You must announce that you have won the C round of $820 million from Tencent.


TechWeb report (TechWeb), May 3rd news, you today, the official announced that it has received Tencent leading investment, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Haier, the people’s livelihood securities, Australia Telecom (Telstra), the home of the people’s livelihood, the people’s livelihood bank, Wen Hua Xia, Naka Hiro, pine capital and other investment of C round with the investment of 820 million dollars, after the round of financing, excellent choice The valuation reached $5 billion.

You must announce that you have won the C round of $820 million from Tencent.

You must be chosen as the “red man” on the Spring Festival Gala. During the Spring Festival Gala in the year of the monkey, Alpha 1S performed with Sun Nan, the singer. In the Spring Festival Gala of the dog year, the best choice also brings the robot “Jimu Wang Wang” combined with the zodiac element to interact with the performance guests.

Since its creation, we have gradually introduced consumer oriented humanoid robots, commercial humanoid robots and Jimu robots. On CES 2017, you first showcase a cloud platform based intelligent humanoid robot Cruzr for global enterprises and public services. This robot has flexible arms, 13 million pixel high-definition cameras, and 3 omnidirectional wheels, based on which to optimize human resources and work efficiency. Improve.

After this round of financing, you will increase the investment on commercial humanoid robots, such as robot driven servo, gait motion control algorithm, computer vision and other fields, and accelerate the development and layout of the biped humanoid robot.

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