Musk “rivalry” Buffett wants to create a candy company.


DoNews5 DoNews5 (reporter Zhai Jiru) the founder of Tesla, Elon Mask, also created a dream of creating a world of confectionery in addition to the dream of the space dream and the creation of SpaceX. On Saturday, us time on Saturday, musk said, “I opened a candy company, which will surprise everyone.” Later, he stressed, “this is very, very serious.”


For Musk’s move, the outside world believes that this is competing with Buffett. Earlier, Mask said Buffett’s concept of moat in fortune is a very old way. “If you only defend the invading enemy, the moat will not last long. What is important is the pace of innovation, which is the fundamental factor in determining competitiveness, “Mask said.

In response to Mr. Buffett’s comments at the shareholders’ meeting, he said he remained firmly convinced that the “moat” concept was critical, and that some of the companies’ moat are now more difficult to be invaded than ever before.

Buffett often uses flags to show the importance of the “moat”, and Buffett believes that the candy has a very loyal, deep-rooted customer base, which makes it difficult for any competitor’s chocolate chain to steal business from his hands. Buffett said: “Musk may bring subversion in some industries, but I don’t think he will surpass us in the candy industry.” In addition, Buffett also openly said that musk should stay away from the candy market. (finish)

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