Balance treasure announced 2 New Monetary Fund upgrade, you are concerned about the problem here.


Sina Financial News May 4th, the balance treasure announced the upgrade, the new access to the time, the China European fund company’s “time cash income currency A”, “China Europe rolling money money A” two monetary fund products.

Alipay is in micro-blog announced that we are in the balance of treasure experience upgrade, from tomorrow, there will be some users can see the entrance to upgrade in the balance of treasure, after the upgrade, you can enjoy shopping at any time at any time with the balance of treasure service. Users who do not see the entry do not need to worry. In order to ensure a smooth upgrade, a small number of users will be pilot, and will soon expand to all users.

Balance treasure announced 2 New Monetary Fund upgrade, you are concerned about the problem here.

Ant gold clothing said that after the early days Celestica fund to take the initiative to limit measures, the scale of the growth of the balance of treasure Monetary Fund has been controlled. Now, a number of cooperative open models can further reduce the pressure of the excessive growth of the single monetary fund, reduce the risk of the high concentration of single monetary fund as a whole, and better improve the user service experience.

Ant gold clothing, the upgrade from the zero point of May 4th will be gradually open to users, users through the balance treasure page prompt can realtime understand whether they have entered the upgrade coverage.

But when the balance is upgraded, what will the balance treasure function change? Where is the upgrade of the operation entrance? If no upgrade will affect normal use? Will it be possible to hold multiple funds at the same time in the balance treasure? This article will explain the possible impact of the Yu Ebao upgrade to you as follows:

Q1: why does the balance treasure upgrade and access to more fund companies’ monetary fund products?

A: before the upgrade, the balance treasure monetary fund sales service is only provided by the Tianhong fund, the daily application of the total amount has a certain limit, 9 a. m. every morning, after the purchase.

Balance treasure announced 2 New Monetary Fund upgrade, you are concerned about the problem here.

After upgrading, the balance treasure will add two fund companies, namely, Boshi fund and China Europe Fund, to provide users with services. After the upgrade, users buy new online funds (A or A), which is not limited and not limited. The original use function of the balance treasure remains unchanged.

Q2: why didn’t I see the entrance to upgrade operation?

A: to ensure the stability of the balance treasure during the upgrade, we will gradually open the scope of the experience, specific to the details of the Yu Ebao page, if you have not seen the entrance of the experience for the time being, it is suggested that you follow the page tips of the balance treasure.

Q3: if not upgraded, will it affect my normal use?

A: no influence. If not upgraded, the balance of treasure experience will maintain the status quo, may be affected by the daily purchase limit and limit.

Q4: can I hold more than one fund at the same time?

A: the location of balance treasure is a small and scattered cash management tool. If you hold many funds at the same time, you will be more cumbersome when using the balance treasure. In order to facilitate user management and use, the current balance treasure does not support and holds multiple funds at the same time.

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