User information 1 cents for 1 cents is sold! Us Regiment: we are also very helpless


Recently, a large number of user information, such as name, phone, address, and so on, have been leaked and sold out, including the phone sales group, network operators, merchants and riders, and some information even less than 10 Fen.

Foreign media Bloomberg also paid special attention to the matter and emphasized the support of the Chinese science and technology giant Tencent behind the review. This happened, especially when the Facebook privacy leak triggered a huge controversy, further stimulating the netizens’ dissatisfaction with the network giant and the demand for more strict supervision.

The group said that it has taken various measures to ensure the privacy of the users through the work of the internal control department and the technical team, but it is unavoidable to be drilled because of the complexity of the business.

“Because the takeout service involves a number of services, including platforms, businesses, third party distribution, and so on, it may be possible for the lawmakers to get information from them,” the mission said.

Bloomberg points out that, although the Chinese are less sensitive to privacy, such massive privacy disclosing and reselling are still uneasy because the service has been involved in all aspects of people’s lives.

According to the news, the US group is seeking to list in Hongkong this year, with a valuation of US $60 billion.

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