A lot of building factories


A lot of building factories

Many of the products that are plagued by fake goods and poor quality goods are sold out.

“Ten years ago, the governance logic of the electronic commerce platform was good to go up and slow down. There is no time window to do this kind of platform governance. We can only use a relatively fierce way to make the good go faster and make the difference faster. Dada, the co – founder of the collage, said.

After two and a half years, 300 million users were harvested and the number of orders was over Jingdong. On the one hand, the rapid growth, on the one hand, is the poor quality of consumers. Last year, PingWest product had investigated the origin of many cheap and low-quality clothing, and detailed about the “consumer relegation giants”.

Now, collages try to prove that these poor goods are not what it wants, and what it wants is “to achieve a larger population upgrades” and to make good goods cheaper.

But this requires a lot of efforts to upgrade itself before creating a new “consumption upgrade”. Besides cracking down on fake products, it has to become a new production plant.


The rapid rise of the e-commerce market, such as Alibaba and Jingdong, is a rapid rise. On the one hand, it relies on low prices. On the one hand, it has changed the exposure mode of the search as the core of the e-commerce platform and shared more users through WeChat.

A lot of insiders told PingWest to play, and as a latecomer, there was no way to compete with ALI and the Jingdong if the price was not enough to attract people.

Collage is the first to create a “collage” model, so that the price – care users through the “collage” to get lower purchase price, also through the spontaneous transmission between users to attract more attention to the price of users. Under the trend of the sinking of mobile Internet users, a lot of efforts have been made.

The media, senior vice president of the public relations brand business, stressed that the third party data showed a balanced proportion of men and women, and the distribution of users in 123 line cities reached balance. However, PingWest products are playing with the big data from the aurora shows that more and more users are higher in the 234 line cities and more women – these users are easily attracted by low prices.

A lot of building factories

A lot of building factories

The low price also attracted a large number of sellers selling fake and inferior commodities, mainly with small and medium-sized sellers. In order to mix up the current user scale, the negative impact of these sellers to the collage is much greater than the positive value, and it is also very hard to fight these inferior sellers.

The first move is “fake one lose ten”, which is not just a slogan. More than a number of employees anonymously or entrust others to buy small and medium sellers to the relevant departments to send to the relevant departments to check, found after the sale of goods, with a fine of ten times the total amount of historical sales involved in the case – directly freezing store trade volume and store margin.

We found in the Chinese referee’s Web search that in the last two years, there were ten cases of litigation caused by punishments for small and medium sellers, all of which were charged by small and medium sellers who were dissatisfied with more than ten of the penalties, but they were all rejected by the court.

A lot of building factories

Most of the sellers were after 85 and after 90. The smallest sellers were born in 1996. They set up personal stores to sell fake Apple chargers, fake perfume, fake batteries and so on. They were small businesses with a small amount of money in historical transactions.

“These penalties are used to compensate consumers,” he said.

The second move to fight more bad businesses is not to give traffic. Dada said, who is good to consumers, who encourages and gives whom to flow. The worst businesses want to advertise outside the station and get a lot of traffic. And good products, free of charge and free flow support.

Through transaction capital and traffic, it controls more and more businesses. From hurting consumers at 19 times the punishment and the flow of such intense inclined way businesses is more intense, a lot of good governance in order to fight the platform, their own money to buy traffic free for good business, also will continue to keep losing money, in addition to WeChat Alipay to pay withholding 6/1000 fee, can not say dada Other sources of income at present.

For the quality of the past, Duda dada, the co – founder of the collage, said that there was no data in the early days, unlike more than a dozen years of data. After two and a half years of operation, more and more data are improved, and early warning and more control can be done, such as reducing power, blacklist, grey list, small black house and so on.

Control plant

Small and medium-sized sellers who have no guarantee of commodity quality and service capability are not willing to spend too much money, but low prices are still a lot of needs.

Without such “enough and cheap” products, decide how to customize them.

The way to do more is to cooperate with the factory, to launch a “custom factory”, to reduce the intermediate link in the supply chain, to create a “burst” product, and to make a small profit and a lot of sale. In March 31, 2018, PingWest visited two kinds of paper towel factories, which are more and more cooperative, located in Ruichang, Jiangxi.

Komojou is the old brand factory, which had been used by five college roommates for four years.

In the spell, 28 packs of flexible paper (3 layer 100, 180mm*122mm) sold 29.9 yuan, and the average price for each package was only 1.067 yuan, equivalent to a paper towel of only 1 cents. We found a 3 – layer 100 – 152mm*210mm heart seal, and the price of 18 packages was 46.9 yuan – kimu shrunk the product specifications, but the quality looked good.

A lot of building factories

Wu Liying, who is the chief executive of Kexin, said: “they find that many users are concerned about the price performance ratio. To this end, the factory specially launched the 180mm*122mm small size bamboo pulp original color drawing paper, and transfer the production line to the raw material supplier Science Group’s Park, transportation costs from 300 yuan / tons, straight down to “8 yuan package”.

A lot of building factories

The Li Wen group is at the self built pier of the Yangtze River. Shipping and transporting raw materials such as wood pulp board can greatly reduce the cost.

This includes two key factors for reducing the price: one is the industrial belt factory, the soft and soft plants are built in the park of the raw material supplier of the science group, which saves a lot of transportation costs; the other is to reduce the specifications, to be good enough to make a good product within the acceptable price range of the consumer.

Even so, the heart soft can only make a small profit. According to the introduction, Kexin soft paper towel express logistics costs 0.125 yuan / pack, the production cost is 0.91 yuan / pack, net profit is only 3.2 cents a packet. That is to say, the specification of 29.9 yuan and 28 bags is only less than 9 cents per profit.

A lot of building factories

The flexible production line can greatly reduce the labor cost.

Under this kind of profit, many of the products are short products, short bursts and high single volume.

A paper towel brand such as plant and heart soft will tilt a large amount of capacity to 2~3 core products, which does not need to adjust production lines frequently and maximize production efficiency. A factory owner told PingWest to play: for a production specification, the production line should be suspended for at least half a day.

Short bursts and high single quantities are the characteristics of many modes: in traditional electricity providers, goods are passively waiting for “search click business.” That is to say, businesses have to spend a lot of money to buy advertising sites, keywords, and convert traffic into transactions. But in the collage model, the early commodity through the consumer’s initiative to share the spontaneous WeChat spread, almost zero cost conversion transaction, and easy to burst goods.

The heart printed paper towel mentioned above is the 11 thousand and 500 monthly sales volume in Tmall flagship store. And Kexin “bamboo pulp towel” on-line two years, sales reached 1 million 650 thousand strokes, the introduction of small products customized products sold two years sales volume of 3 million 200 thousand.

The soft core can also be extended to more industries such as clothing, shoes and so on. There are many factories in Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi.

For example, the men’s shoes brand competition, which was a lot of cooperation, was much more spelled in April 2016. Sales in 2017 amounted to nearly 100 million yuan, and the annual sales volume was 88%.

The information provided by Sai Peng shows that, for an example of a 29.9 yuan leisure ball shoe, if it is a traditional job, it needs viscose and cold sticky, after baking at high temperature, then cooling and repacking, the labor cost of such a series of procedures will be 25 yuan, and the cost of the shoe’s material should also be increased by about 5 yuan. But more than a large number of outbreaks, promote the reform of the factory supply chain, using injection molding process, material cost 10.5 yuan, artificial cost 14 yuan, express fee of 3.5 yuan, gross profit is around 6%-8%. Each pair of shoes directly reduces the cost of nearly 30 yuan.

A lot of co founder dada said: a lot of products are the most suitable platform for factory type businesses.

Once the factory adapts to the demand for supply and sales, it will soon become more suitable for supply.

In this way, a lot of factories will be customized and even their fate will be determined.

So-called “consumption upgrades”

As a normal e-commerce platform, collage is certainly not willing to be labeled with counterfeit and shoddy distributed places. In media communication, the slogan “consumption upgrades” is clearly called out.

When it comes to consumption upgrading, most people first want such platforms as NetEase koala and daily excellence. They provide high quality goods for white-collar workers, and sell the imagination of white-collar workers to a better life. Since the advent of such a platform, friends around me have changed the hair dryer into Dai Sen and online shopping fresh products.

But there is a clear distinction between the spelling and the platforms. A lot of consumption upgrades are not only cheap, but also the quality of goods, which are determined by their users – white-collar workers are willing to spend more money for a better life, but a lot of users are not willing to. Therefore, more and more consumption upgrades are based on the larger population, and the goal is to be good enough, on the basis of sufficient conditions, to achieve good quality and to compress the product specifications as much as possible.

A lot of building factories

The crux of the problem is that under the background of “industrial transformation”, many export oriented factories are shrinking overseas and must be sold domestically. Factories need to have sales channels, which they are not very good at. Moreover, for factories, small profits and quick turnover can ensure that the production line has been running, which is much cheaper than the shortage of orders.

In the growth bonus period, many spells help to transform factories. At the same time, they are squeezing factory profits, which determine the fate of these factories. Even so, businesses and factories still choose to join in a lot of competition – this may be an option without choice.

Collage co – founder dada said: to take a look at the various industries, it is a very common phenomenon to discuss how to do more and discuss how to do more.

This is a happy worry for a lot of people.

A company that has done Taobao at the same time with a lot of Taobao tells us to play: the attribute of the crowd determines the upper limit of the price of the goods, and those who love to buy low prices will not increase their purchasing power on a certain platform. For example, customers will only buy 10 yuan of clothes. Suddenly, everything on the e-commerce website sells for 100 yuan, and the customers will surely walk away.

For a large number of “factory type merchants”, their profits are based on a small profit and multi selling basis, they can only do this, and more and more businesses have been added to more and more businesses. The “small profit” space of the family will be even smaller.

This is probably the next problem to solve: when we have the resources of the factory, how to upgrade them, and then lead to a consumption upgrade.

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