The “one thousand and one nights” of the NetEase Kola


Zhang Lei still clearly remembers the week before the NetEase koala purchase was established.

“Probably in August of 2014, Mr. Ding Lei put forward the idea of doing business across the border. He came to us to make up a small team that took only a week from research to decision-making.” Zhang Lei said.

The NetEase, CEO, has a short hair for a long time. She was an old employee of the NetEase in 2003. After that, she had a virtual business experience, so Ding Lei was chosen to be the head of the cross-border e-commerce project.

A month before the time, the General Administration of Customs issued two announcements, which approved the trade bonded import model in the industry. This has made the past few years test tickets, group buying, business city and other business business, but the unintended NetEase saw their own opportunities, and once again ignited the “attitude” e-commerce fighting.

In that week, Zhang Lei flew to various bonded areas in the country early in the morning. He investigated every morning and communicated with Ding Lei on the phone in the afternoon. Finally, they agreed that the new policy had a clear attitude towards the development of cross-border electricity providers, but there was a time window, so action must be fast. At the same time,


Alibaba and Jingdong two big giants grasp the lifeblood of the comprehensive e-commerce, and start to start the Tmall international and Jingdong global purchase, foreign docks, small red book and other cross border vertical websites are also born one by one.

At the beginning of 2015, the NetEase Kola was officially launched. The following more than 1000 days and nights, from the zero start of the NetEase Kola like a black horse, like a black horse into the e-commerce, successfully occupied the position of the cross-border e-commerce leader, and even the media issued “NetEase Kola, Jingdong feel is a terrible opponent” comment.

In three years, how did NetEase koala buy?

Adhere to the original and select, Ding Lei use the ingenuity to do business

Many years ago, Ding Lei bought a bath towel on an electric business website. After receiving less than five seconds, he threw it on the floor angrily and decided to wipe the floor with it. Ding Lei’s friend told him, “why bother? I’m going to buy a bath towel from abroad and bring it back.” For a while, Ding Lei bought a towel from the United States to home, but it was a long time, and he thought it was ridiculous. At that time, he decided to start an e-commerce business that belonged to the NetEase.

“I always have a dream how to bring the good products that I see in the world to China and bring them to Chinese consumers.” Ding Lei said as if.

It is precisely because of this dream of Ding Lei, NetEase koala purchase when the creation of the dribs and drabs have important marks of Ding Lei.

How to do cross-border electric business? In order to understand the way of cross-border e-commerce trade, Ding Lei personally went to many markets to do research. He communicated with suppliers in Seoul, South Korea, starting at 8 a. m. every day, running more than a dozen companies throughout the day, running to the East Gate in the wholesale market at 11 p. m., studying facial mask, nail polish, and studying the “former shop model”.

To build a comprehensive self-service platform, we also need a large number of bonded warehouses. “Only 5+2 cities in China have cross-border bonded warehouses, which are scarce resources.” Zhang Lei used to say so. And the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimentation area in Hangzhou, the NetEase naturally become a direct beneficiary, in December 2015, in the hometown of Ningbo in Ding Lei, the NetEase Kola sea bought 300 thousand square meters of new storehouse breaking ground, in the construction of bonded warehouse area ranks the first.

The biggest pain point in the sea is “fake”. NetEase’s koala shopping has repeatedly stressed that it is “100% self certified products and overseas direct mining”. The NetEase Kola from the founding of the creation of the concept of “self direct mining”, directly into the origin of the product, butted brand merchants, factories, and large merchants, suppliers and so on, in order to reduce the intermediate link, from the source to guarantee the original. To this end, Zhang Lei flew to the dairy farms, food farms and product factories in Europe and Australia. The process of visiting and inspecting was broadcast live on APP, and the consumer witnessed the production process of the NetEase Kola sea.

(Photo by NetEase koala CEO Zhang Lei and his party were invited to visit Sanofi’s production base in Brisbane, Australia)

Even, Ding Lei endorsed the whole NetEase. In a letter to the user in October 2015, he wrote, “the NetEase has been operating in China for 18 years, with a market value of nearly $15 billion, honesty is the basis for us.” It can be said that NetEase koala sea purchase is very good in setting up the brand image of genuine products.

The bosses’ pro – relatives quickly brought a few dazzling results to the NetEase Kola shopping: the 2015 “618”, the NetEase Kola sea buying year in the Hangzhou Free Trade Zone sunrise single volume first; 2015 “double 11”, NetEase Kola sea purchase of the free trade zone out of a single amount more than Tmall, began to stand in the industry.

On the side of the sunken boat, the leader of the NetEase koala sails after thousands of sails.

Entrepreneurship must be a wonderful and thrilling road. Just as the cross-border electricity supplier industry poured into more and more players, a “life and death robbery” is also quietly coming.

April 8, 2016 is a normal day for most people, but it is an important time node for cross-border electricity providers. At that time, the new deal in the cross-border e-commerce import tax is formally implemented (hereinafter referred to as “the 48 New Deal”). The cross-border e-commerce retail (B2C) imported goods are no longer expropriated by “goods”, but are expropriated according to the “goods”, VAT, and consumption tax, and the original 50 yuan tax exemption is cancelled.

Although only a month later, the Ministry of Finance announced the extension of the “48 New Deal”, but the turbulence in the area of the sea is still continuing to ferment. Honey peach, borrowed selling net and so on starve star even went bankrupt directly.

But NetEase koala bought only a month’s time, so that business can return to the stage of rapid growth. And even seized this opportunity to turn the 48 new deal into the growth point of NetEase’s koala purchase in the industry.

“The new deal is undoubtedly very painful, but what I have in mind is that a businessman must have goodwill, and the more dangerous it is, the more he will go through with his partners. Therefore, we execute that, as long as all the bookings have not been removed, the cost of goods arriving at the port will be borne by koala. In cooperation, we must find a good partner to make others first and then achieve ourselves. In June 2016, as a guest speaker, Zhang Lei attended the FM Innovation Festival organized by Tiger sniffer in Hangzhou. She chose to face up to the “48 New Deal”.

In addition to adequate preparation ahead of time, NetEase Kola also established the three major strategy in 2016 before the “48 New Deal” formally arrived: with the help of the list economy guiding the consumption trend, strengthening the live operation of user participation, creating a new ecomecic ecology that integrates the full range of users’ life scene, and integrating the media resources of the NetEase Support the development of the Kola sea.

In June 2016, the preparation of the full NetEase Kola shopping was given to the consumers of the two heart pills again. In June 10th, the Japanese flower king diapers were adopted with the strategic cooperation of the king flower king. In June 15th, the strategic cooperation with the Japanese music market was made for the Japanese high quality goods and became the first choice in China and Japan.

Consumers also used their hands to “vote” on their favorite sea panning platform. At the “double 11” NetEase Kola super cargo Festival, only 23 minutes exceeded the “double 11” sales of last year, and 1 hours was 150 million.

A thousand sails on the side of the boat, the NetEase Kola began to become a “leading ship” that Tmall and Jingdong did not dare to look down on in the cross-border e-commerce field: the 2016-2017 China cross-border E-commerce Market Research Report on the world’s leading mobile Internet third party data mining and integrated marketing agency. For the first time, the purchase reached the first place in many dimensions, such as sales share, trustworthiness and user satisfaction.

Taking advantage of wind and waves, “new consumption” helps koala take the lead.

In the past few years, in a series of NetEase mobile applications, it is difficult for users to ignore the advertising sites for NetEase Cora, whether it is NetEase cloud music, the client of the newspaper, or the embedded ad of the game.

Obviously, in addition to the financial advantage of the NetEase group, second only to the BAT’s own flow has also given the NetEase Kola sea to buy strong support, after all, under the concept of “NetEase products, must belong to fine products”, there are hundreds of millions of users of NetEase news, mailbox, music and other products.

NetEase invested heavily in the electricity supplier. According to the financial report, in 2016, the net income of the NetEase’s “mailbox, e-commerce and other business” was 8 billion 46 million yuan, more than two times in 2015. In the first quarter of 2017, this part of the business also increased by 63.2%, and the second and third quarter earnings of 2017 were 68.9% and 79.5% respectively.

But Ding Lei, who defined himself as “a tasty and innovative technology company,” is not satisfied with this.

Last November 6th, Ding Lei, who attended the “2017 cross-strait entrepreneurs Purple Mountain Summit”, pointed out that today’s Chinese society has ushered in the “new consumption” era: “before, everyone sought how to buy, and now we are seeking to buy better and more products.” We call this a “new consumption”.

Unlike the new retail discussion retail form and scene, new consumption concerns consumers’ consumption and consumer behavior.

Two days later, the 131 year old Danish national treasure brand and the Irma supermarket, the king of organic commodities, were on the exclusive line of flagship in the NetEase Kola. Ding Lei once again explained the concept of new consumption: “let the new consumption of China return to a state of true, good and beautiful.”


(photo taken by NetEase CEO Ding Lei and Irma COOP group’s CEO group photo, the two sides toast to celebrate signing cooperation)

Really, it is to ensure the quality and quality; good is to give users a good experience; beauty is to have taste and style. In simple terms, new consumption is focusing on people, starting from the new domination of the business relationship – the consumer, to meet the growing demand for a better life.

Under the new consumption, with the 3 billion euro “European strategy”, the Australian new merchants, the Japanese strategy of 500 billion yen and the US strategy of US $3 billion, the NetEase Kola bought the market again. In the latest research of the 2017 Q3 quarter cross-border e-commerce market published in the Q3, the NetEase Kola is the first to share the market share of the cross-border e-commerce platform in 2017Q3 China, which is the first in 2016 and 2017H1, and the sales share is gradually raised. Rise. Bloomberg, the world’s largest financial information media, has reported that NetEase koala sea has gone beyond Tmall and Jingdong in cross-border e-commerce.

Not long ago, NetEase Kola’s APP added the logo of “Kola 3rd anniversary” after the update, similar to “must see, Kola 3rd Anniversary super concession”, “Kola 3rd Anniversary time machine” link once again began to brush the screen in the circle of friends. From the birth of the call to the NetEase Kola to buy 100 billion, to the concept of “new consumption” under the concept of stable industry first, Ding Lei used three years of time to create the NetEase koala “one thousand and one nights”, NetEase Kola also attracted thousands of thousands of consumers in this “one thousand and one night”. When this old “four big portal” has been turned around by electricity providers, we can not help thinking of Ding Lei’s interview with the financial world.

Reporter: where is the advantage of NetEase? NetEase is not a company with electricity supplier experience.

Ding Lei: who do you think has the experience of e-commerce?

Reporter: Ali, Jingdong.

Ding Lei: they have the “electricity” gene, not necessarily the “business” gene, the core of the electricity supplier is “business” rather than “electricity”. The gene of “Shang” is very important, helping users to find the right product is the gene of “Shang”. Our advantage lies in the understanding of consumer needs. Our products may not be many, but we will win the customers’ favor.

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