Apple invested $1000 ten years ago, and its value now exceeds $7000.


Apple invested $1000 ten years ago, and its value now exceeds $7000.

Tencent in May 7th, according to foreign media reports, assuming that ten years ago, if you had a $1000 investment plan and a certain vision, that Apple had announced the first generation of iPhone smartphones and foreseen that it could change the world, the $1000 should be invested in apple. According to CNBC’s calculations, ten years later, including dividends, the $1000 stock has been worth $7111.

Considering all these years, there will be rumors about iPhone every few days. Many people can hardly insist on holding apple stocks for a long time. Warren Buffett (Warren Buffet) and hedge fund manager Jim Cramer (Jim Cramer) agree that investors are too worried about the quarterly sales of iPhone. Cramer, the number one analyst for CNBC for years, said that even Buffett had told him that every young man knew had a iPhone and never had to think about buying other products, which was enough.

Buffett added 75 million shares of apple stock in the first quarter of this year, and in an interview with CNBC he confirmed that more Apple shares were added to the portfolio at the end of last year. At present, he has 243 million Apple stocks, accounting for 25% of his portfolio.

“If you spend too much time guessing the sales volume of iPhone X, then it’s really not the main point.” Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway company, said.

Although Apple’s share price has not been representative in the past 10 years, many mobile wireless companies have performed well, including Google. Even Buffett admitted that he had made a mistake. He should have invested in Google instead of IBM a few years ago. At the general meeting of the company’s shareholders, he said that in addition to apple, he also liked technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google’s parent company Alphabet and Facebook. He praised the technology specific business models and pointed out that these companies had no extra capital to help companies operate and grow. (compiling / phonetic)

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