Ali wholly-owned acquisition of the first voice interconnection or layout of voice chip


TechWeb (TechWeb), May 3rd, Ali confirmed that it was a fully funded acquisition of Beijing first interconnection technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “first voice interconnection”). The latter is the first domestic team to engage in voice enhancement and voice interactive interface technology. It has provided voice interaction for many companies such as Ali, Baidu, millet and other companies. Hardware solutions.

Ali said that the scale of the acquisition is not large, mainly for technology and talent, the specific amount has not been disclosed. Reporters learned that, along with Ali’s strategic layout on the chip, there will be more progress in voice chip.

Ali wholly-owned acquisition of the first voice interconnection or layout of voice chip

Note: a red coat is a PhD

At the same time, Dr. Fu Qiang, a pioneer and a former researcher at the Academy of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently entered the machine intelligence technology laboratory of the Alda Ramo, which is responsible for the research and development of voice interaction front-end processing technology and solutions. At the same time, there are many senior experts from the first interconnected founding team, most of whom are in the center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and one from the famous Dolby laboratory.

In early April, Ali announced that it would enter the field of Internet of things in an all-round way. Fu Qiang’s introduction of the acoustic team will become an important part of the landing of Ali IoT. In the second half of last year, former chief engineer Feng Jinwei joined Ali to develop the Shanghai subway ticketing machine, which is the first voice interactive product in the world’s strong noisy environment.

Fu Qiang will join the integration of resources to promote the scene of voice recognition technology landing, forming a combination of software and hardware, end cloud integration of commercial solutions. He will also prepare two solid acoustics laboratories. In April 20th, Ali wholly owned the only independent CPU IP Core company in China, and many technologies were also geared towards IoT.

According to Fu Qiang, the short-term goal of the current machine intelligence technology laboratory is to help voice interaction technology fall to the ground in a variety of scenes and terminals, and to maintain the correct recognition rate in a complex environment. “In particular, we are developing a low power, low cost and highly integrated end cloud integrated voice interaction technology and hardware scheme based on the small array voice enhancement technology for the needs of IoT based smart home. With Ali’s strategic layout on the chip, we will make more progress on the voice chip.

He also disclosed that the special purpose acoustic laboratory is being built, which is mainly used for online end-to-end testing in complex acoustic environment.

“Ali IoT strategy must do things with controllable resources, controllable technology and core competitiveness.” Alibaba CTO Zhang Jianfeng said that this is also one of the most important research breakthrough directions since the establishment of Damour hospital.

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