Microsoft launched the Win10 version of Your Phone and iPhone Timeline


NetEase news on May 8th, according to the U. S. media, after giving up Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone, Microsoft turned its attention to how to best accept Android and iOS. At the Build2018 developer conference, Microsoft announced the latest strategy: the Windows10 preview has a new Your Phone application, a iPhone version of Windows Timeline through a Edge browser, and a Android version Microsoft Launcher support Timeline.

These upgrades are part of the Microsoft Continue on PC function, which allows tasks to be sent to Windows10 computers from Android or iOS devices. This function first appeared on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update last October, and Microsoft has been gradually expanding this function since then. Last week, the application appeared too early in Microsoft’s official mall, but it seemed useless. Now we know the reason: Your Phone application is only released this week for Windows Insiders, not for Windows10 users.

Microsoft launched the Win10 version of Your Phone and iPhone Timeline

Your Phone, like its name, is mainly used to enable users to access mobile content directly on Windows10 computers, such as SMS, photos and notifications. A use case mentioned by Microsoft sounds particularly useful: it can drag and drop pictures of mobile phones into files, without even taking out cell phones. Windows10’s fifth major upgrade, Windows 10 April 2018 Update, has just been released last week, the highlight of which is Windows Timeline, allowing users to search all the activities within 30 days and find what you are using, such as applications, files and websites.

You can also find things to do on Android or iOS devices, as long as you register Microsoft accounts through Edge or Office365. If you use the iOS version of Edge released last November, you may know that the Timeline of Windows10 computer can display iPhone or iPad’s browsing session. Later this year, Microsoft will allow iPhone users to access Windows Timeline through the iOS version of Edge. This is something Continue on PC can do far beyond its name meaning, sometimes useful when moving from mobile phone to large screen, keyboard and mouse.

But at other times, you want to take care of the computer processing tasks on your own, and Microsoft plans to let Windows10 and iPhone users do this through Edge. Android users may want to know why Android version Edge does not have the same Windows Timeline function. The possible explanation is that Microsoft’s first concern is the Android starter. Because of its greater potential, iOS restriction does not allow for similar functions. Although the Android version of Microsoft Launcher will also support Timeline, it will further support cross device application publishing. But Microsoft did not announce the time of the upgrade.

In addition, Android version Microsoft Launcher will also support enterprise customers accessing business applications through Intune. (Mu Xiulin)

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