How can the wheat convenience store be encircled?


How can the wheat convenience store be encircled?

In 2012, Ma and Wang Jianlin had a “billion dollar agreement”, and the two sides made a bet on whether e-commerce could replace traditional retail entities. However, in the past four years, Ma Yun has put forward the new concept of “the electricity supplier is about to disappear and new retail is coming”. After the impact of the electricity supplier on the traditional offline stores, the new retail business is now attacking the electricity supplier.

When a “old thing” begins to decline, it also means the emergence of a “new thing”. Today, new retail is the “new thing”. But as for the two things that “electronic commerce subverts traditional retail sales” and “new retail is about to replace e-commerce”, we understand one more truth: first, the times are not constant; two, the emergence of new things is far faster than the imagination.

The word “new retail” first appeared in October 2016, and strictly speaking, “new retail” was just not released for a long time. Due to the law of social development and the frequent occurrence of electricity supplier pain, the new retail business has gained great attention. In 2017, new retail sales have been well developed, leading to a lot of capital to start a crazy distribution of new retail, including Ali, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Tencent and some other e-commerce giants, as well as the emergence of wheat convenience stores, fruit small beauty, seven kola and other innovative enterprises, the new retail era can be opened. Wait.

The new retail market has become a new mainstream, and the wheat commune is also actively moving from the campus express service to the convenience store.

Since the idea of new retail is put forward in 2016, new retail is beginning to be active in the commercial world, with the layout of the new retailing, the traditional enterprise to the new retail distribution, and of course, some innovative enterprises are also intended to enter the new retail market before the new retail outlets come. Since 2016, the new mode of smart convenience stores has become popular in the market and has become a hot potato for capital competition.

In the case of wheat convenience stores, it is a smart convenience store that combines unmanned convenience stores and “human feelings”. The wheat commune, originally founded in 2013, was limited to the service of the campus express. By 2015, the wheat commune entered the convenience store. During this period, the wheat commune focused on the link between the campus logistics and the electricity supplier, and promoted the “last mile” as soon as possible. With the coming of new retail, the wheat commune has begun to lay out new retail areas. Since last year, the wheat convenience store has been expanding its service to various communities in the community, making full efforts to layout the new retail market and introducing the intelligent convenience store mode.

At the time of the new retail outlets, the wheat commune, which provided campus express service only for the campus, was faced with the emergence of more and more convenience stores, a single campus market that could not meet the needs of the wheat commune, and in 2015, the wheat commune began to change to the wheat convenience store. Until last April, the wheat convenience store launched its first You+ intelligent convenience store, wheat shop. The wheat convenience store has taken the first step in the new retail business.

Second, the market of convenience stores in China is large. According to the forecast of China’s convenience store sales from 2018 to 2022 by CIC consultants, China’s convenience store sales in 2016 are 133 billion 400 million yuan, up 13% over the same period. It is expected that in the five years from 2018 to 2022, the annual rate of growth will reach about 11.66%. In 2018, our sales in the convenience store will rise to 164 billion 300 million yuan, and in 2022, it will rise to 255 billion 400 million yuan. These data show that the development of convenience stores in the Chinese market is huge, especially in the new retail era, smart convenience stores will become a new market outlet. In this case, the distribution of smart convenience stores by the wheat commune is consistent with the development of the times.

In August 10th last year, the wheat commune signed a cooperation agreement with Face++, which played an important role in promoting the intelligent development of wheat convenience stores to a certain extent. On the 23, the wheat convenience store received the first round of financing from Hongtai fund and Chen Shan capital investment in 125 million yuan. In September of the same year, the wheat convenience store again announced that it had won the Pre-A+ round financing of Kun purple capital investment. In just two months, the wheat convenience store has received nearly 300 million yuan of financing, providing sufficient operating capital to the wheat convenience store. In this case, the wheat convenience store has a foothold in the new retail sector.

Since last April, wheat convenience stores have launched 1 to 4 versions of unmanned convenience stores. Wheat smart convenience store is gradually strengthening its layout in the new retail sector. However, affected by various problems, the development of wheat convenience stores is not smooth sailing.

After the rain is always in the wind and rain, the wheat convenience store must experience some ups and downs before seeing the sun.

In the early stage of new things, there will always be an upsurge in the market. And capital will rush into the market before the tuyere is coming. It is intended to be the first to seize the market, to have more consumers and to gain more market advantages, as is the case with new retail. The convenience store of wheat has achieved good results in the new retail business with the advantages of “rapid deployment” and “smart shopping”. But that does not mean that wheat convenience stores can rest easy.

First, the scale is small and the profit is difficult: the convenience store of wheat can be built successfully in only 4 hours, covering an area of 20 square meters, which reduces the operation cost to a certain extent. But at the same time, there are restrictions on “pavement”, resulting in the convenience store of wheat in a circle of small revenue and narrow user scope. In terms of product category or SKU, wheat shops are inferior to traditional convenience stores, and the service scope is relatively simple. Take 7-11 for example, there are 2800 kinds of products and 600 kinds of wheat shops. Many consumers said: no convenience store category is small, unless it is in urgent need, or will choose to go to the traditional supermarket shopping.

Two, many strong enemies: Nowadays, when the new retail season is hot, the frenzied influx of capital brings many strong opponents to the wheat convenience store. Strong enemy 1, there are Ali’s boxes and horses fresh, Jingdong million convenience stores, suing small stores and other giant products, these industry giants do not have to worry about funds, technology and user data and other issues; the enemy two, in addition to these giants, wheat convenience stores are also facing the continuous influx of waterfront boxes, seven kola and other innovative enterprises. The rise of unmanned shelves has also brought a sense of crisis to unmanned convenience stores.

Three, technical difficulties: Ma Yunceng, a new retailer, once said, “no technology, no business.” For smart convenience stores, the most important thing is technology, which means that technology is the key to supporting the survival of smart convenience stores. Today, wheat convenience stores are not perfect in technology such as theft prevention, settlement and so on. Even the development of larger bin fruit box, the introduction of data efficient collection of “small fan FAN AI” can not guarantee the accuracy of data 100 percent. As an innovative enterprise, wheat convenience stores still need to improve themselves in technology.

In addition, wheat convenience stores have difficulty in landing. Unlike other unmanned convenience stores, the wheat shop is a convenience store that can move and assemble at any time in a short time. This makes it not a fixed user, and the stickiness between the consumer and the convenience store is small, and there are many short boards in the wheat convenience store.

Now, the layout of the new retail business has gradually moved from the exploration stage to the mature stage. In the new retail era, the wheat convenience stores want to take root in the new retail field, and need to carry out some “baptism”.

Refused to be eliminated, how to break the dilemma of wheat convenience stores?

Today, the development of new retail has been supported by many capital, and its market scale is also expanding. However, as the new retail market becomes more and more hot and the entry is increasing, it is also necessary to make a good plan for the wheat convenience store to highlight the siege in such a new retail market.

First of all, for unmanned convenience stores, it is one of the most important problems that the scale of enterprises is difficult to expand and the profit is small. Therefore, the wheat convenience store can build an industrial ecological circle, by narrowing the gap between the pavements, and through the distribution of “real-time exchange” of the convenience store products, in order to increase the product category.

Secondly, we should strengthen community service and establish a more perfect online and offline service system. Now unmanned store brand too many, and unmanned shelves, unmanned supermarkets, and more popular situation, unmanned shops can only be “smart” to win. But this “intelligence” is not only the meaning of intelligence, but means that enterprises should grasp the relationship between “human and technology”, “consumption and scene”, “person and scene”, and put the experience of consumers first in the layout of unmanned convenience stores.

Finally, we should create diversified vertical high-end brands and promote “new” changes. For wheat convenience stores, how to successfully break through in a besieged situation is the key to a firm foothold in the new retail market. What new retail emphasizes is nothing more than “new”. Apart from technological innovation, the most important thing is how to embody “new” consumption scenarios. Diverse consumer scenarios attract consumers’ attention. With the development of the times, people’s shopping time will be shortened gradually in the future. In the era of high technology, the consumption scenario is more and more valued by consumers. Therefore, in the innovation and development of high-tech, the wheat convenience store should pay attention to the interaction between people and people in the consumption scene, and create a new community retail scene of thousands of people.

In addition, in view of the shortcomings of the unmanned convenience store technology, enterprises can cooperate with the intelligent technology company to achieve the purpose of operation. At the same time, the field of intelligent technology is laid out. After all, for innovative unmanned convenience store enterprises, in order to long-term development, smart technology in this area, “rigid requirements” is essential.

Nowadays, in the market, the market of unmanned convenience stores is not as strong as that of 2016 and 2017. The upsurge that follows is unmanned shelf, unmanned supermarket and so on. In this case, the development of wheat convenience stores is still difficult to guarantee. However, as a whole, the market of unmanned convenience stores is still to be grind. As long as wheat convenience stores solve the problems of small profit scale and lack of technology, it is not a difficult problem to occupy a place in the new retail market.

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