The man late night by dripping carpool was forced to get out of the car by the driver and sue for compensation 2000.


Station home ( May 3rd news: according to the news of the Haidian court, Mr. Lin, in the use of dripping carpool service, was driven off the motorway by the driver on the highway for questioning the driver to charge the parking fee and the road fee. Mr. Lin believes that the act has infringed its legitimate rights and interests, and then he will travel to the court, asking for a drop trip to compensate for the cost of work, the cost of mental loss, and the total fare of 2000 yuan. A few days ago, the Haidian court accepted the case.

The man late night by dripping carpool was forced to get out of the car by the driver and sue for compensation 2000.

 , the plaintiff, Mr. Lin, claimed that at 11 o’clock in the evening, after dropping off the plane at the capital airport, he called a drop carpool. After driving to the airport speed, the driver did not issue any bills, asking Mr. Lin for parking fees and toll. Mr. Lin said there was a doubt about the charge. When it used WeChat and the backstage customer service to verify the cost, the driver suddenly stopped to drive it out and put it in danger. Mr. Lin called on the main road of the freeway. After the police car arrived, he could not enter the main road on the auxiliary road. After walking for more than 30 minutes, he walked to the exit of the expressway. After the police took Mr. Lin back to the police station, his taxi home was at three in the morning and was unable to work on that day.

    Mr. Lin believes that the driver has not sent it to its destination, without a high speed toll station, asking for cash without showing any bill, which is a violation. The driver trains the driver, and the driver knows that the highway is a dangerous environment, but still let it out in the dangerous environment, which seriously threatens the safety of the person. Dripping off the driver’s illegal behavior has not been investigated, suspected of shielding. Moreover, drivers’ information and vehicles are not in line with the registered vehicles on the dripping platform, and the drip travel regulation is not in place. In addition, Mr. Lin thought that he should have been working on the same day, but was frightened at the high speed on the road, delayed the rest of the night, failed to work, and went home from the police station to go beyond the original taxi fare, causing damage to it.

    at present, the case is under further trial.

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