A red book to see the secret of the growth of the Jingdong


A red book to see the secret of the growth of the Jingdong

“There are only two things in the world for me to fear, one is the starry sky above me, the other is the eternal moral law in my heart.” More than 200 years ago, the German philosopher Kant had launched a speculation about the world and the transformation of the world, not only in praise, but also in vigilance.

Try to use this passage to see a complaint about Jingdong in mid March.

The wind is at the end of the green duckweed.

First, the author issued 66 articles, and then the public opinion was on the trigger. Then Jingdong management took the lead in introspection and self criticism. 66, it is not a clever word, a good virtue. In the confession of “happy to see the world as we look forward to it”, the whole thing is temporarily dropped.

It is worth noting that the Jingdong has not stopped. In March 30th, in the Jingdong mascot “Joy” puppy birthday, Jingdong group board chairman and chief executive officer Liu Qiang Dong issued an internal letter, from top to bottom to start to reflect on all members of the Jingdong cultural values upgrade. Because of a complaint and thinking, choose a memorable day to make a surprise. What is the power to enable Jingdong to independently start the top-level collective thinking?


A red book to see the secret of the growth of the Jingdong

In fact, things are not so complicated.

In the world, the law of double integrity is not negative or negative. It is about the balance and trade-off between the merchants and the consumers. As the hand of the hand, the platform is often faced with the dilemma that the fish and the bear’s palm can not have concurrently. From the point of view of the demands, users are satisfied with a satisfactory answer, and the business is nothing to do with goodwill.

As Deng Xiaowang reminds Kant’s epitaph, if there is no reason, “the sky above the head” is likely to fall into astrology, “the inner moral law” will lead to fanaticism or superstition.

Between reason and past, reason sets up the chance to create the world.

The response speed and importance of Jingdong to the whole complaint is based on practical reason, for itself and for the future.

First of all, management takes the lead in rethinking, and then conducts comprehensive surveys, and establishes the customer experience excellence department. Among them, the customer service department is a new department from the group level, cross enterprise group, standing on the end of the customer, connecting the big business groups and even the business department of the Jingdong. It is worth noting that, through the internal letter, Liu Qiangdong further led the whole staff to reflect, ringing the alarm to stop the big business disease, and releasing “the successful   the customer first   only do the first” T culture upgrade strategy.

From small and big,   from 66 complaints incident reflection, reflects a company’s self correction and iteration. “User first” is an insurmountable law. Such examples are everywhere.

Overlord like 360, the last moment to choose the permanent drop of water drop live; arrogant like the Tencent, in the face of the difficulties of public opinion, Ma Huateng personally visit the door, the business line of “the glory of the king” to play three plate axe; tough as apple, “speed door” also low head in front of the head; just (29 days) because “the refund price is higher than” The loss of ticket price, Ctrip CEO took the bow and apologized…

Internet companies are not performing art of behavior. In fact, the innovation brought by the Internet is not only the convenience of intuition, but also the symmetry of information in essence. It is shaping an increasingly transparent world. Especially in the era of Internet migration, the explosion of information and fragmentation brought about the tearing of some era. Virtually, Internet companies and entrepreneurs were dancing with shackles.

The “leaked door” of Facebook, which continues to be exposed for two weeks, has continued to follow the “crusade”. The famous “line” magazine has published a long text of the survey. No matter what the top or staff are surprised to see, the platform is torn instead of solidarity, the social platform that has 2 billion days of live users is attached. Publisher’s responsibility: caring for readers and caring for the truth.

In a rapidly changing environment, no one can shoot the chest to ensure the core of the 100% hit event.

Liu Qiang’s Dongyi paper red book is deeply thought, looking at the height and thickness of the problem, showing the spirit of the Internet enterprises in China today – the courage to make a breakthrough.

In two months, Jingdong is going to celebrate its 14 birthday. The Jingdong of the year of nutmeg has developed from the 2 meter wide counter to the top 500 enterprises in the world. Now, GMV exceeds trillions and employees are increasing to 160 thousand. With the growth and development, it is inevitable that big enterprise disease will follow. This time, Jingdong brake from top to bottom, dare to correct the arrogance and problems that arise in the growth of enterprises, and make up the root of culture.

When Wu Xiaobo asked Liu Qiangdong, if flow and capital were defined as the core competence of the enterprise, what two words should the core competence of the Jingdong be? Liu Qiangdong answered without hesitation: “culture”.

In fact, Jingdong’s DNA is flowing with the gene of “customer first”. When counterfeit goods, parallel imports, black guide shopping, strong buy and sell are flooded with Zhongguancun, Jingdong relies on quality to win word of mouth and consumers’ trust. From the user’s point of view, Jingdong promotes the whole category strategy and stands on the point of creating customer value. Liu Qiangdong faces all kinds of “stupid big black thick”, “capital chain fracture” question, towards the road of self construction logistics. The choice of every path is centered around the core of the user.

What is the biggest glory of Jingdong today? The label of “quality business” is one of them.

Tracing the history of the development of the Jingdong, it can be concluded that if the complaint is not 66 of the millions of fans, the Jingdong will still take the same attitude and measures. The only difference may be the difference between the influence and the radiant surface.

The traveler is constant, and the thinker is often new.

“Jingdong people should learn to forget their current achievements, and learn to forget the path of success in the past and to return to zero mentality to resist big business diseases.” Liu Qiangdong’s self reflection in the inner letter. The enterpriser dare to face the problem, this kind of courage is not difficult to see, the enterprise faces the problem of self-healing and repair ability, the vitality brought by the enterprise self-discipline, from “Star” to get some kind of freedom.

Not only entrepreneurs, but also enterprises themselves, introspection culture is an important part. The reflection of the Jingdong marks the courage of an enterprise to move from mediocrity to greatness, because it is the initiative to practice rationality, to reach consensus with users, to grow actively, and to evolve on the root of culture.

Now the Jingdong is 14 years old, and the base industry, hanging in the vision, will be accompanied by more problems and challenges. Liu Qiangdong’s internal letter is a company’s determination, courage and self evolution.

Looking up at the stars, awe is written in the Jingdong’s theory of evolution.

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