Alipay released the code business growth plan “: trillion loan support


[TechWeb] reported on May 3rd news, Alipay announced today midday code business growth plan “, nearly one hundred million code business to provide” security “and” growth “two aspects of power, which contains one trillion of the loan amount for three years.

In the current market, whether it is a breakfast stall or a market selling mother, before the stall, a “two-dimensional code” will be attached to the business. In addition to the basic money collecting function, the business analysis, financial management, financial insurance, loans and other multi-dimensional services are also increased from now on. Because of the changes brought about by two-dimensional code, small businesses call themselves “code traders”.

Alipay released the code business growth plan

Taking the code growth plan released by Alipay include overcharged loan, credit and credit received much more, as well as small and micro businesses, class brand upgrade plate, can make the code better business growth.

Operators can get the network code bank loans services from “overcharged loan”; “overcharged more credit” will open up the Alipay business services and 1688 supply market, code makers get a one-stop purchase service and have the opportunity to charge at home fingertips; in addition, code taking daily business the money collected, can be put into Yu Libao The more you get, the more you get.

It is understood that if the code dealer’s decals are replaced and transferred maliciously, the loss can be paid by the insurance company by “you dare to accept, I dare to compensate”. “Much more insurance” insurance provided by ants, code developers using the Alipay money collection code can get free medical insurance payment, the more the amount is higher, all kinds of daily medical expenses will be reimbursed. And ant gold clothes, in addition to the continuation of free cash, such as the existing investment, will be in the next three years to provide a one trillion loan amount to the yard to help solve their financing problems.

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