Smart new retail display 2017CE China


(TechWeb) on May 3rd, the third CE China- China Shenzhen consumer electronics and home appliances brand exhibition opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This year, Suning continues to participate in the three degree participation of CE China’s chief partner, showing its full platform and the latest smart technology in all channels, and is also the first platform for the new products of 100 brands. At the exhibition site, Suning smart home, intelligent logistics, unmanned shop and many other formats have appeared.

Suning exhibition area, Suning technology, logistics and other formats of the latest technology have appeared. Suning moved the entire Biu shop to the exhibition site. Enter shop brush face, pay brush face, face value become pass, spectators are gathered “punch card”.

Smart new retail display 2017CE China

When the consumer enters the store, the intelligent “lens” will determine the age, sex, and the number of stores in the store. Then, according to the big consumption data, it will provide “thousands of people” selection and customized recommendation. As the “killer mace” of the unmanned shop, the face can be identified in 6 seconds. The name Biu shop also means that shopping is convenient and quick, and the end of Biu is finished.

In the scene, Suning makes the whole house intelligent environment, all the indoor electrical appliances can be controlled by the one key of the suing intelligent APP, the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the leisure and many scenes can be freely switched. What’s more, the small Biu smart speaker has become the new entrance of smart home. Yelling “little Biu, I’m home!” In the experience area, the air conditioning, TV, air purifier and other electrical appliances are automatically opened. In addition to the routine life service functions such as voice interaction, weather checking and so on, Suning small Biu also owns the resource advantages of Suning’s eight industries.

Smart new retail display 2017CE China

The technology of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) displayed at the scene can build a perfect low altitude flight network in remote areas to achieve faster and more efficient service touches. The AGV robot, which also attracts many exhibitors, makes the selection of goods no longer run after the shelves, and realizes the selection of “goods to people”. The sorting efficiency of small pieces is more than 5 times artificial, and the picking accuracy rate is more than 99.99%.

In May 4th, a number of Southeast Asian business delegation will visit Huaxin cloud store in Shenzhen to feel Suning’s charm of smart retailing. Suning will take the opportunity to speed up the layout of the Southeast Asian market, which is worth watching.

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