Sogou was claimed to be infringed on trademark right for 60 thousand yuan


[TechWeb report] May 3rd news, according to the news of the Haidian court of court, because of its exclusive use of the right to use the rabbit graphics and the text trademark was used by Sogou company and Beijing Zhi Yue company, Fuzhou city food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. took the trademark infringement dispute as a lawsuit to the court and asked to stop the infringement immediately. And unfair competition, public apology and compensation for losses of 60 thousand yuan.

Sogou was claimed to be infringed on trademark right for 60 thousand yuan

The plaintiff, Fuzhou City, fruit source Catering Management Co., Ltd. claims that it is the exclusive use holder in the Chinese region of the small rabbit graphics and the trademark, and carries out commercial franchises in the Chinese region with the graphic and written trademark of the rabbit. The business scope is mainly to direct or franchise milk tea and other kinds of drinks and snacks. The main store.

After the investigation of the plaintiff, it was found that at Beijing time, Yue company set up the text content of the plaintiff’s registered trademark of the rabbit as a keyword, title and paid business promotion on all search engine of Sogou. After clicking the above content, it was promoted by Beijing and Fuzhou. Source Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. has direct competition with other similar brand products.

Fuzhou taquanyuan Catering Management Co., Ltd. believes that Sogou, as the first leading search engine service provider and a commercial promotion platform in China, has a large number of visitors a day. When Beijing is intelligent, Yuet company is a company with its own similar products, which sets the word part of the rabbit trademark into a title or key word. Commercial promotion in Sogou’s front page will cause confusion to the public. It is a violation of its trademark right and is an act of unfair competition.

Recently, the Haidian court accepted the case, which is under further trial.

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