Amazon creates Alexa ecosystem: support voice consumption developers 70%


Amazon creates Alexa ecosystem: support voice consumption developers 70%

Tencent technology news Amazon invented the voice – based voice box, thought to be the most important invention in the technology industry after Apple launched the iPhone, including China and overseas, and countless companies are imitating Amazon’s voice aides and smart speakers.

According to the latest news from foreign media, Amazon has launched a major innovation to create a third party application ecosystem based on voice aides, which means that developers can develop a variety of control functions that support consumer buying for Alexa and get a split.

It is well known that Android and iOS have become the two most successful mobile operating systems in the world, mainly because they have developed into an “application ecosystem” that allows third party developers to gain income. Every year, global developers share tens of billions of dollars in revenue from Google and apple.

According to Engadget and other foreign technology media reports, Amazon Co recently launched a voice assistant control function of the consumer purchase function. For example, the third party voice function developers can support voice shopping, purchase paid content, purchase games and other functions. In the future, Amazon will adopt a similar 37 division mode with apple, and 70% of revenue will belong to developers.

In the past few years, there have been a large number of external Hard Suits Inc or developers in the world to launch Alexa functions. People can use Alexa to control household appliances, kitchenware, cars, even control office equipment and office software. Voice assistants have become the indispensable “small secretaries” in people’s work and life.

It was reported that at the end of last year, Amazon announced the news that it would support Alexa consumer purchases, but it was only a small scale test, mainly for some voice game makers. Today, Amazon has officially launched this ecosystem for all Alexa developers.

In terms of payment and settlement, Amazon will bind the Amazon payment service of the company. Amazon’s payment was earlier, but limited to internet payments. In the past one or two years, Amazon was even forgotten by the consumer in the mobile payment war. It is reported that Amazon and Bezos have been “waking up” and decided to invest in the Amazon to promote the support of more business businesses of third parties.

In terms of the pricing of voice consumption, developers have autonomy, but Amazon will be responsible for the entire purchase and payment process. Amazon has also launched a dedicated tool to enable developers to manage all kinds of product content.

Amazon has a great success in its Prime system. Members pay $more than 100 a year to get a courier service. Amazon said that all Alexa consumer features must offer some extra discounts or benefits to Amazon’s post – mail members, such as exclusive supplies, or preemptive purchases, price discounts, etc.

With the release of voice assistant ecology, Amazon has announced a number of partners, such as SYFY WIRE, which will launch exclusive audio content for Alexa, and Volley will launch more voice based role-playing games.

In addition to enabling developers to introduce voice consumption, Amazon also announced that it would offer business businesses a full sale of commodity sales services, which would also integrate Amazon payments. This means that more enterprises can build voice shops through Alexa channels and sell various products.

According to Amazon’s latest announcement, the number of Alexa has exceeded forty thousand kinds of functions. At the end of last year, the number of functions was only 25 thousand.

In the face of the great success of Amazon Alexa, Google aides have also stepped up their imitation, not only with more external Hard Suits Inc, but also implanted Google assistants. Google has also opened the development interface, providing developers with the convenience of integration.

The industry generally believes that the great innovation of Amazon Alexa and Google assistants will allow people to enter the era of voice networking. People can get network information and services and complete consumer transactions anytime and anywhere by giving orders. This way of obtaining services is obviously better than the traditional personal computer or smart phone.

In the family environment, voice assistants and smart speakers have replaced smart phones as smart home and core control center.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, new technology can not only fully understand the natural language of human, but also the accuracy and satisfaction of its answer is also increasing. This has become a new driving force for the development of voice assistants and smart speakers. (synthesis / dawn)

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