Google: the identity of the political advertising buyer will be authenticated.



Google: the identity of the political advertising buyer will be authenticated.

        recently, Google asked all customers to buy ads related to American federal elections on their advertising platforms to prove themselves to be American citizens or legal residents.

On Friday, Google said in a blog article that it will authenticate all organizations or individuals who buy political advertisements and ask them to prove that they are indeed the names of people in advertising applications. For example, a committee on political activities is required to submit an employer identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service, or to require individuals to provide identity information or social security numbers issued by the government.

Last October, Google revealed that a Russia Company named Internet Research Agency was accused of intervening in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which spent nearly $5000 during the presidential campaign to buy political advertising.

American law prohibits foreign groups from running advertisements related to American elections.

The new advertising clause is effective for the election of the federal government, that is, advertisers must comply with this new clause when they want to advertise candidates for a federal government. The election of state and local governments is not affected by the new provision.

Kent Walker (Kent Walker), senior vice president of Google, said in a statement: “after we know the changes in online political advertising and discussions with experts and leaders in this field, we will improve the transparency of online political advertising and gradually expand the application scenario of this clause to cover more campaign activities.”

Google and Facebook, two online advertising giants, are stepping up their management of political advertisements to meet the federal election this autumn. Politicians and regulators will pay close attention to whether there will be another misleading propaganda campaign on the two platforms.

Last month, Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) said the company would authenticate individuals or institutions buying politically related advertisements, which would first be implemented in the United States and will be promoted to other countries.

Under the new advertising clause, Google says political ads need to show individuals or institutions to buy the ad, and the company plans to publish a transparency report focused on political advertising. Google will also set up a campaign advertising database to record information about sources of funds and whereabouts of funds.

Google said it was considering extending the advertising clause to other countries.

Google plans to start the advertiser certification program by the end of May, and says the new advertising terms will come into effect in July 10th this year. (small treasure)

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