Exclusive interview with Lenovo’s new retail CEO Zhou Ming talking about the logic behind Lenovo force’s smart retailing


For the retail industry, 2016 is doomed to become a milestone time node. This year, Ma Yun put forward the concept of “new retail”, a speech breaking the barriers of the times, and the retail industry ushered in the mode of subversion and reconstruction in the fierce collision. For this change, Ali thinks it is the restructure of the man’s freight yard; the Jingdong thinks it is a change in the retail infrastructure, and Suning decides that it is a smart retail transformation of virtual integration. Although there is a slight difference in definition, the resolute transformation of the three major retail bodies has made everyone realize that the retail industry is really on the edge of a new era, and that what is brewing ahead will be a bigger change.

Exclusive interview with Lenovo's new retail CEO Zhou Ming talking about the logic behind Lenovo force's smart retailing

Lenovo’s world’s first intellectual life shop Jin Yuan Yansha shop opened on the scene (left for Liu Jun, right for Zhou Ming)

Under the change, not only the electric business giant has been actively transforming, but many enterprises have also seen the huge dividend under the new retail change, and they have been involved in new retail and joined the revolution of the new species. In January 28, 2018, Lenovo’s first new retail store, the Lenovo smart live store opened in Jin Yuan, Beijing, marked a new retail store by Lenovo, a IT retail giant.

Accelerate new retailing to reshape legend retail legend

From the establishment of agent distribution system to the establishment of 1+1 franchise system, and then to e-commerce marketing. Over the past 30 years, many years of retail innovation, not only let Lenovo have been the tide of the IT retail change, but also provide a constant source of impetus for the growth of Lenovo and transformation and transformation. Today, the new retail trend is coming, and Lenovo can not be absent. In particular, the rapid change in the retail format is promoting the use of consumer habits in a major migration. For the positive value from the product centered to the user centered transformation of the association, keep up with the development of retail trend, can better control customer demand and constantly optimize the user experience.

The overall decline of the main business PC market is the first challenge for Liu Jun, executive vice president of Lenovo Group and President of China region. “Reconstructing PC business, promoting the development of new business and building an intelligent ecology”, Liu Jun’s “prescription” to Lenovo is good, it also needs a new model to “decoct medicine”. This model is new retail. Through the accumulation of retail sales for more than 20 years and the “remedy to the case” with the times, the relationship between people, goods and fields can be reconstructed, and the speed of the whole industry chain operation is realized through the integration of online and offline. The purpose of reducing retail cost, improving retail efficiency and improving user experience is achieved.

The traditional retail service ends with the delivery of products to customers, and the new retail service starts after finding the target customers. In the traditional retail era, Lenovo’s retail system and service system were unmatched in the field of IT and 3C. Today, the new retail era, Lenovo should consider more how to bring users ultra – expected data, personalized, intelligent services, reshaped the legend of Lenovo retail.

The core advantage is obvious.

This time node, Lenovo makes new retail, many people have doubts, will have missed the best time? Legend of the new retail legend CEO Zhou Ming, the answer is, as long as it can solve the pain of users, when the time is not too late. In fact, it is not too late. In the new retail business, Lenovo’s core strength is quite obvious. I summed it up as three points: big determination, reliable people and strong foundation.

New retail is an important part of Lenovo’s strategic layout and the key to its transformation. To this end, Lenovo set up a new company, the new company, the legend of the millennium, composed of the association of Chinese holding and the founding of the founding team, as a “new entrepreneurial culture movement” within the association, which can be seen in the new retail business. In addition, the legend of the Tian Xi is more open, and the non associative company can join the new retail system of Lenovo, because the goal of the Tian Xi legend is to make the new retail platform a unicorn at the beginning of its founding.

Exclusive interview with Lenovo's new retail CEO Zhou Ming talking about the logic behind Lenovo force's smart retailing

Legend of the legend of smart retail CEO Zhou Ming

Zhou Ming, who runs the legend of Tian Xi, is definitely a reliable person. North Beijing white stone bridge association is the first “Lenovo store” he hangs, as a former association partner, Lenovo 17 years core Committee, and Lenovo for 24 years Zhou Ming, the retail business of Lenovo can be said as well.

In Zhou Ming’s view, Lenovo’s new retailing is unique in its genes, different from Lenovo’s existing PC sales mode, but also different from other competitors. Lenovo has more than 1 thousands of stores in China, and is working with the online channels such as the official network. The channel is even covered by the township level. The deep ploughing of the retail business has almost spread China over the 20 years. At the same time, hundreds of billions of years of sales have enabled Lenovo to set up the most perfect service system in China, with more than 2400 offline service stations, more than 10 thousand professional customer service personnel, and even through the introduction of AI technology to provide 7 * 24 hours online services for robots. These “4S” (Sales, Service, Show, Social) will constitute the core competitive advantage of the new retail store in Lenovo’s new retail store, which is combined with the online marketing strategy of the associative concentrating line, the personalized IT service of the people, the display and experience of black science and technology products and the marketing of social group.

Leading IT retail transformation, smart retailing will become a new trend of Lenovo transformation.

In Lenovo life shop, customers see more than just the display of PC products, but there are as many as 400 large clusters of commodity categories including intelligent hardware. In addition, the store will provide maintenance, training, consultation, experience, full product private customization and other intelligent services. In April 16th, Lenovo smart retail will hold a new brand press conference, details of the press conference, Zhou Ming revealed, “new brands, new products will be released, we will focus on family intelligence.” This means that Lenovo has shifted its focus from PC to AI products and intelligent interconnected products. It not only accelerates the improvement of the red and blue conversion from the PC to the intelligent hardware, but also completes the remolding of the service system through the intelligent retail store, and forms a complete set of intelligent family integration solutions with “send + + culture + diagnosis + recommendation”, and again lead the trend of IT retail change with “Lenovo circle”.

In addition to business reshaping, intelligent retail will make the data of the various business chain of Lenovo complete, and through the integration and mining of large data on the line and line, it will greatly improve the retail efficiency. For example, what products the user experiences and what products he is interested in, with these data, will help Lenovo make more effective marketing for target customers. In addition, the analysis of sales data will also make the regional consumption preference more intuitive, help Lenovo improve efficiency in supply chain and logistics level, make stock in advance, scientifically adjust inventory, improve warehouse utilization and reduce inventory, and improve logistics speed.

Exclusive interview with Lenovo's new retail CEO Zhou Ming talking about the logic behind Lenovo force's smart retailing

Most importantly, the smart retail system will enable Lenovo to realize the information link from production to consumption terminals. With these data, Lenovo can provide data insight and feedback, develop and design products that are more consistent with consumer upgrading and quality life needs, and even achieve more personalized customization. In the whole country, Lenovo smart retailer also plans to layout 5000 unmanned vending cabinets, so that smart retailers can really cover the whole country.

The new consumption scene, the big data, the artificial intelligence and other new technologies have made the outside world see the explosive force of the legend of the Tian Xi, and the new image of the associative intelligent retailing. As more intelligent retail stores fall to the ground, new retail will slowly infiltrate the “marrow” of Lenovo and produce continuous “hematopoiesis” ability, becoming the new energy of the “new legend” in the era of the intelligent Internet of things.

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