Do you know how to fight for Taobao?


After entering the second half of the mobile Internet, almost all electronic business platforms are making efforts to upgrade their consumption. That kind of posture is just like a sharp point pointing to the new middle class, and it is desirable to bring the best, the most complete and the most expensive commodity in the world to the users. But in this general trend, an electronic business platform for “cheap” goods is showing rapid growth.

Do you know how to fight for Taobao?

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A set of data illustrates the problem: the GMV will take 10 years from zero to $100 billion, such as the Jingdong, with a small and beautiful for 8 years, and a large and full Taobao for 5 years. However, one family only spent two or 03 months.

This growth rate is not only reflected in the various common users who have found a variety of links that fly across the circle of their friends, but even the management of the electric business giant is also uneasy. Among them, Taobao, which has a high degree of overlap at the user level, is the first to bear the brunt. Thus, Ali in the high salary recruitment square dance aunt, quietly launched a direct bid for a lot of Taobao special edition.

Why is Ali most anxious

Do you know how to fight for Taobao?

A long time ago, a picture of Ma Yun, which appeared in Hangzhou Ali headquarters, was circulated on the Internet. It was pointed out that the main purpose of Ma Yun’s trip was to inspect the “Taobao special version” which was on the line. Perhaps, this also reveals the importance of Ali to “Ali edition”.

The official reply to this is very simple: the version is designed to allow a wider range of consumers to get a good quality and cheap goods, and constantly meet people’s rich and diverse material and cultural needs. But this is obviously not the real reason. The discerning eye can see that the direct match opponents of Taobao’s special edition are much more sped up recently.

The side of the sleeping couch lay the tiger. Why is Ali paying so much attention this time? It’s because most of the users who fight to get rid of it are also the chopped hands of Taobao.

The situation is familiar. Previously, Jingdong based on self-employed represents the upgrading of consumption in the e-commerce industry. So in order to cope with the rise of Jingdong, Ali has transformed Taobao mall into Tmall now. Today, the rise of a lot of things can not be underestimated, because Ali is the cornerstone of the electricity supplier is Taobao.

Do you know how to fight for Taobao?

According to the latest data from Questmobile, 50.3% of the users who unloaded Taobao in 2017 December had gone to a lot of games. And the users who unload a lot of them will flow to Taobao 78.3%. It can be seen that there is a high degree of user overlap between the two. So, for the rise of many spells, Ali will never let go.

In fact, the industry is not surprised by this kind of friction. The Taobao special version of the low price product on the line is almost the same as Taobao. The only difference is that it is almost all low priced goods – the “9.9 packages” that Taobao needs to find can be found everywhere; and we can also see that Taobao Outstanding options such as “invite new users to get rewards”, “earn red packets” and other social channels to motivate distribution.

Of course, in addition to the threat posed by many, the Tencent, the “two shareholder” behind it, is an important factor for Ali to attach importance to the project.

The rise of collage can not be separated from the support of the Tencent, although the low and low price of the product is its core competitiveness, but the support of WeChat’s social attributes to the tailor purchase model is undoubtedly the decisive factor.

He called himself a social network, which is its own endorsement, the most important or more spelling model, mainly through the WeChat end to get a huge free flow of traffic.

With low price, low interest rate, high order quantity and so on, a lot of customers who have harvested cheap goods at the WeChat end, and the “greedy” culture formed by these users also has great spread and erosive nature. That is why it is more efficient than Taobao and Jingdong.

For the Tencent dialect, it is also a win-win model. It can get more age groups’ recognition of online payment (WeChat payment), and a good complement to Jingdong’s main user groups. The relationship between them is similar to the relationship between Tmall and Taobao, which also enables Tencent to have a new chip in the field of electronic commerce.

Two bonuses behind Taobao’s special price

Do you know how to fight for Taobao?

Actually seeing Taobao special edition, perhaps many people first thought is not to spell many, but Ali’s Juhuasuan.

In December 2016, Ali announced that Juhuasuan was formally incorporated into Tmall, and after the merger, the Juhuasuan was obviously no longer the focus of Ali, and its status fell down. As a small and medium-sized merchant brush site, the original Juhuasuan was like a lot of spares now, full of countless 9.9 yuan (or even lower) packages.

But as countless consumers “go to Japan to buy rice cookers” concept of consumption upgrades, the early Internet dividend has gradually ended in the e-commerce market, and the growth of Juhuasuan naturally slows down. In order to cater for the overall market consumption upgrading, Juhuasuan, as the focus of the low-end market, has gradually lost its important position.

However, from 2015, the second wave of mobile Internet demographic dividend began to emerge. It was marked by OPPO and vivo as a representative of the traditional mobile phone manufacturers, and began to walk into the vast market of 345 lines of town through the line channels. The excavation of the new demographic dividend not only opens huge market space for many live and video APP applications, but also brings vitality to the low price commodity market, and it is catching up with the demographic dividend.

Among them, recently Ali high-profile recruitment square dance mother, is from the “sunset red” market behind its excavation, which is also one of the new mobile Internet demographic dividend. However, compared to the old consumption tide that has not yet been excavated, the spelling of Tencent’s thighs has been shaping up, and the momentum is fierce. This time, Taobao’s special edition will not be easy to move back to the first place.

For an electronic business platform, the most important thing is traffic, and a lot of traffic is due to the success of WeChat’s wool. But Taobao obviously has no such resources, because it does not have a strong social carrier like WeChat. Because of the shielding of Ali’s business, WeChat makes it difficult for Taobao special edition users to display a lot of viral transmission, and can only operate under the ecosystem of Ali.

To say social aspects, Alipay also had to pay many efforts, but looking back to look at the case…… Let’s forget it. At present, it can only be pulled through the invitation code, so the efficiency is obviously difficult to pass.

So the question is, where can Taobao’s Special Edition traffic come from?

Final contention or flow

In addition to Ali’s own external promotion, Taobao platform will undoubtedly become an important traffic carrier, but this also creates a new problem. If Taobao itself is the flow parent of the Taobao special version, and drainage for the Taobao special version, what about Taobao itself?

The original intention of Taobao special edition is to stop Taobao users from outflow. If Taobao’s special edition doesn’t grab much more traffic, it will attract Taobao’s original traffic. Ali is doing useless work on the left hand side.

In addition, if the Taobao special version can not quickly get traffic, then for those businesses, the appearance of the Taobao special version is not different from their current Taobao ecology. After all, the direct purpose of this kind of business is to earn money by taking the amount of money, and the profit of this kind of low price commodity is poor. If you can’t get a large order, it doesn’t mean much to them.

This is the same situation at the consumer group level. A Taobao platform can fully cover all the Tmall, Taobao, and Taobao special entrances, so it doesn’t need a special special version to drain the customers.

The key is that at present, the new players in the cheap electricity market are not only Taobao, but Jingdong also do not want to miss the new bonus.

Although it was also under the Tencent, there was news in the early days. Because of the threat posed by many threats, the Jingdong had set up a “multi operations” within the company. Although the latter party has denied this, but in denying it, we can see that Jingdong’s mouth says no, but the body is extraordinarily honest.

At present, Jingdong APP and WeChat end have raised the position of the front page, which has been online for many years but not taken seriously. The reason behind this, naturally, is self-evident.

At the same time, the Jingdong, in January, has announced with the beautiful united group to set up a new joint venture – focusing on the operation of the e-commerce platform in WeChat’s social ecology. Beautiful union is the start of social networking business, and its team’s social and sharing genes are great help to Jingdong’s involvement in social business. Perhaps this is another step in the Jingdong’s efforts to preempt WeChat’s electricity supplier ecosystem after seeing a lot of WeChat’s rapid rise.

The Tencent – the Jingdong – the beautiful group – the small – program social business is one ring; Tencent – more – more – the social business is another ring, and Tencent – Yonghui, Carrefour, the home of the sea, the BBK – the offline retail chain is another link. While the Tencent says it is only a connector and the underlying technical support. So for Ali, the challenge for new retailers in the future is not just a lot of spells.

When a new platform (application) wants to grow, it must give participants a certain vested interest in the development process. The logic is that the seller makes money and the buyer saves money. This is not a problem for the rich Ali, but the subsidy is not a long term, to make up a mature ecosystem, let businesses and users get rid of the dependency on subsidies, it is necessary to form a virtuous circle.

For now, how Taobao’s special edition successfully helped Ali win more traffic and how to stop wool on Taobao’s own body is faced with no small challenge.

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