Gathering ferocious: the rise of a social business Unicorn


In March 12th, at the second growth conference, the Hangzhou Venture Capital Association and the micro chain jointly issued the “Hangzhou Unicorn enterprise list”, “Hangzhou one hundred million US dollars or more companies (quasi unicorns) list”, Cloud Collection “Hangzhou Unicorn list”, with ant gold clothing, 51 credit card, Ali cloud, micro medicine. The group and so on have become one of the 26 “unicorns” on this hot land of entrepreneurship in Hangzhou.

Gathering ferocious: the rise of a social business Unicorn

The concept of “unicorn” was first proposed by Aileen Lee, a famous American investor in 2013, aimed at classifying companies that were in relatively short time (within 10 years), by private or open market investors or institutions valued at more than $1 billion, and who had not entered the capital market.

And the gathering of the unicorns is, of course, nothing wrong with it.

Gathered in less than three years to achieve the transformation from zero to unicorn, first of all, the capital layer of the recognition of social business. In addition to the two giants of the Alibaba and Jingdong, many of the once popular e-commerce projects have entered a sluggish period, or as small and beautiful projects have begun to approach their ceilings. By contrast, the collection reached 10 billion of the annual GMV in 2017 and has enough strength to enter the TOP5 list in the B2C electric business, and can clearly see that it is still in the rising channel, with full power.

On the whole, to gather together: the unicorn is definitely worthy of the name.

And the reason for the special writing talk is because the results of this selection will have more complex meaning in the eyes of the electric business. The success of the collection is not only the boost of the social e-commerce tide, but also the gain of the features of the gathering of its own.

There is a lot of difference, so listen to Uncle Ni.


Throughout the years of development, its mode has been rapidly evolving and evolving.

At the outset, the key words of the outside world are: social interaction and traffic. With the advent of the social media environment, the flow of centralization gradually decreases and the effect of centralization is stronger and stronger. The aggregation of numerous individuals through the mode of net income is integrated to gain social exchange, and the core price is further distributed. The value lies in reducing the cost of the entire electricity supplier flow through social networking.

As an external spectator, early uncle Ni also shared similar views. However, with the continuous tracking of the trajectory of the cloud collection development, uncle Ni finds that it is too one-sided to read only from the perspective of flow, at least neglecting the business flow – channel must be a part of the overall commodity circulation system, and the influence of channel change is also reconstructing the whole circulation chain.

Over the past few years, we have gathered more than 3 million shopkeepers and 20 million VIP users, with a maximum sales of over 278 million yuan per day. This means that the gathering has initially completed the link between social chain and transaction chain. When a gathering of more than 3 million people has been woven throughout China, these information nodes can not only connect consumers, but also connect thousands of cities and townships behind them, as well as the massive brand business resources behind the local economy.

Like a drop in the mastery of the hundreds of millions of users, it has gradually begun to show its ability to dispatch the resources of the city. It has completed the initial accumulation of the initial model of shopping division, the value of the platform has become increasingly prominent, and has entered a new stage of gathering power to do great events.

Before NetEase, there was a slogan called “gathering power of people”, which meant that NetEase had not only news, traffic, but also certain community attributes. This formulation had a certain predisposition at that time. But in the era of social e-commerce, this phrase is used to describe the gathering of today: when the power is gathered together, it is no longer a simple flow and channel, but a regulator of the whole social resources. Once the resource adjuster effect is generated, the platform value will be enlarged, and the industrial chain’s discourse power and social effect will be derived from simple traffic channels.

The gathering has begun to apply this capability to the empowerment of emerging brands. With the advent of the social media environment, the use of big brands to standardize and unify the production of goods is beginning to be considered an unpopular choice of consumption. Then, a number of non standard brands marked by temperature and feelings are born. Through the cooperation with the clouds, they not only obtain the flow, obtain the channel of e-commerce, but also rely on the gathering of people to accumulate the most valuable user word of mouth to the new brand by the social path of human pushing people, and the brand will rise rapidly.

In July 16, 2017, the fresh brand of great Hedi’s fili steak was set up on the line of micro stores, selling 1 million 500 thousand tablets in only 5 hours, with a direct force of 14 million. This number is known as the “Guinness record” for the single day of the fresh steak, and also received television reports from CCTV news to help big Hedi. The brand has been recognized by a large number of consumers, and has become a well-known benchmark in the field of fresh food.

And after these cases, the value of branding is already self-evident.

Gathering ferocious: the rise of a social business Unicorn

In economics, the value of scattered resources is small, and resources must be aggregated to achieve real great value. And the aggregation of the aggregate power of the social chain is becoming a concentrator of energy and resources, and through a case and case, a greater value is formed in the industrial chain and the social environment.

To some extent, this kind of concentrated effort to do great things is very similar to the Juhuasuan in the era of group buying.

And more coincidentally, after the service of the brand business, the collection and the same year with the “Buna action” war made a famous Juhuasuan, gradually put their eyes on the vast rural market. After all, the work of brand business, no matter how much the sale is still pure commercial behavior, but only with the social supply and demand, it is possible to play a huge social value, the size of the value of the social value is the ultimate criterion for the value of a platform.

In May 2017, the cloud collection and the Zhejiang University CARD China Agricultural Brand Research Center jointly launched the “Cloud Collection” agricultural brand hatching action, that is, “100 counties thousand products” project, in three years, covering 100 counties, cultivating 1000 geographical indications of agricultural products brand.

In March 21, 2018, the cloud collection and the Zhejiang University’s global agricultural and Business Research Institute and the Zhejiang University School of management started the “Rural Revitalization of the thousand people plan”, and strive to cultivate 1000 new farmers in 3 years, and create 100 Rural Revitalization of the new farmers support samples.

Along with the gathering in the rural market, from the goods to the talent strategy, the resources of agricultural products and the trust of the brand are constantly pushed to the wider rural market.

Before, the collection of CEO Xiao Shang about the circulation of consumer goods in China once made a metaphor: under the traditional model of e-commerce, a map of China was opened, and the trade and circulation of the country were monopolized by the top 10 App in the industry, and all the supplies were connected with these 10 App.

Under the logic of the cloud collection mode, open the map of China again, the 10 App has become 400-500 small A small B, and the network which is formed by them to connect all the supply and demand, and with the development and promotion of the rural strategy, the maps of the township and County cities behind these small A small B are gradually clear, the flow, order, source of goods Even trust is packaged, integrated, and converged on the network that has gathered.

When Xiao Shang briefly used these 400-500 small A small B and the city and the county and township behind them to weave the central network, it gradually replaced the central network of the 10 APP, and the unicorn of a social network was abruptly rising.


In a speech delivered by friends in time, Luo Zhenyu once put forward a concept that the battlefield of time is the ultimate battleground of the whole business competition.

The core of the separation between social business and traditional electricity providers is the occupation of consumers’ time.

In 2018, it was a great year for the social network, and the social chain’s social chain is getting more attention and attention from consumers step by step, which will undoubtedly bring new impact to the industry.

Behind the logic of social business explosion, it is the rise of individuals, the application of shared economic models, and the overall social trend of consumption upgrading.

Gathering ferocious: the rise of a social business Unicorn

These are the situation that did not appear before, from the macroscopic view: the social media environment affects the user’s cognition of the world every day, and the trend of the flow de centralization will not stop. In the whole circulation field of consumer goods, the change of channel will not stop.

Xiao shaomi said that today’s offline retail does not represent future offline retail, nor does today’s electricity supplier represent the future electricity supplier. The only change is the change.

Gathered together as the first regular army of social networking providers, they are always proud of this wave of change. From this time node of the spring of 2018, this wave of change is still strong and will not stop, and the gathering will also go to the top of the next wave.

For the gathering, the $one billion Unicorn valuation story is just the beginning.

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