, even after another new stage, the business and business support each other and learn from each other. The scene of the merchant merchant has come back again, and the consistent spiritual core of Ali’s ecology continues to continue.

In the electricity supplier, Ali is bound to be a great enterprise.

Through the third party payment, logistics, cloud technology and other construction of the online transaction credit system, let life swim in the fingertips, e-commerce changed people’s way of life, but also cast Ali’s brilliance. It is not hard to see that almost all of the business models reveal more or less the idea of electronic business pioneered by Ali.

If Ma Yun is a business evangelist, then Ali has built an Internet business in Whampoa military academy.

The founder and CEO Cheng Wei, COO Gan Jiawei of the original American group, COO Lv Guangyu of the original public comment, where COO Zhang Qiang, and COO Chen Guohuan of the original Mazari network all accepted the edification of Ali’s “hundred years” value class, and made the iron general push discipline and spirit, they have a few in the temperament and in the bones. The French interpretation of the Alibaba factor, which is vaguely visible, saved the start-up company from danger and wrote the legend of the Internet.

Personnel analysis in the industry, compared with Tencent, Baidu employees, Ali culture, Ali employees tend to have more adaptability and flexibility.

The teacher and Dao of Ali is not only reflected in this. As is known to all, Ma Yun has a teacher’s feelings as a spiritual mentor. Not only before the start of the career of teachers, even after the success of the name of the “voice of the world’s rural teachers”, in the first Ma Yun village teacher award ceremony, Ma Yun said that China can not have a Alibaba, but not Ma Yun, but there can not be a country teacher.

Perhaps based on the teacher’s sentiments of the founder, lakeside university continued such a discipline, and the institution found that the spirit of business in the new era began to rise. In 2014, Ma Yun drew 8 group from Ali to build a lakeside University, hoping it could become the “Whampoa military academy” of Chinese entrepreneurs. Its mission was to discover and train entrepreneurs in the era of new commercial civilization.

If “the flag is as good as the tide, the account is as beautiful as the cloud” is Ma Yun’s joke, then “the future of China’s five hundred, at least two hundred CEO from the Lake University” vision is a word of heart. According to the statistics, the cadets of lakeside University have 58 entrepreneurs, such as 58 city CEO, Jia Guolong of Xibei, and Hu Yu, the co founder of the co founder of Keda. Also there are new entrepreneurs, such as the fast hand CEO, the founder of Zhou hang, and the founder of the founder, Liu Chengcheng, and so on.

Back to Tmall’s new retail class, it is just a microcosm of the transmission of a new business ecosystem. When the online online digital business revolution is coming, Tmall has been building new retail business ecology and conducting business ideas and practical experience through a teacher – bearing mechanism.

Teacher and Tao not only respect, the style of learning is good. Ali has become a teacher.

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