Do you remember the Red Star wardrobe? It’s going to be rebuilt by a chain of blocks.


Block chain may be the largest outlet in recent years.

With the emergence of big tycoons, emerging funds and continuous entrepreneurs, many veteran enterprises and fallen star enterprises even regarded it as the biggest opportunity to turn around.

From digital assets to intelligent contracts, from certification to supply chain management, the prospect of diversified application of block chain technology has great imagination.

Perhaps it is a huge opportunity to see the block chain. Insiders revealed that the vertical female business platform star wardrobe is seeking the opportunity of block chain transformation.

From the star company that was once very popular to the present silence, the development history of the star wardrobe can be epitome of vertical business.

Three years ago, it should be regarded as the golden age of women’s vertical business. Everyone is talking about the eventual threat to Taobao. Is it beautiful or, or star wardrobe? But the cruelty is that after the wind blows, the female vertical electric business has quickly disappeared into the “classical Internet”.

Last year, the long silence of the star wardrobe entered public view again, because of the explosion of unpaid salary and the public opinion crisis, and before that, the marketing advertising of the star wardrobe was once overlaid, and the trend of the development was beyond the beauty of the old rivals and the The rapid change of the situation is unprepared.

The beauty and, once called “3M” with the star wardrobe, are also not very good in the past two years. The combined beauty of the United, many times has been disbanded, disbanded employees and IPO frustration, and other negative news, it is now to consider not how to let “1+1> 2” problem, but how to live. Fortunately for the star wardrobe, the beauty union is on the Tencent and Jingdong.

This may be the fate of the vertical electric business.

But in 2018, the beauty coalition of Tencent and Jingdong had a chance to resurgence with WeChat’s flow; the star wardrobe did not intend to lose it. With the support of a large number of shareholders and partners, this time the attempt was made to revive the new retail and block chain technology.

Under the good capital, it is also marketing and marketing.

The 3M company transformed by women’s shopping guide platform is mostly in the same boat, but the experience of star wardrobe is obviously much more.

In 2012, focusing on star and clothing, star fashion wardrobe was born based on fashion big data star fashion mobile application. The vacancy of the electricity supplier in the star fashion field has brought millions of registered users to the star wardrobe, and has been recommended by App Store.

At this time, the star wardrobe is still a little careful, not only because of the, the beautiful saying is in full swing, and it is possible to see the business of the Taobao diversion, at any time will face the crisis of sealing.

As a result of 2013, Taobao began to put pressure on the rising momentum of the beauty and, but the star wardrobe was in the left and right, eating the other two left market gap.

In 2014, the star wardrobe, with a sharp eye, threw a star fashion reality show – the new dress of the goddess, which had a huge volume of traffic and word-of-mouth in the short term. Within two months after the program was broadcast, star wardrobe had invested in C and C+ rounds, many of which were star companies and well-known entrepreneurs.

The valuation of enterprises also increased from $18 million 750 thousand in the B round to $150 million in the C+ round, and the value of star wardrobes was eight times less than a year.

With the popularity of capital, media exposure and traffic flow, the star wardrobe seems to be on the road of rapid development, but it ignores the hidden shadow and crisis of glory. The most obvious problem is that the growth of traffic does not bring about the promotion of the corresponding conversion rate. Most of these star users only like to buy Star wardrobe stars of the same money, and the conversion rate of other goods in the mall is not high.

The crisis came so quietly, with the fall of the domestic A shares in the summer of 2015, the rapid cooling of capital, the delay in the D round of star wardrobe, and the eventual fusion of the expected amount of 1/4. The news is like a fuse that exposes the financial situation of the entire company to the eyes of employees and the public.

The pain of vertical e-commerce: a positive transformation and a bumpy road

At the beginning of 2015, the star wardrobe took advantage of the rush of the Red Sea at that time, and changed from the guide to the cross-border e-commerce platform. Through the overseas direct mail and bonded warehouse, the overseas fast fashion clothing products were sold to the domestic young consumers.

In order to continuously enhance its popularity, the star wardrobe has become the core sponsor of the second season of the goddess’s new clothes. In this season, the star wardrobe has increased not only in the domestic popularity, but also in the fashion circles and entertainment circles in Korea and Japan because of the joining of famous Korean star Yun Eunhea.

However, the increase of traffic volume and the increase of popularity did not bring the leap growth of platform revenue. The supply chain management of cross border apparel has become the bottleneck of rapid development. In fact, this is also an industry problem, the most important point is a long period of logistics, a series of challenges brought by the return of goods, so, after the start of the cross-border business business one year, we can see, it looks like a massive transformation of the e-commerce platform, in fact, from the product display, the star wardrobe shopping guide is still occupied. Large proportion. At the beginning of 2016, star wardrobe began to plan to open stores and open online and offline. The purpose was to solve the bottleneck of cross border commodity supply chain. But the capital market is getting cold, the news of the star wardrobe capital chain is broken, and the media and investors’ doubts are focused on the transformation of the star wardrobe.

Of course, it is not the star wardrobe one so, from the beautiful to the entire vertical e-commerce, in the continuous transformation of the twists and turns, but the last “toss” the more difficult. The reason is not only the company’s decision-making errors, but also because of the strong strength of the comprehensive electricity supplier, which has been squeezing the living space of the small and medium-sized platforms.

Seek the chain transformation of the block, can the star wardrobe seize this opportunity?

Now, the rise of the block chain, the entire Internet credit system may be reshaped, the supply chain of cross-border e-commerce will be restructured, and to centralization is an unpredictable imagination to the Internet Co outside the giant. If the market is changing, will the vertical electric business usher in the spring? Once it comes true, this means that the whole industry will have a chance to reshuffle.

The star wardrobe, who has experienced ups and downs, has been looking for ways to rise again. For example, the mode of combining online and offline is actually a good choice for the entire business platform to conform to the new retail trend. With the help of block chain technology, it is possible to solve the problems encountered by the star wardrobe when it comes to the improvement from certification to supply chain management.

Now, with the help of WeChat and Jingdong in the power of the e-commerce C2C, a new opportunity is ushered in, and the star wardrobe with a star’s resource advantage has a certain agreement with the block chain and new retail. After all, the star’s fashion derivatives themselves have limited and non reduplicable characteristics.

Therefore, star wardrobe seeking chain transformation is also expected.

But entrepreneurship is a narrow escape. The problems encountered by star wardrobe founding team have all gone through once, which is a microcosm of vertical business development. Once some of the mistakes and circumstances have led to the current dilemma, and with these years of experience and lessons, when faced with the huge block of block chain, can the star wardrobe be able to hold this rare opportunity to deduce a wonderful rebirth?

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