Musk rejected analyst questions, Tesla’s market value evaporated $about 2000000000.


TechWeb reported on May 3rd that, according to foreign media reports, TSI CEO Elon Musk refused to answer the analyst’s question at the analysts’ conference call after the first quarter of the financial report, and a rude interruption of an analyst’s question, the price of Tesla’s value was $2 billion.

Musk rejected analyst questions, Tesla's market value evaporated $about 2000000000.

Musk rejected analyst questions, Tesla’s market value evaporated $about 2000000000.

At an analyst phone conference after the first quarter of May 2nd local time, one analyst asked Mask’s Model 3 reservation ratio, an indicator of how much profit TSTA could get from it, but Mask was too boring for the analyst.

An analyst later asked musk about a question of capital demand by Tesla, but was interrupted by musk.

These moves at the analyst’s conference call also frustrate analysts at Wall Street and the auto industry, and analysts say that musk needs to grow. And musk in the earnings analysts conference call on the wayward performance, but also to Tesla’s market value to pay the price.

Although Tesla’s net loss increased nearly 98% on the first quarter, Tesla’s share price did not change much after the release, and shortly after the interruption of the analyst’s question, Tesla’s share price began to fall to the end of the trading time, and the Tesla value had evaporated by $about 2000000000. (Capsicum)

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