How can the Internet enterprises achieve precise poverty alleviation?


In March 22, 2018, the Jingdong helped Shaanxi provincial government to jointly launch the campaign for the promotion and promotion of Shaanxi apple and Beijing at the Beijing agricultural exhibition hall, and the chairman and chief executive of the Jingdong group board, Liu Qiangdong, sent a message through the video. At the same time, at the summit of the high quality development of the Shaanxi apple industry on the same day, the Jingdong cloud and the Shaanxi Fruit Industry Bureau signed the strategic cooperation, together to build the big data center of the apple, drive the new journey of the apple industry with cloud and big data, support the industry to help the poor, and push the consumers across the country to the world. High quality Shaanxi apple.

Cloud service has become a backstage driving force for precision poverty alleviation

As a virtualization resource, cloud service refers to obtaining the needed services through the network in an on-demand and extensible way. The so-called carrying public cloud and enjoying cloud services means that computing power can also be used as a commodity to circulate through the Internet. Jingdong cloud participation in poverty alleviation is undoubtedly a case of poverty alleviation through technology, enabling poverty alleviation activities to be more precise and efficient with the help of cloud services. In the whole poverty alleviation activities, cloud services can do many things.

First of all, cloud service is an important information link carrier and channel. In the process of achieving poverty alleviation through agricultural products, the information aging of local agricultural enterprises under the line and platform is becoming more and more important. Especially in the unmarketable agricultural products, the agricultural products which have high requirements for the storage and transportation environment are often required to meet the high level of supply with a very rapid double end linkage mechanism. It needs to be balanced. The poverty alleviation industry in rural areas should root out the poor roots from the source, so that the achievements of farmers’ labor can be maximally valued.

Secondly, cloud services can cover all aspects of the whole industry chain. The integration of agriculture and the Internet is not only a simple process of information transmission, but also involves the development, production, transportation, sales, after sale, service and other links of agricultural products. It is not only necessary to control the industrial word of mouth at the source, but also to operate the fresh and cold chain logistics system to ensure the quality, and also to respond at any time. After – sale feedback and service. So, cloud service is the digital carrier connecting this series of processes, and it is the construction of a kind of underlying infrastructure.

Finally, cloud services can portray consumers and promote precision poverty alleviation. Cloud services, while providing computing services, also accumulate data resources. These data come from agricultural products and agricultural products consumers, also from farmers, with these data, the cloud will build user portrait accordingly, so as to accurately complete the work of product recommendation and advance allocation of agricultural products, so as to promote the precision of poverty alleviation.

As we all know, the market value of Jingdong climbed all the way last year. At its heyday, it almost surpassed Baidu as the third largest in the Internet industry. The Jingdong cloud is relying on the Jingdong group’s practice and accumulation of experience in the field of Internet innovation and technology. Jingdong mall in the 6. 18 e-commerce festival to promote a smooth operation, it is the help of Jingdong clouds to resist the impact of a large amount of traffic suddenly increased, so that 100% of the order in the cloud. In the rush of traffic volume, the strength of Jingdong cloud has been constantly verified and polished, and finally achieved today’s Jingdong cloud.

Power empowerment: Jingdong cloud driven Shaanxi apple industry

Knowing the difficulties of high technology and high marketization of agricultural products, the important role played by cloud services in poverty alleviation in rural industries is self-evident. As a result, the large data of agricultural data is not only scattered and missing, and the data quality is generally low due to the barrier of administrative boundaries. Second, the second is to apply these big data to production, which requires the construction of infrastructure, talents, funds and so on, and the cost is very high; the digital information gap between urban and rural areas is in the third place. Huge, rural information facilities engineering coverage is not high, data collection difficulties…… These are all the power points of the cloud service.

But this not only reflects the role of cloud services in the development of rural industry, but also shows that it is not easy for cloud services to truly fall into the poverty alleviation of the rural industry. So what role did Jingdong cloud play in helping apple industry in Shaanxi?

First, Jingdong cloud supports the basic data architecture of Apple’s e-commerce. Jingdong group can wave out its own advantages in many fields through Jingdong cloud, such as e-commerce, logistics cold chain system, unmanned aerial vehicle logistics network system, fresh electricity consumer big data and so on. Jingdong group hatched the two major independent systems one is logistics, two is finance, and the Jingdong cloud is the main line to connect e-commerce, logistics to financial business. The Jingdong emo can play the role of data technology behind the cloud in the cloud.

Second, Jingdong cloud helps Shaanxi Apple electricity supplier’s industrialization development. Jingdong cloud can cooperate to build the Big Apple Data Center in Shaanxi Apple circulation, consumption and market data, and the two sides also jointly set up China Apple big data industry alliance, with these big data, the corresponding user research, product public research, e-commerce and other business can be faster and more rapid and effective. Jingdong cloud technology to empower the rural electricity supplier industry, improving the efficiency of Shaanxi Apple electricity supplier industrialization.

Third, Jingdong cloud promotes the digitalization of apple industry in Shaanxi. Jingdong cloud big data and cloud computing technology, for the construction of public data management platform for Big Apple data, to promote the construction of intelligent orchard, speed up the digital transformation of the apple industry can not be done. Internet plus agriculture is a very easy to empty talk area, can really promote the agricultural supply side structural reform, let the rural industry to achieve a modified self circulation and sustainable development is the key. The industrialization and digitalization of Shaanxi Apple verified the empowerment strength of Jingdong cloud services.

The contribution of the Jingdong to the digitization of the apple industry in Shaanxi is not only to make Shaanxi apple go to the whole of China, but also to be known to more people. It can also be shown on the farmers’ body, directly acting on the actual income of the fruit farmers, realizing the efficient and accurate poverty alleviation, and helping Shaanxi establish a new ecological environment for the poverty alleviation of the agricultural industry.

Precision Poverty Alleviation: Shaanxi Apple leveraging Jingdong cloud to promote poverty alleviation in the real estate sector

Shaanxi Apple has the help of the Jingdong cloud, realizes the industrialization development, the local poverty alleviation policy also gets the actual landing, Shaanxi’s poverty alleviation has made great progress with the help of the Jingdong cloud. Now the apple industry in Shaanxi has gone all over China, and even to the world. Judging from the results, Shaanxi’s apple industry is undoubtedly a success in helping the poor.

As a result, the “Shaanxi apple Beijing Promotion Week” launched by the Shaanxi Fruit Industry Bureau, Jingdong Yun combined the Jingdong fresh cause department and the Xi’an national civil space base to synchronize the first “Jingdong Shaanxi Apple Festival”, and the Shaanxi apple industry was the first agricultural product to surf the Internet under the boost of its resources. It has been popularized. Now the fine operation effect of the industrial chain can touch consumers all over the world and become the world’s representative product of China’s taste.

Second, this means that the apple industry in Shaanxi has been industrialized, large-scale and sustainable; Shaanxi’s apple has broken regional restrictions, improved brand awareness and formed a unique feature industry, and local fruit farmers will gain a long, stable source of income for local support. The promotion of poor work is of great significance.

In the third place, the local poverty alleviation in Shaanxi is no longer the traditional blood transfusion, but the help of the Jingdong’s apple industry to achieve automatic hemopoietic poverty alleviation, which is also the embodiment of the capacity of the Jingdong in the city’s city economy. Last year, Jingdong cloud hosted the “Zhanhua winter jujube electricity supplier Festival” jointly with Binzhou. It is also a new model for local development of local characteristic industries. We can see that through the cloud and big data user portrait to achieve accurate poverty alleviation, the agricultural development mode has been innovated and subverted, and the efficiency of poverty alleviation has also been greatly improved.

Rural industry: the digital age of precise poverty alleviation

Jingdong Yun Fu can Shaanxi apple, helping the local poverty alleviation work landing at the same time, but also opened a new era, that is, the digital age of agriculture, the advent of the era.

With the help of the power of the Internet to achieve scale, industrialization and digital development, it is not only conducive to the improvement of agricultural production efficiency and the improvement of the quality of the overall output of agricultural products, but also solves the problems of scattered rural areas and uneven quality of agricultural products in China. Internet innovation technology can also play a greater role in the process of establishing large-scale and digital industry models, and test results in practice.

At the same time, like the apple industry in Shaanxi, each area has a targeted industry, and what cloud services can do is to explore local characteristics on the basis of portrait, develop e-commerce according to local conditions, let each area have its own core competitiveness industry, and avoid homogeneous development. In the future more accurate and professional development trend, agricultural digitalization is the trend of the times, precision poverty alleviation is based on all of these infrastructure.

The realization of precision poverty alleviation has been a difficult problem. The Jingdong cloud uses its own cloud attributes to solve this problem well and pull a new era of agricultural digitalization. In the future, the rural poverty alleviation line should also develop in the direction of high and new technology industries such as large data and cloud computing, innovate the rural industry, conform to the trend of the information revolution and social development, and make use of the advantages of the government and farmers to build new rural industries with the government and farmers to achieve a precise and effective poverty alleviation.

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