Shenzhen Traffic Commission: share bicycle business management level is low.


[TechWeb report] May 3rd news, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Committee announced the results of the assessment of the operating service of the Internet rental bicycle enterprise. In general, the level of standardization and service level of business management in all enterprises is low.

According to the evaluation score of the service quality of each enterprise, because of the scale of vehicle delivery (43.2%, 51.5%) of the total number of vehicles operating in the city, the large scale of the users and relatively strong technical ability, the index of operation service such as riding quantity, vehicle turnover and so on, and the innovation management index of enterprise independent innovation, and so on, ofo The scores of public evaluation and other indicators are significantly higher than those of other enterprises. However, the two enterprises were all divided by the relevant departments because of the illegal dumping of vehicles and the disorderly disposal of vehicles during the period of regulation, which resulted in the low overall score of the enterprises.

Shenzhen Traffic Commission: share bicycle business management level is low.

The three enterprises in the city have fewer active vehicles and small scale of users in the city. Therefore, the scores of operation service indexes such as user riding volume and vehicle turnover rate are low. Besides, the management strength of the enterprises is relatively weak, and the satisfaction level of the public is generally lower than that of ofo.

From the overall score of each index, the scoring rate of the operation management index is low (the average score rate is 28%), and the score of the enterprise is mainly concentrated on the four indexes, such as the good rate of vehicle, the management of vehicle parking, the management of vehicle delivery, and the order to rectify and rectify the management of the daily car Liang Weibao, the management of the parking order and so on. There is a big problem in capacity, and there is a behavior of illegal distribution. The scoring rate of two categories of safety emergency and public evaluation is relatively high (the average score rate is 67%, 63% respectively), which indicates that all enterprises can establish a relatively perfect safety emergency response mechanism according to the government management requirements, and pay more attention to the user experience.

The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Transportation Committee said, in general, the standardization degree and the service level of the enterprise operation management are low as a whole. Next, we will urge the enterprises to make rectification plans for their own problems, constantly improve the quality of service and carry out the responsibility of the enterprises. At the same time, our committee will summarize the experience of the assessment in time, and optimize the assessment scheme with the development trend of the industry, push the implementation according to the quarterly, and regularly publish the results of the enterprise assessment.

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